Java Development

We create platform-independent Java applications, from simple to complex enterprise-scale projects, including recommendation engines, fraud detection software and stream data processing from embedded IoT devices.

.NET Development

We deliver advanced cross-platform mobile and cloud-ready web and mobile .NET applications. ScienceSoft eagerly lets .NET solutions tap the power of IoT, Big Data, AI and other emerging technologies. 

PHP Development

With a strong competency in PHP, we offer powerful web applications, mobile back ends and AI applications built with the world’s most popular server-side language and its top-notch extensions Zend, CakePHP, Laravel, etc

C++ Development

We use C++ for rapid scripting of efficient and high-performing cross-platform desktop and mobile applications, including image, audio and video processing software, messaging and communication tools, browsers and browser plug-ins, and engineering applications.

Qt Development

We’re competent in Qt to complement applications for desktop and mobile devices with smart UI quickly and at a reasonable price.