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Customer Experience Consulting - ScienceSoft

Why do you need to care for customer experience? Well, you don't! Your competitors will be too happy to welcome your customers.

Professional customer experience consulting services from ScienceSoft encompass fostering customer-first attitude, as well as designing and implementing a CX transformation strategy within your business. The investment now may pay off soon enough along with tangible revenue growth:

  • 1.5x

    year-over-year revenue growth

  •  1.9x

    higher average order value

  • 1.8x

    increased repeat purchase rate

  • 1.6x

    higher brand awareness

  • 1.4x

    higher customer retention

  • 1.6x

    higher customer advocacy

  • * The business impact of effective customer experience management according to Forrester

    Poor CX Is Too Costly for You to Maintain

    With customer experience management consultants, you grow your business revenue providing the experience your customers buy into.

    Is there a reason why you shy away from CX optimization?

    Most challenges of customer experience management are concealed in thought-patterns and business processes conserved within a company, rather than in the low awareness of customer experience best practices. We have summarized our action plan to address your most frequent concerns.

    CX optimization may start with reasonable money

    You don’t need heavy up-front investments to move towards better experience for your customers. Applying an agile approach, we can prioritize the areas to improve and start where a quick ROI is envisaged. This will give you financial resources and a powerful boost to continue the transformation into an experience-led business.

    You don’t need to hire dedicated in-house resources to manage CX

    All business processes affect customer experience one way or another. But you don’t need to house such a wide pool of knowledge on board and can hire a customer experience company. We at ScienceSoft have earned professional CX competencies in multiple projects across industries. We can work closely with your team to apply changes, track the progress and adjust the CX strategy accordingly.

    The results of CX optimization campaign are measurable

    Customer experience is not as abstract as it may seem and can be quantified.

    • Get a firsthand take on the experience you provide. We can design a strategy and equip you with marketing tools to get customer feedback.
    • Get your business KPIs analyzed. Choosing and interpreting the right KPIs for CX optimization requires data analysis skills. We conduct a thorough investigation to explain how exactly digital experience affects a low customer conversion rate in each specific case or what the reasons are for poor customer loyalty.

    CX management is always data-based

    You may feel now at a loss as for where to direct your CX efforts. Poor customer data management may be one of the reasons as it leads to vague understanding of who your customers are and what they expect. As part of customer experience consulting, we craft a customer data management strategy to unify and funnel data to an analytical solution. Tailored to your business, it will provide you with customer behavioral and sales trends so that you can avoid ineffective decisions and repeat successful ones further on.

    How we work

    We offer three approaches to CX optimization to solve problems affecting customer interaction with your business.

    Digital experience consulting

    We have noticed that customer experience is often narrowed down to digital experience. And though we see the former as being wider, we also give much value to an online journey your customers take within the website.

    See how we fight for greater conversions and lower bounce rate:

    • We investigate user experience, report on the flaws in website usability and map a positive customer journey.
    • We create visual harmony and consistency across your website, inspire distinctive brand identity and instant customer trust.
    • When we see an opportunity for tailored experience, we apply on-site personalization. Here, we develop an approach carefully to be helpful, not overtly salesy.


    End-to-end CX optimization

    We tailor a customer experience strategy for you to walk customers smoothly all the way from discovery to loyalty.

    Customer steps we work with:

    • Customer acquisition
    • Customer engagement
    • Customer conversion
    • After-sale communication
    • Recurrent purchases

    I need customer journey optimization

    Transformation of back office processes

    We own vast technology expertise to bring digital transformation to your business.

    Customer experience gains you get with each business process transformed:

    • Procurement planning: no stock-outs and back orders
    • Warehousing: quick dispatching and effective omnichannel delivery management
    • Data management/reporting: customer experience consistent with their expectations
    • Marketing and personalization: no time wasted on irrelevant interaction with your company, both during a digital journey and after-sale communication
    • Sales and document management: no delays and interruptions in transaction processing
    • Customer support: quick case resolution and a personalized approach

    I need digital transformation

    We deliver customer experience services across industries

    32 years in IT, we have substantial expertise in software development, data analytics, customer management, web development, ecommerce, document and knowledge management. Our intention to improve customer experience goes inherently with any our involvement. For your convenience, we have grouped our success stories by industries.

    We Know How to Make Customer Experience Work for Your Business

    For any industry, we find a way to build customer-first experience.