Java Application Development

Java development

Our company started developing Java products in the late 90s. Now, we have 30+ Java specialists who are eager to accept your software development challenge, be it Java application development from scratch, migration from your legacy application to a new solution, or adding new modules to your software. Providing Java development services, we apply both cutting-edge and time-proven Java releases.

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Cooperation Models

We offer several Java development options depending on your needs:

java development cooperation models

  • Turnkey software development. Our project team will build your software from scratch.  
    Price models: Agile with T&M or Waterfall with Fixed Price.
  • Migration to Java from legacy platforms. We will organize migration of your legacy applications to Java to help you avoid heavy expenses related to supporting software based on outdated technologies.
  • Team augmentation. If your project team lacks the required expertise, domain or general knowledge to implement the project, we will augment it with our specialists who have the skills you need.
  • One-time consulting. We will advise you on how to implement your Java project in practice or help you solve performance, integration, stabilization-related and other specific problems you encounter developing your application.
    Price models: T&M.

Challenges We Solve

vague requirements

Vague project requirements. We start a project with creating detailed specifications that address your particular business needs. To achieve this, we closely collaborate with all the stakeholders. Alternatively, we can apply the Agile model that allows building software incrementally and changing the requirements at any project stage.


Serious changes in the requirements in the middle of a project. We are ready to engage additional resources to deal with change requests in the shortest possible time.

limited budget

Limited funds. Applying the Fixed Price pricing models, we ensure software delivery on budget. In T&M projects, we can guarantee wise resource distribution to improve application functionality or architecture.


Strict deadlines. We finish our FP projects within the deadline specified in the contract. We achieve this through mature processes, solid architecture and quality assurance from day one.

Java Applications We Develop

Server-side application development


Microservices architecture

  • Developing an entire application as a microservice infrastructure. We develop Java applications based on microservices to help you avoid long-term commitment to a single technology stack, improve fault isolation, enable continuous deployment and enjoy other benefits of a microservice architecture.
  • Developing microservices for the existing microservice infrastructure. We will extend your Java application’s functionality by adding new microservices to it and integrating them with the existing ones.
  • Refactoring monolith applications to microservices. If your monolith application has become too large and complex for developers to fully understand it and make changes efficiently, we can split it into microservices to facilitate its maintenance.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Clouds
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Reactor
  • Apache Cassandra
  • RabbitMQ
  • Apache Kafka
  • etc.

reactive architecture

Reactive architecture

  • Developing fast/high-load applications. We develop Java applications that stay responsive under high load: they allow using one server instead of multiple machines and save memory space. This brings such benefits as software flexibility, scalability and resilience.
  • Developing interactive applications. Our company can create games, chats and other multi-user applications with quality interactive UI and UX, complying with high requirements to response time.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Akka
  • Vert.x
  • Netty
  • Undertow
  • RxJava
  • Asynchronous Servlets
  • WebSockets
  • JSON
  • FlatBuffers
  • etc.

traditional architecture

Traditional architecture

Web applications with a database back end. We develop and support CRM, CMS, ERP, HIE systems and other solutions based on relational (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra) databases.

Plugin-based application in OSGi container. We create complex plug-in applications that support easy functionality extension.

Java EE (J2EE) applications. We develop and deploy robust and highly scalable enterprise applications to serve diverse business needs.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Spring Framework
  • Java EE.

Data Processing

online processing

Real-time processing

Real-time GPS sensor data flow processing with aggregation. We develop Java applications to allow you to receive, store and process the information from GPS sensors.

Real-time sensor monitoring with reports/forecasts. Our Java applications will help you continuously keep track of the sensor condition.

Real-time advertisements/recommendations based on user online actions, experience, age, location. Our software will enable you to provide your users with targeted content.

Real-time stream processing for IoT. We develop Java applications to interconnect, manage and gather data from diverse intelligent devices that are part of the Internet of Things network.

Fraud, spam detection. Our Java applications allow filtering undesired content and detect attempts of security breaches on the go.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Storm
  • Spatial4j
  • Machine Learning Library (MLlib)
  • Graph Processing
  • etc.

offline processing

Offline processing

We will provide you with annual/monthly reports and analyses based on the results of real-time data processing.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Akka
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache HDFS
  • etc.



Full-text search. We develop solutions that display parts of the original text that match search criteria upon a user’s query. We enable semantic and multi-lingual search as well as ranking of results by relevance.

Graph-based search. Our software enables search by the criteria you specify.

Tools, frameworks:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Neo4j
  • etc.

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