B2B Portal Development

B2B portals development

Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been implementing successful solutions for customers in 47 countries worldwide. With a strong 14 year experience in development of B2B portals and 250+ top-notch projects completed, our team will find a reliable approach to your business objectives. We will take you over the entire software development life cycle and provide a powerful tool for effective online presence.  

The on-going shift to B2B e-commerce is triggered by extended functionality of automated systems that allow businesses to streamline business processes, ensure secure transactions and enrich marketing strategy with new methods and tactics.

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Cooperation Models 

After the portal is launched, our team will continue maintaining and supporting the B2B portal software to ensure its high relevance in the future.

B2B Portals We Develop

Depending on the objectives sought, ScienceSoft’s team offer the following portal modifications for your business.

According to the roles the owners take on:

  • Buy-side. A single big buyer or a group of buyers operate a portal and thereby can engage themselves in purchasing and reverse auctions, benefit from e-procurement methods (e-tendering, e-sourcing, e-MRO) and avoid maverick buying.
  • Sell-side. These are B2B portals owned by one big seller or a group of sellers who look for potential buyers online. A supplier-oriented application contributes immensely to the company’s recognition and customer retention, as well as opens new trade options (such as auctions). Buyers take advantage of supplier directories, as they get access to comprehensive information on profiles of suppliers and related products and services.
  • Independent. This type of B2B portals is controlled by a party not exactly involved in the transaction process. Such a portal provides much space for collaborative business processes through secure buyer-seller qualification, integration with multiple internal systems of its members, industry analysis, bid coordination and escrow service.

According to the portal content:

  • Vertical trade portals. Our team design an online working site that links all supply chain segments of one industry or industry sector. Such portals enhance your operating efficiency, lower intermediary costs and considerably reduce order cycle time.
  • Horizontal trade portals. ScienceSoft will develop an architecture of a huge open market with advanced search options, which concentrates on a service, material or a product, bringing together buyers and sellers from different industries in both domestic and international markets.

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Challenges We Solve

unstable business environment

Unstable business environment

The world never stands still. To stay ahead of the game, businesses should be able to react to changes promptly and wisely. To make innovations work for you, we pay special attention to the application’s flexibility. Our developers create an application with the architecture that provides an option to extend and change the functionality dynamically. Our solutions are open to AI implementation and mobile app integration

infuriating UI and UX

Infuriating UI and UX

Crowded screens, ill-marked buttons, irrelevant design, ill-structured content and other usage inconveniences may well deter the user from ever coming back. We build strong customer engagement to ensure the success of your B2B portal. Our skilled UI/UX designers recognize the high importance of application user-friendliness and regularly respond to the customer feedback developing clear, intuitive, elegant and full of energy UI.

cyber attack protection

Prime cyber-attack target

Due to a high concentration of valuable data, B2B portals often become a priority hacking target. We keep track of constantly evolving security needs and use best practices of automated multi-level control to guarantee the reliability of both web-application and its infrastructure. New cryptography techniques provide a bulletproof armor for your system, making it almost unhackable and introducing the highest standard of confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

Key Gains

The Buyers Can The Sellers Can
  • Get access to automated discount system, personalized specials and news
  • Smoothly navigate through personalized catalogs, partnership and franchise offers
  • Participate in tendering and reverse auctions
  • Place orders 24/7 from any location
  • Engage themselves in group purchasing
  • Check in-stock availability
  • Download and print invoices
  • Track the order status
  • Get quick automated notifications
  • Avoid service calls for basic order questions
  • Sell 24/7
  • Set unique price lists
  • Find the best possible value for the product through auctions
  • Automate order processing
  • Reduce errors in documents and avoid “lost” invoices
  • Leverage the information of ERP/CRM system
  • Live-chat with customers to give a quicker response than the competitors
  • Support all popular e-payment systems and automatically manage deferred payment
  • Check payment status

Our Domain Expertise:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Media and entertainment
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Public sector


We apply leading-edge technologies and tools to ensure smooth integration with other systems and develop your application in the best way possible:

Front end:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.).

Back end:

.NET, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js.


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL.

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