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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Leveraging 25 years of experience in Java, ScienceSoft offers comprehensive Java application development services. We have successfully completed over 120 large-scale Java projects, encompassing enterprise applications, industry-specific systems (EHR, online banking, POS), web portals (vendor, customer, self-service), ecommerce websites, video streaming and VoIP/messaging apps. Our Java expertise also includes developing scalable XaaS applications, supporting millions of users with quick response times. Additionally, we work on Java-based IoT applications, big data processing and analysis, image analysis software, and advanced cybersecurity applications.

Check some of our success stories below.

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BI Implementation for 200 Healthcare Centers

A scalable BI solution featuring a data warehouse to securely consolidate patient, medication, financial, inventory, and marketing data from 200 databases. The solution is backed by a Java application to deliver prompt analytics reports.


Complex Semantic Search Engine to Drive High R&D ROI

An innovative semantic analysis software to streamline research and development for large enterprises. The software enables intuitive search and navigation across 15 million patents, 3,000 scientific websites, and 8,000 scientific effect studies.


CMS with Flexible Architecture and Intuitive Experience for Non-Technical Users

ScienceSoft helped the Enonic company build a scalable and secure web CMS platform to introduce winning user experiences. The platform offers a quick and convenient way for businesses to create and manage websites, intranets, ecommerce solutions, and mobile apps.


Web App to Drive Digital Transformation across Phytotherapeutic Business

Secure custom solutions automate document management, order processing, and warehouse management. The software helps our client drive higher employee efficiency, ensure accurate order fulfillment, and improve customer experiences.


Secure Payment Functionality for a Government Customer Portal

ScienceSoft’s Java development team upgraded the customer portal of a GCC’s government authority with secure and intuitive payment features. The solution helped the Customer establish efficient billing flows and improve the quality and transparency of public services.


Supply Chain E-Collaboration Software for a 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

ScienceSoft delivered an Oracle-based platform enabling 24/7 collaborative supply chain planning and control for the employees, suppliers, and B2B clients of the global food retailer. The solution helped establish faster and more accurate SCM operations.


Portfolio Management and Trading Automation Software Powered by Data Science

ScienceSoft developed a fully featured algorithmic trading solution with custom predictive and prescriptive analytics models at its core. The software provides data-driven guidance on security investments for NASDAQ and AMEX traders and automates trading execution.


RPM Software with Android Sensors to Increase Care Quality

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated remote patient monitoring software product with integrated communication tool and intuitive design to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and increase the quality of care.


Year-Long Evolution of a Ride-Hailing App Available in 15 Countries

ScienceSoft modernized a ride-hailing app of a renowned European provider of IT solutions for the hospitality industry. We migrated PHP code to Java, refactored the legacy code, updated UI, added new important features, and created a full-scale mobile app for drivers.


Automated Log Management and User Monitoring Software Product for IBM/Consul

IBM/Consul partnered with ScienceSoft to build its enterprise security audit solution. ScienceSoft’s agile approach and advice on project management and development process improvements helped the company cut the development time for each product module by 2–3 months.