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Ecommerce development services - ScienceSoft

Ecommerce website design and development covers all the activities aimed at the creation, maintenance, and evolution of a web store. Team up with ScienceSoft to find all the competencies needed for your ecommerce project success under one roof.

About ScienceSoft

700+ IT professionals located internationally in the US, Europe and the Middle East

18 years of experience in ecommerce

Our reliability is recognized by independent researchers

Do Ecommerce with Experts

We respond to varied development needs with expertise ranging from high-performing infrastructure setup to user-centric web design and ecosystem implementation.

Ecommerce development solutions we offer

  • Personalized experience for an extensive customer base.
  • Support for diverse product and service types, product bundling opportunities, configurable product attributes.
  • Pre-order management.
  • A marketing and promotions suite.
  • Product comparison and recommendations engines.
  • Registered and guest checkout.
  • Automated tax calculation.
  • Sophisticated buyer segmentation.
  • Support for complex pricing structures driven by order volume, buyer status, etc.
  • Streamlined quote management and price negotiation.
  • Facilitated bulk and repeat ordering.
  • Multiple ship-to functionality.
  • Multi-vendor management.
  • Eased seller onboarding process.
  • Tiered commission management.
  • Concurrent checkout process.
  • Marketplace APIs for the integration with a seller's business systems.
  • Marketplace-wide and seller-specific analytics.
  • Multiple storefronts.
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support.
  • Role-based permissions for global, website- and store-specific admin users.
  • Multistore-wide and store-specific reports.


  • Near-instant website loading.
  • Offline availability.
  • Native app-like user experience.
  • A possibility of mobile home screen installation.
  • Push notifications.
  • Highly customizable front end.
  • Research-based UX and custom business logic.
  • Dynamic on-site personalization.
  • Enhanced security.

Ecommerce development process

We plan and own an end-to-end ecommerce development project: from the investigation of your business requirements and user experience design to ecommerce solution implementation, integration and launch.

Ecommerce development process - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft has been vital to our company’s growth in ecommerce over the last 2 years. They are a very versatile company in terms of the amount of services they provide. ScienceSoft is quite possibly the most beneficial outside resource we’ve ever had.

Jarod Joyce, Creative Director, Dot It Restaurant Fulfillment

Ecommerce development services

Custom ecommerce website development

  • AI-powered digital experience personalization.
  • Online merchandizing.
  • Advanced product search.
  • Promotional pricing tools.
  • Product recommendation workflows.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • User-friendly checkout.

Mobile development

  • Mobile strategy consistent with business goals and budget.
  • Mobile-friendly user interface.
  • AR-driven viewing experience.
  • PWA development.
  • Mobile app development.
  • Mobile payments.

Ecommerce migration

  • Current solution revision.
  • New ecommerce technology selection.
  • Calculation of the total ownership cost.
  • Custom design changes.
  • Business and SEO data migration.

Our approach to ecommerce web development

Lasting security

Our web developers employ a DevSecOps approach to incorporate security practices into the ecommerce development process.

Unfailing website performance

We apply the best practices for hardware and software configuration as well as plan solution architecture to set up a scalable ecommerce website.

Integrated business environment

We enable effective business processes by connecting your business systems and customer touchpoints, and planning an omnichannel customer experience strategy.

Ecommerce integration services

We strive for the efficiency of all your business processes and integrate an ecommerce component with your other business systems to achieve automated data transfer. We cover diverse integration scenarios depending on your business specifics and goals, our technology expertise includes (but is not limited to) ERP, CRM, PIM and DAM, CMS systems, payment gateways, and marketing tools.

Ecommerce integration services - ScienceSoft

Ecommerce website design services

UX research

Gathering information and forming a vision of your target audience by conducting interviews, creating personas, and simulating personas’ behavior in user stories.

Competitor analysis

Investigating the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to win over your target audience through digital experience.


Outlining the page functionality and navigational structure in simplified and schematic wireframes of your future website interface.

Usability testing

Testing wireframes and fixing user inconveniences to save on costlier fixes later during the development process.

UI kit

With critical UI components: fonts, buttons, icons, and more visual elements.

UI mockups

Aligned with your business identity and our design principles of creativity and elegance.

Ecommerce design services across product lines

Apparel & Footwear

Apparel & Footwear

Beauty & Personal care

Beauty & Personal care

Furniture & Household goods

Furniture & Household goods

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Why your ecommerce success largely depends on design

  • 75%

    visitors judge websites by aesthetics

  • 38%

    visitors will leave instantly if they find a website unappealing

  • 88%

    users won’t return after a single negative digital experience

  • Source: 99firms

    Convey a Strong Brand Message to Your Audience

    With ScienceSoft as your ecommerce web design company of choice, you have your business’s digital presence designed beautifully to:

    • Inspire customer trust.
    • Increase customer engagement throughout a digital journey.
    • Communicate your brand’s authentic voice.
    • Bring increased conversions.

    Project portfolio

    Ecommerce Migration for a Telecom Services Provider

    Ecommerce Migration for a Telecom Services Provider

    The cooperation with ScienceSoft resulted in:

    • Six-fold increase in conversions.
    • Website loading time decreased from 2 sec to 0.2 sec.
    • Reduced cost of ownership for an ecommerce solution.
    Ecommerce Development for a Fashion Retail Chain

    Ecommerce Development for a Fashion Retail Chain

    ScienceSoft’s ecommerce development team:

    • Performed UX research and design.
    • Developed a branded online store.
    • Integrated the store with PIM and CMS systems.
    • Incorporated a CRM system connected to the online store and points of sale.
    Ecommerce Optimization for an Online Multi-Store

    Ecommerce Optimization for an Online Multi-Store

    Working in an ongoing support mode, ScienceSoft:

    • Optimized website performance and ranking.
    • Enhanced data security.
    • Streamlined development and testing workflows.
    • Improved UX.
    Ecommerce Website Development Services for a Retail Chain

    Ecommerce Website Development Services for a Retail Chain

    An ecommerce solution delivered by ScienceSoft:

    • Houses 100K+ SKUs.
    • Features branded UI design.
    • Is integrated with distributed points of sale and the warehouse.

    To speed up the time to market for our product, we needed to ramp up our development capacity and were looking for front-end developers competent in ecommerce. ScienceSoft proved the expertise we needed, and two of their front-end developers joined our team.

    Now that we’ve been working with ScienceSoft has been ongoing for 4 months, we can say that we are no doubt happy with our choice of development partners. The quality they deliver is consistently high. We believe they’ve contributed a lot to speed up our product’s release.

    Given Radingwana, Product and Partnerships Manager, BoxCommerce

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