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As online presence is a must for modern businesses, ScienceSoft develops ecommerce portals to help sellers establish and nurture long-term and productive relationship with customers. Let’s take a tour across a B2B portal demo to see what customer-oriented benefits we can offer.

We Make Your Customers Our Priority

Backed up with solid experience in B2B ecommerce development, ScienceSoft has come to a winning strategy - you sell to businesses, but we target at people standing behind. At our work, we rely on great functionality and intuitive design to ensure a smooth customer journey through an ecommerce portal. Using a B2B demo format, we show how we realize these key features and share our vision of a customer-oriented approach to business.

B2B Demo – Showing Our Strengths

We understand that earning customer trust is of paramount importance in B2B ecommerce. Given that your buyers are people of action, we don’t go overboard with excessive website elements hindering navigation. Thinking over each customer step on your portal and achieving an intuitive purchasing process, we lay a strong foundation for your long-standing and fruitful relationship with buyers. We develop intelligent B2B solutions featuring:

User-friendly purchasing experience. To learn about product offerings, your customers can browse a catalog or use a smart search box knowing an item SKU or only expected features. They can compare products to make a choice. A possibility to pre-order and re-order as well as purchase in bulk contributes to top-notch customer service.

Thought-out purchasing decisions. From availability data to technical details, we develop product pages to answer all customer questions.  

Flexible shipping terms.  Your customers might have several offices or warehouses. With that in mind, we offer a multishipping option. It eliminates the need to place several orders with delivery to different addresses, which saves customer time considerably.

Loyalty builders. With customer loyalty on the line, we engage saved lists to facilitate repeat purchases and allow customers to reserve goods for later. Happy with these perks, they return to your B2B ecommerce website again.

Immediate support. Having direct access to a personal manager, buyers feel that their inquiries will be addressed promptly and professionally.  

Enhanced security. Prioritizing the security of customer information and your business in the whole, we engage role-based access control and ensure that each employee has the exact permission he or she needs.

Let the Figures Speak for Themselves

Do you wait for a sign to enter B2B ecommerce industry? Here it is!

  • 94% of B2B buyers research online prior to making purchasing decisions.
  • $6.7 trillion in revenue is expected from B2B ecommerce by 2020.
  • 85% of B2B companies consider ecommerce to be an important revenue opportunity.

Introducing the company to customers, a B2B ecommerce portal doesn’t tolerate negligence. Studying our B2B demo step by step, you see that we take care of each detail. We know - when created expertly, your portal serves as a tireless salesperson working 24/7 without breaks, late coming and complaints about overtime hours.

Have Your B2B Portal Designed by Experts 

In portal design, we always focus on giving you tools to build strong customer relationship and loyalty.