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Ecommerce audit is your possibility to involve an independent party to assess your ecommerce website and infrastructure, reveal flaws and unlock new opportunities to level up the customer experience you provide. At ScienceSoft, we provide full website audit to ensure that reviewed technical aspects affect customer experience and security as well as your performance along the way only in a positive way.

  • 79%
    of customers won’t buy with a company after a single performance issue on the website
  • 90%
    probability of bounce if the page load speed goes down to 5 seconds
  • ~ $292 million
    of cumulative expenses Target suffered after a huge security breach in 2013
  • With Us, Your Business will Never Get into Bad Statistics
    Currently, when demand for online shopping is higher than ever, you need a flawless and stable ecommerce website.

    Start now and get your ecommerce checked in 2-3 weeks

    We know the possible severe consequences of a web store malfunctioning, not to mention how UX flaws don’t let you experience the full conversion potential of your website. To deliver quick help to you, we have developed a clear audit map that allows quickly ramping up audit activities.

    ecommerce audit stages

    Discovery stage


    Defining the audit scope


    Investigating the current solution

    Audit stage

    Audit focus
    Audit impact
    SEO audit
    Performance audit
    UX audit
    Code audit
    Security audit
    Infrastructure audit

    Reporting stage

    Ecommerce audit report reveals

    Issue: We describe the issues detected during the audit.

    Reason: We don’t simply depict the symptoms but get to the root of the problems.

    Consequence: We classify the issues by the severity of their impact on your solution and overall business performance.

    Remedy: We suggest an action plan to fix the issues.

    We can go the extra mile and provide

    Estimation: We give you estimates of the time and effort needed to implement a remedy plan.

    CX improvement ideas: We take a proactive approach and unlock opportunities for you to improve customer experience.

    Get Far-Reaching Results with Quick Ecommerce Audit!
    We will help you to improve customer experience, secure the good health of your digital retail solution and make informed technology investments.