Application Modernization Services

Application Modernization Services

The challenges of legacy applications can be grouped into such spheres as:

  • Troubled enhancements and new functionality introduction
  • Complicated and costly maintenance
  • An enterprise’s hindered digital transformation
  • Reduced business efficiency

Still, diving into the development of a new solution from scratch is hardly an option as it will require significant time and budget.

During 31 years of the software development experience, we've learned how to keep applications relevant and beneficial for the business and can help you to get through the modernization challenge smoothly and efficiently.

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Applications We Modernize

We help to rejuvenate enterprise applications for:

  • Customer relations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Order processing
  • Billing and invoicing management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Collection and analysis of business information (business intelligence) and more.

Modernization Services We Offer

Application modernization consulting

We thoroughly investigate your legacy application code and infrastructure, mine requirements and provide detailed guidance on the improvements that can help you to derive max value from previous investments.

Legacy to cloud migration

The recent Gartner surveys show that more than a third of modern companies see cloud migration as a top investment priority. Why? Take a look at the cloud adoption statistics:

  • ~ 99.9% service availability.
  • 45-60% operating costs savings.
  • 4x faster launch of new features.
  • 30-50% higher development and support staff productivity.
  • 94% of businesses experience a significant upgrade in security.

Depending on the application and business needs, ScienceSoft offers one of the three ways to the cloud application re-hosting, application re-platforming or application rearchitecting

Check the details about each migration scenario
  • Application re-hosting. We move the application from the on-premises or the old cloud infrastructure to the new cloud (AWS or Azure). This is a fast and simple migration option to enable DevOps and ubiquitous access and optimize the usage of hardware resources that also streamlines more advanced modernization in the future. However, re-hosting offers just limited cloud-driven benefits in terms of app resilience, performance and scalability.
  • Application re-platforming. We complement moving the application to the cloud with the introduction of small modifications and upgrades in code that will bring more advanced cloud capabilities (improved performance, scaling, fault-tolerance, etc.) to the application.
  • Application rearchitecting. We transform the architecture of the application (e.g., split it into web services/microsevices) to make it leverage cloud possibilities to the fullest. The application will adapt to dynamic load and performance requirements, allow for partial updates, technology mix, and shared platform usage.
Application reengineering

With a wide pool of legacy skills, we can help you restore and slightly modify code and design of your long-running enterprise applications.

Check out reengineering gains

Application reengineering can grant:

  • Web and mobile enablement.
  • Improved look&feel.
  • Simplified and less costly maintenance and updates.
  • DevOps, CI/CD enablement.
  • Increased performance and response time.
Application recoding (automated and customized)

We revive your legacy applications created on the basis of retiring languages and platforms (such as PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, C++, COBOL) or aging technologies (outdated Java and .NET versions) with the use of modern programming languages, frameworks and databases.

Application containerization

Across all modernization options, we can pack your apps or their parts into packages isolated from each other at the OS level.

Learn containerization benefits

Containerization means:

  • Fewer resources required to run.
  • Easier scalability.
  • Simplified movement across different environments.
  • CI/CD practices enablement.

Modernization Challenges We Solve

No actual or detailed documentation (functional specification)

No actual or detailed documentation (functional specification)

To smoothly substitute the legacy application, we mine business rules from existing application code and documentation, investigate code dependencies and component integrations. We readily cooperate with IT departments and other employees as well as third-party vendors, customer's partners, and other people knowledgeable of the application work.

Unpredictable modernization results
Difficulty to predict modernization results

To keep the modernization process manageable, traceable and visible we split the application into several independent modules to introduce changes fast and incrementally. Also, we recognize the critical role of risk management and implement thorough analysis of the enterprise app basing on technical, business and economic considerations.

Operational downtime

Operational downtime

We ensure thorough testing coverage and broad monitoring to make sure modernized applications run as expected and don’t disrupt your business processes.

An application’s long freeze up
An application’s long freeze up

We can split the application into independent loosely coupled parts (e.g., microservices) for independent updates.

Revitalize Your Apps for a New Business Reality
We can help to boost the efficiency and agility of your applications.
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