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B2B Portal Development Services

Launch a Digital Channel to Advance Business Relationships

B2B portal development is used to create a digital platform for interactions between your business and your partners, business buyers, vendors. ScienceSoft provides B2B portal development services and builds effective self-service and collaboration capabilities for business users.

B2B Portal Development - ScienceSoft
B2B Portal Development - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft in Brief

  • Full-cycle development of complex web portals since 2005.
  • 130+ testimonials from our valued clients.
  • Web developers with 5 – 15 years of experience.
  • 2 – 8 weeks for a B2B portal prototype.
  • Spotless integrations with custom and platform-based software.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified assuring the service quality and data security.

Match Your Business Goals with the Right B2B Portal Type

Promo website

Your choice if you want to present your business to your target clients, improve its digital visibility and increase brand awareness.

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B2B ecommerce portal

Your choice if you want to have a digital trading channel with your clients, accept RFQs, configure custom pricing, manage wholesale orders and delivery.

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Your choice if you want to enable e-procurement: attract and onboard suppliers, submit purchase orders, trigger price bidding, set up online invoicing and payment.

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B2B customer portal

Your choice if you want your customers to access your products and submit purchase orders, access and buy/subscribe for your services, submit service requests, share feedback.

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B2B partner portal

Your choice if you want to share sales and marketing materials with your partners, provide technical and consulting support to enrich their knowledge of your products/services, keep them updated on your company’s goals, values and achievements.

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B2B marketplace

Your choice if you want to launch a multi-vendor trading platform where businesses self-manage their product/services, customers, orders and payments.

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B2B aggregator

Your choice if you don’t produce things but want to aggregate offerings of other manufacturers/sellers on a single platform.

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We Adjust the Service to Your Specific Needs

Custom B2B portal development

We bring to life all the functions and UX elements you want, and create unique workflows for your users. We opt for a modular architectural approach to compose your portal from functional blocks and easily modify/upgrade/evolve them in the future.

Value: a purpose-built portal, infinitely scalable, independent of commercial software, able to be integrated with the intended IT environment (even with legacy software).

Platform-based B2B portal development

We build your portal on top of rich functionality of commercial platforms and individualize it to the specificity of your requirements. We work with market-leading platforms: Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Pimcore, SharePoint, to name a few.

Value: a portal with a reasonable total cost of ownership (development and support), fast time-to-market, reliance on field-proven technologies and architecture patterns.

B2B portal modernization/redesign

We determine the pain points of your portal and lay out a strategy to revive it into a more user-friendly and contemporary solution relevant to your current business processes and goals. Our service focuses both on the technology core of the portal (architecture, code) and its user-facing cover (UX and UI design).

Value: a revamped portal with flexible and fault-tolerant architecture, readable and maintainable code, higher user adoption due to improved UX and UI.

B2B portal migration

We re-architect and re-factor your portal to move it to a new cloud environment or break a monolithic portal solution into microservices. We migrate your business data fully and ensure little-to-no interruption of your business processes during the migration.

Value: a scalable portal and reduced IT costs due to optimal usage of cloud resources.

Our Web Portal Portfolio

Wonder How Much Your B2B Portal Will Cost?

ScienceSoft’s consultants, web portal architects and compliance experts can help you with the custom quote for your B2B web portal development project.

B2B Portal Development Process – from a Concept to a Powerful Business Tool

We don’t commit to a rigid development process as each company has thought out their idea of the portal they need to a different degree. You may come with just a blueprint or an elaborate functional specification. However, our sample end-to-end portal development process looks as follows:


Portal concept development


Portal implementation

Check B2B Portals in Action!

B2B Ecommerce Portal Demo

Browse our demo to explore B2B ecommerce portal functionality and understand how it helps sell to businesses.

B2B Vendor Portal Demo

B2B Vendor Portal Demo

See a buy-side portal in action browsing our sample portal for an F&B manufacturing company.

B2B Customer Portal Demo

B2B Customer Portal Demo

Get a hands-on experience with sell-side portals browsing our sample portal for a furniture manufacturer.

Challenges We Solve

Unstable business environment

The world never stands still. To stay ahead of the game, businesses should be able to react to changes promptly and wisely. To make innovations work for you, we pay special attention to the application’s flexibility. Our developers create an application with the architecture that provides an option to extend and change the functionality dynamically. Our solutions are open to AI implementation and mobile app integration

Infuriating UI and UX

Crowded screens, ill-marked buttons, irrelevant design, ill-structured content and other usage inconveniences may well deter the user from ever coming back. We build strong customer engagement to ensure the success of your B2B portal. Our skilled UI/UX designers recognize the high importance of application user-friendliness and regularly respond to the customer feedback developing clear, intuitive, elegant and full of energy UI.

Prime cyber-attack target

Due to a high concentration of valuable data, B2B portals often become a priority hacking target. We keep track of constantly evolving security needs and use best practices of automated multi-level control to guarantee the reliability of both web-application and its infrastructure. New cryptography techniques provide a bulletproof armor for your system, making it almost unhackable and introducing the highest standard of confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

Key Gains

The buyers can

  • Get access to automated discount system, personalized specials and news
  • Smoothly navigate through personalized catalogs, partnership and franchise offers
  • Participate in tendering and reverse auctions
  • Place orders 24/7 from any location
  • Engage themselves in group purchasing
  • Check in-stock availability
  • Download and print invoices
  • Track the order status
  • Get quick automated notifications
  • Avoid service calls for basic order questions

The sellers can

  • Sell 24/7
  • Set unique price lists
  • Find the best possible value for the product through auctions
  • Automate order processing
  • Reduce errors in documents and avoid “lost” invoices
  • Leverage the information of ERP/CRM system
  • Live-chat with customers to give a quicker response than the competitors
  • Support all popular e-payment systems and automatically manage deferred payment
  • Check payment status


We apply leading-edge technologies and tools to ensure smooth integration with other systems and develop your application in the best way possible: