Magento support and maintenance services

Magento support and maintenance

The face of your online business, a Magento online store must function without a hitch. This is the key to earning customer loyalty and ensuring steady income growth. Along with our full-cycle Magento development services, ScienceSoft offers comprehensive Magento support and maintenance to prevent any performance issues and quickly handle them if they arise. With Magento 2 support, we ensure your migration to the latest version or Magento 2 development goes smoothly. 

For 7 years in Magento development and consulting, we have thoroughly studied what the ecommerce platform has to offer, what challenges may arise and how to fix them. We have investigated enough crashes and errors to claim that whatever your problem is, we have likely encountered it before and know how to deal with it.

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We offer professional Magento technical support services to secure your business from crashes.

Code auditing

Code auditing. By reviewing your Magento code, our developers can identify and fix issues before they pose some risk to your Magento store operation and present inconveniences to your customers.

Magento online store testing

Magento online store testing. By checking navigation, contact forms, page load time among other functions, we ensure that your Magento storefront operates smoothly.

Upgrading to a new Magento version

Upgrading to a new Magento version. We follow Magento progress and are aware of all pitfalls in migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Addressing compatibility issues

Addressing compatibility issues. Extending the functionality of a Magento online store can result in extension conflicts. We ensure the additional functionality is integrated in a proper way.

Ongoing Magento maintenance

Magento online store monitoring

Magento online store monitoring. With our Magento support services, you can entrust your business to the safe hands of experts with 7 years in and around Magento development.

Security testing and vulnerability scanning

Security testing and vulnerability scanning. We check if your Magento online store is vulnerable to security breaches.

Uptime and page load monitoring

Uptime and page load monitoring. We ensure ongoing availability and fast response time of your online store.

Magento emergency support

Along with ongoing Magento website maintenance, we offer emergency support. Whether your online store was hacked, you need to restore from backup or can’t find a root of the problem, we offer timely aid.

User training

We can train your in-house team to efficiently perform daily Magento administrative duties and manage the online store during peak seasons and special projects. By providing useful tips on each and every part of a Magento store life cycle, we ensure your business uses the Magento potential to the fullest.

Benefits for your online business

By engaging professional Magento support and maintenance team, you can feel certain that:

  • Your Magento online store is live and operates without a hitch.
  • You will get expert consultation on any issue concerning your Magento store.
  • Any problem with your online store will be solved competently and promptly.
  • You get regular reports on the online store operation.
  • The information about necessary updates and optimization is delivered timely.

Magento support at your fingertips

Performance issues tend to mount fast so the failure to solve them quickly and fundamentally can result in the never-ending cycle of problems. We are available 24/7 to provide a true solid Magento support to your business.

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