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Magento Consulting Services

Magento consulting services - ScienceSoft

In ScienceSoft, we take on the role of consultants with each our involvement in your Magento solution and make your investments in Magento development wise. Our Magento consulting services cover:

  • Market entry consulting.
  • Strategy and calculation of Magento implementation.
  • Magento website optimization.
  • Magento integration and omnichannel retail setup.

Start Selling More, Now

It’s no way your ambitions to boost your business are still on paper. This is the right time to ask the experts!


We own profound knowledge of Magento and the general ecommerce landscape that we apply to real-life business scenarios.

  • 10 years in Magento and a total of 18 years in ecommerce.
  • Adobe Solution Partner.
  • Certified Magento Solution Specialist on board.
  • Certified Magento developers in the team.

What We Offer under the Magento Consulting Umbrella

However diverse customer situations can be, we typically unfold one of the two scenarios when taking on the role of Magento consultants.

Magento consulting as a problem-solving approach

We can handle your troubles if your business experiences hard times with sales or your Magento instance doesn’t work as expected. Most often, we deal with the three widespread ecommerce problems.

Low website traffic

Low website traffic

The risk is that your revenue will remain low even if a larger percentage of visitors convert. We have several paths to take.

  • We work out a strategy for your business to introduce new sales opportunities, capture potential customers and increase impulse purchases.
  • We advise on leveraging a tool for customer acquisition for you to coordinate your advertising activities and reach new audiences via social media with less time and more efficiency.
  • We work through technical SEO fixes. To support your content goals, we integrate and customize a content management tool.

Low converions

Low conversions

By interpreting website analytics data, we narrow the conversion problem down to one of the vulnerable areas and settle it.

  • UI redesign helps to decrease the bounce rate if the visual experience your website provides induces instant abandonment.
  • To detect and fix usability issues, we start with UX audit, improve unveiled bottlenecks during UX redesign, and validate the changes with usability testing.
  • We achieve checkout efficiency with various techniques – from implementing a guest checkout to automating follow-up reminders.
  • In case of high impulse abandonment early on a customer journey, the website audit allows us to detect speed issues and act informed to fix them.

Few repeat customers

Few repeat customers

In the best-case scenario, repeat customers make up a good part of your revenue. Don’t worry if they don’t now, we will help you create the kind of experience worth returning for.

1. We design an analytics solution for you to capture, store and process business data, both historical and real-time. With custom reports, you see the big business picture and monitor minor trends.

2. We give you automation tools for customer segmentation and marketing activities, and thus let you focus fully on strategic planning – think through communication scenarios to engage your customers more relevantly and analyze the outcomes.

Magento consulting as a pre-implementation stage

We vary our consulting focus depending on further implementation activities.

Replatforming to Magento 2

  • Investigating your current ecommerce solution.
  • Aligning your business needs with Magento.
  • Planning enhanced customer experience with your new Magento-powered solution.

Extending Magento functionality

  • Striking the right balance between using commercial quality add-ons and going for custom-built capabilities.

Integrating Magento into an IT infrastructure

  • Architecting an ecosystem and mapping out information flows.

Optimizing mobile presence

  • Choosing the best-suited mobile design approach: a responsive website, a mobile app or a PWA.

Implementing omnichannel retailing

  • Planning new sales channels and consistent customer experience across them.

Enhancing Magento security

  • Elaborating a security check approach that can encompass security audit, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
  • Devising a further security maintenance strategy.

Let Magento Consultants Work for Your Business Success

Professional Magento consulting at the start will save you from costly and inefficient implementation solutions.