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Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital strategy consulting - ScienceSoft

Digital strategy consulting helps consumer-oriented industries carry out fast, yet well-planned, business migration or expansion to digital channels. At ScienceSoft, we offer ample digital strategy consulting services to support you at each step of digital strategy planning and guide you through the challenges of a digital launch.

Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Presence?

  • Digital presence creates new marketing and profit opportunities.
  • Customer engagement has moved to online and by all odds is there to stay.
  • Digital literacy increases across all consumer generations.

Why Trust Digital Strategy Services to ScienceSoft

  • Achieving project goals in spite of time and budget constraints, as well as changing requirements, is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set goals, we drive the project to fulfill them.

  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.
  • 35 years in the IT industry.
  • 25 years in web development.
  • 21 years in ecommerce development.
  • 130+ testimonials from our valued clients.

  • 750+ experts in the team including business analysts and consultants, UX and UI designers, back- and front-end developers, solution architects, and project managers.
  • Profound expertise in innovative technologies transforming digital experience: artificial intelligence, mixed reality, voice recognition, advanced data analytics, and machine learning.

What Constitutes a Solid Digital Strategy

Components of a solid digital strategy

Digital market entry strategy

  • Business licensing.
  • Market size and growth.
  • Market competition.
  • Branding.
  • Investment portfolio.

Channels for digital customer engagement

  • Direct-to-consumer channels: an ecommerce solution, a customer portal, etc.
  • Direct-to-business channels: a B2B portal, a vendor portal, a partner portal, etc.
  • A mobile channel.
  • A social media channel.

Digital customer experience

  • Digital solution’s usability and UI design.
  • Digital user journeys.
  • Customer segments.
  • Customer experience personalization.
  • Digital marketing.

Back office operations

  • Processing of user interactions and user-generated data: product orders, customer service requests, etc.
  • Supply chain and procurement organization.
  • Financial management.
  • Business data management.

Technology stack

  • Digital solution hosting.
  • Software components for the IT infrastructure.
  • Security and integrity of the IT environment.
  • Data storage.

Our Service Options for a Solid Digital Strategy

DevOps launch consulting

Market entry consulting

  • Taking a look at the target market to assess consumer demand, historical market growth, social impacts, more.
  • Exploring a competitive landscape: competitors’ products, pricing models, customer acquisition strategies, customer feedback.
  • Giving a full and accurate understanding of industry regulations.
  • Shaping competitive business positioning.
  • Scoping the target audience and picturing personas: pain points, preferences, digital literacy, digital usage habits, more.


Market attractiveness report


Digital technology consulting

Digital technology consulting

  • Eliciting your strategic business objectives and shaping a high-level vision of your future digital solution.
  • Documenting detailed functional requirements intended to meet the identified business objectives.
  • Researching the technology market for software components planned for your digital solution and comparing them in the context of the required functional portfolio.
  • Advising on optimal software based on technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Advising on an optimal hosting option.


Criteria-based comparison of target software vendors and a report on recommended vendors

Digital solution consulting

Digital solution consulting

  • Planning digital user journeys and conversion funnels.
  • Choosing an optimal digital technology, analyzing its out-of-the-box functionality and planning custom components if needed.
  • Designing a solution for a business’s digital presence.
  • Defining the urgency of a digital launch and planning agile delivery if needed.
  • Calculating the cost and timeline of digital solution implementation.


Digital solution specification and cost

A software development project roadmap

A RACI model (to clarify participating user roles in a future solution)

Consulting for business process efficiency

Consulting for business process efficiency

  • Planning out business processes.
  • Identifying opportunities for increased operational excellence and explaining how lasting improvements to the process efficiency can be achieved.
  • Reimagining the target business processes with technology-powered solutions.
  • Architecting an integrated IT ecosystem.
  • If needed, prioritizing goals of operational disruption and planning the project as agile.


IT ecosystem architecture

Get a Tailored Digital Strategy Consulting Set

For your digital strategy to be cost-effective, we will analyze your business concept and assemble a personalized consulting set sufficient to prepare you for a digital launch.

Digital Presence Launch: Our Featured Projects

Our Anti-Crisis Ecommerce Launch Plan


Launch - 5 weeks


Lasting cooperation

Harness Digital Transformation for Your Industry

Whereas businesses used to take about 1-2 years to plan the digital transition, now many have to decide within months not to lose to tough market competition. We see that the need for a digital presence is the highest in:


to expand the business reach to a nation-wide and international arena.


to provide consumers with unfailing medical service amidst any disruptions.


to benefit from a direct-to-consumer channel.

Planning a Digital Launch?

Turn to ScienceSoft’s digital strategy consultants to secure the quickest time-to-value for your digital launch.