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Online Grocery Store Demo

While some ecommerce design standards are uniform (see this demo as an example), each product line has its specifics, so businesses are expected to tailor digital customer experience differently. Here, we take a closer look at the grocery and beverage industry and show how to sell food online and win grocery shoppers with apt experience.

Key Ideas to Overtop Traditional Grocery Shopping and Online Competitors

Convenient mobile viewing and shopping experience. Commonly crucial across all product lines, mobile experience assumes added importance in grocery. Consumers expect all the usual convenience when placing online orders on the go, so a web store interface should be optimized for mobile not to perplex viewers with messy pages. Additionally, you may offer a voice user interface to make grocery replenishment friendly for your busiest customers.

Only relevant product recommendations. Upselling is a sure technique to increase the order value. And the key to its success is subtlety not to deter customers by uncovered profit-centricity. Your intention behind the upselling must be to give a clue to shoppers as to what other products from your assortment they personally might need or have forgotten. Grocery orders are typically frequent, so manual analysis of each customer’s preferences is out of the question, as is sticking to a generalized impersonalized approach for product recommendations. We advocate artificial intelligence to put all the customer data to use and deliver a relevant and tailored attitude, with no manual involvement from your side.

Supply and demand balance. Regular stockouts lead to customer frustration, while overstocks result in inventory imbalance and profit loss due to selling excess perishable products below the market. To keep the supply and demand aligned and tame seasonal and promotional fluctuations, you need to focus your data analytics solution on predictive modeling techniques. With that, you automate the process of sales data harvesting and base procurement and manufacturing decisions on drawn insights.

Planning to Launch an Online Grocery Delivery Software?

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