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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Serving a wide range of industries, ScienceSoft gives special attention to the rapidly evolving banking and finance sector. Since 2005, we deliver reliable software that enables banks to upgrade their business operations, provide top-notch customer experiences, and leverage new service models while ensuring full data security and regulatory compliance.

From award-winning mobile banking apps to intranet systems for 45,000+ bank employees, our portfolio comprises a versatile range of solutions that helped our Customers spur business efficiency and win digital leadership in their segment.

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Award-Winning Mobile Banking App for a Commercial Bank with $1.5B in Assets

ScienceSoft performed end-to-end development of mobile banking apps. Secure, with a sleek UI and convenient AR geolocation, the apps won "Best Mobile Banking for iOS" and "Best Mobile Banking for Android" awards.


Web and Mobile Banking Software for a Bank with 3M+ Customers

The software provides secure client-facing functionality for account management, balance control, payments, P2P money transfers and includes advanced features like virtual card creation, limit management, and instant messaging to drive higher customer satisfaction.


SharePoint Intranet for Effective Cross-Departmental Collaboration in a 45,000-Employee Bank

A corporate-wide Intranet solution for a Canadian full-service commercial bank to facilitate collaboration between departments. The solution provides tools for sharing documents and storing corporate knowledge base and also encourages internal communication to streamline business processes across all bank levels.


CRM Development to Streamline Sales and Managerial Activities in a 7,000-Employee Bank

Backed by a 7-year expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, ScienceSoft joined the project to help the Customer create a CRM system for a bank with 7 million clients. Our team developed three modules: customer base management, sales activities planning and advanced analytics.


iOS and Android Banking App Evolution for a Commercial Bank with $3.5B+ in Assets

ScienceSoft revamped the mobile banking apps and provided IT consulting for Kapital Bank, Azerbaijan’s oldest commercial bank. The Customer managed to establish efficient in-house mobile development processes and got fast and cost-effective app evolution.


L2–L3 Infrastructure Support for BPC

ScienceSoft provided L2–L3 infrastructure support for BPC, a fintech company delivering digital banking, payment, and ecommerce software products. BPC managed to cut IT support expenses by 10%+ while ensuring the fail-safe performance of its network and IT systems.


Implementation of QLean for QRadar for a Major North American Bank

ScienceSoft implemented its proprietary QRadar tool QLean for a bank with 15+ mln clients and an extensive IT network.


Convenient and Secure Mobile Banking Apps for a Private Bank with $2B+ in Assets

In 9 months, ScienceSoft delivered iOS and Android banking apps for one of the largest and oldest private banks in Azerbaijan. The apps provide specialized features like loan auto-repayments and invoice payments using BillPay.


Large-Scale Security Project for a Gulf-Based Retail Bank

ScienceSoft performed internal and external network pentesting, security risk assessment, and phishing attack simulation for a bank with around 550 branches and 2M+ clients. With our detailed remediation plan, the Customer fortified its cyber defense.


Fast and Cost-Effective Marketplace Development for a Bank with 100+ Branches

ScienceSoft’s Go, Angular, Swift, Kotlin, and Java developers built an online marketplace for a bank seeking to enter the retail industry. Rapid team augmentation and flexible resource scaling helped the Customer optimize project costs while ensuring fast development.