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Amazon Redshift in Brief

Amazon Redshift is an enterprise-level cloud data warehouse by Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Redshift has continually been named a leader by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc., as a cost-effective cloud data warehousing solution with industry-leading performance. Among its most prominent features are flexible querying of data with SQL (including big data), near-unlimited agile scalability, federated queries support, automation of common DWH maintenance tasks, comprehensive security capabilities, etc.

Among Amazon Redshift renowned users are Pfizer, McDonald’s, FOX Corporation,, Intuit, Yelp, Western Digital, and more.

Amazon Redshift Features

General features

Automated infrastructure provisioning

Allows deploying DWH in a few clicks.

Quick processing of data of various volumes and types.

High availability and fault tolerance

Automated backups and continuous cluster health monitoring.


Flexible data querying with SQL (including big data).

Native spatial data processing

Allows integrating spatial data into analytical queries.

Streamline Your Data Analysis with Amazon Redshift

Launch a data warehouse with a few clicks in the AWS console.

Execute SQL queries via a web-based query editor within the AWS console or connected SQL client tools, business intelligence tools, etc.

Use automatic workload management to manage and define multiple query queues.

Identify which queries take a long time to process and prevent other queries from running efficiently with continuous query monitoring.

Ensure the data warehouse resilience to drive and node failures with the continuous monitoring of a data warehouse cluster.

Easily restore your cluster from a user snapshot using the AWS Management Console and immediately begin querying the new cluster.

Control access to a data warehouse cluster by creating cluster security groups.


Amazon Redshift integrations

Integration with Amazon S3

Querying data lake using SQL with Redshift Spectrum.

Federated queries support

Running queries on live data across the data warehouse, data lake, operational databases with no complex ETL jobs.

Native integrations with the AWS ecosystem

  • AWS Lake Formation (data lake setup).
  • AWS Glue (ETL).
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose (ETL for streaming data).
  • Amazon EMR (data processing).
  • Amazon QuickSight (BI service), etc.

Integrations with third-party tools

Enhancing Amazon Redshift with the industry-leading tools for loading, transforming, analyzing and visualizing data (Power BI, Tableau, Informatica, Qlik, Talend Cloud, etc.)


Accommodation to intensive workloads

Quick scaling of storage and compute resources.

Massively parallel processing

Coordinated query processing by multiple computer processors.

Result caching

Delivering precomputed/cached results for speeding up queries.

Optimized data storage

Speeding up query performance with columnar data storage, data compression, zone maps, compression encoding, etc.

Machine learning capabilities

Increasing query throughput and optimizing performance with varying workloads or user concurrency.


Flexible pricing options

  • On-demand pricing with no up-front costs.
  • Reserved instance pricing with the possibility to save up to 75%.

Cost optimization

Managing pricing with three instance types, separation of storage and compute, and free daily concurrency scaling credits.

Security and compliance

End-to-end encryption

Having data encrypted in transit and at rest with keys managed by default.


Meeting national, regional, and industry-specific compliance requirements including SOC, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, HIPAA, DoD CC SRG, IRAP, MTCS, C5, K-ISMS, ENS High, OSPAR, HITRUST CSF, etc .

Network isolation

Controlling network access to the DWH cluster with firewall rules.

Row and column level security

Restricting data access with granular access controls.

ScienceSoft's Partnership - AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner

ScienceSoft has been providing consultancy, implementation and support for data warehousing solutions based on Amazon Redshift since 2016. We help companies integrate the Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse service into their analytics environment and achieve maximum ROI.

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Amazon Redshift Use Cases

Enterprise data warehouse

Enterprise data warehouse

  • Integration of disparate data sources: financial, marketing and sales, production, operational data, etc.
  • Scalable and secure data storage.
  • Enterprise-wide analytics and reporting.

Operational analytics

Operational analytics

  • Business process performance analysis.
  • Root cause analysis, detecting bottlenecks.
  • Performance prediction and forecasting.

Manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing analytics

  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Yield/throughput analytics.
  • Supply chain optimization.

IoT data analytics

IoT data analytics

  • Predictive maintenance and asset optimization.
  • Streaming analytics of sensor data.
  • Infrastructure surveillance and safety.

Customer analytics

Customer analytics

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Customer attrition/RFM/CLTV modeling.
  • Prediction of buying behavior, risks and churn.
  • Establishing targeted/personalized communication (product recommendations, discounts).

Web log and clickstream analytics

Web log and clickstream analytics

  • Website/application optimization.
  • Optimization of ecommerce cart and checkout flow.
  • Targeted marketing in real-time.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection in cash transactions and claims

  • New account and account takeover fraud.
  • Payment and transactions fraud.

Patient monitoring

Patient monitoring

  • Storing and analysis of patient data.
  • Assessment of care-related threats.
  • Personalized care plan recommendations.

Amazon Redshift Benefits

With Amazon Redshift as a core component of an analytics solution, companies realize major financial outcomes in the following areas:

User productivity

Amazon Redshift allows rapidly provisioning the required infrastructure and ensures constant availability with automatic continuous data replication and backups, etc., which means less unplanned DWH downtime and up to 16% increased productivity of business users*.

IT staff efficiency

Amazon Redshift requires up to 60%* less IT staff time to deploy, administer and support than legacy solutions due to the automation of infrastructure provisioning and administrative tasks, such as backups, replication, and patching, which allows IT teams focus on high-value tasks.

IT infrastructure costs

With Amazon Redshift, you eliminate substantial upfront investments for the physical infrastructure deployment, upgrade and maintenance. Additionally, there is no risk of data warehouse overprovisioning thanks to pay-as-you-go pricing models and advanced data compression capabilities.

*Source: IDC

Amazon Redshift Pricing

Amazon Redshift pricing depends on the following factors:

  • The node type.
  • The number of nodes in the cluster.
  • The region where the node cluster is physically located.
  • The pricing option – on-demand or reserved instance pricing.
  • Additional services (Redshift Spectrum, etc.).

On-demand pricing

Node type





Price (per hour)



Addressable storage capacity

Reserved instance pricing

Node type



ra3.4xlarge and ra3.16xlarge

Payment option

Upfront payment (1-year term)

Effective Hourly rate (1-year term)

Savings over On-Demand for a 1-year term

Savings over On-Demand for a 3-year term

The prices are relevant to the US East (N. Virginia) data center region and may differ for other data centers.

Managed storage pricing (for RA3 node types for both pricing options): $0.024/GB/month.

Redshift Spectrum pricing: $5.00/terabyte of data scanned + S3 rates.

Wonder How Much Amazon Redshift Will Cost You?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to provide a configuration description and price information for the Amazon Redshift data warehousing service for your specific case.

*Amazon Redshift is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.