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Ecommerce Quick Launch - ScienceSoft

M2box - Adobe Commerce Solution by ScienceSoft

M2Box is an out-of-the-box product packed with high-end default functionality and tailored to best fulfill almost all needs any ecommerce business might have. By addressing the two pressing concerns duration and cost M2Box enables us to transcend the development triangle and deliver the whole trinity at a time the fast, the good, and the cheap.

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Core ecommerce features and launch

  • Advanced search
  • Catalog management
  • Online merchandizing
  • Order management
  • Payment integration
  • Improved checkout experience
  • Product feeds creation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Secure admin access levels
  • Adobe Commerce admin user training

Extra benefits for your success (within the same price!)

Traffic and conversion generation

  • Full-scale customized onsite SEO optimization
  • In-built email marketing suite
  • Rule-based promotions for higher conversion and repeat purchase rates
  • Loyalty building tools

Hosting and performance

  • Full guidance through hosting setup
  • Stable website performance
  • Fast website load speed
  • On-demand performance scalability

Our M2box Works Perfectly across Product and Service Lines

We created boxes for

Where You Win with M2box


  • Infrastructure architecture and setup
  • Adobe Commerce instance installation and configuration
  • Design that reflects your branding and positioning
  • Extensions installation


The cost of a custom ecommerce project on Adobe Commerce goes far above $40-50K.

But if you don't need a heavily-customized solution, we don't unfold a lengthy process of negotiations, business analysis and proposal polishing as you don’t need a heavily-customized solution. What saves our time, saves your budget as well.

Viability and scalability

If your particular business requires something not included within a box price, we will go the extra mile towards your needs. The shortlist of our Adobe Commerce competencies covers:

  • Business logic customization
  • Third-party integrations
  • Personalization
  • Multi-store setup
  • Omnichannel customer journey mapping

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