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Magento Migration and Upgrade Services

Magento Migration and Upgrade Services - ScienceSoft

Migration and upgrade services assist you in moving from earlier Magento releases or alternative ecommerce platforms to the latest Magento version. ScienceSoft sees this process as an opportunity to re-examine your existing ecommerce solution and improve it to achieve increased conversion and reduced costs of ownership.

Let’s Partner Up!

Cooperate with us to have your Magento migration or upgrade result in better customer experience and enhanced compliance with your business needs.

Why ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in IT, 18 years in ecommerce, 10 years in Magento.
  • Adobe Solution Partner.
  • Certified Magento developers on board.
  • Quick and smooth migration with preserved SEO equity and zero downtime.
  • End-to-end migration – from discovery to after-migration support.
  • Expertise in all-round Magento services – from BA and UI and UX design to support and evolution.

Why Migrate to Magento 2

  • Robust out-of-the-box functionality and rich codeless configuration options.
  • 91% cost saving on customization compared to competitive solutions (Source: Adobe).
  • 62% cost saving on support services due to intuitive administration, merchandising, and content management experience (Source: Adobe).
  • 49% growth in revenue/sales (here and below, source: McFadyen).
  • 39% increase in conversions.
  • 10% growth in average order value.

Our Magento Migration Services

ScienceSoft’s Magento team performs fast (~3 months) migration of your existing ecommerce solution to the latest Magento version.

Migration from a competitive ecommerce solution to Magento

By migrating to Magento from a competitive ecommerce solution, you increase the performance of your site, automate workflows, and get rid of the discrepancy between your strategic goals and limiting platform capabilities.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

If you’re currently housing on Magento 1, we can assist you with moving your solution to the latest, improved Magento 2, which offers many paid Magento 1 features for free and provides enhanced quality of code, performance, and user experience.

The Scope of Our Migration Process


Discovery and analysis


Preparation and strategic planning


Unfolding a Magento solution




Data migration


Testing and QA


Production launch


After-launch support

Our Magento Upgrade Services

If you want to move to the newest release version within Magento 2 (for instance, update your solution from 2.1 to 2.3), we help you perform a fast upgrade by completing the following steps






Let's Get Packing Up!

Contact ScienceSoft to have your ecommerce solution not only seamlessly moved to the latest Magento version, but also enhanced and aligned in accordance with your current business goals.