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Adobe Commerce (Magento) Website Design

Magento Website Design - ScienceSoft

Adobe Commerce (Magento) website design is the process of creating user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for Adobe Commerce webstores. Our design team at ScienceSoft adheres to eye-catching, frictionless digital experiences that win customers’ trust and loyalty.

Get a Head Start

Entrust us with designing an impressive visual representation of your business to gain a real competitive advantage in the ecommerce market.

Why ScienceSoft

  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.
  • 21 years in ecommerce, 13 years in Adobe Commerce.
  • Certified Adobe Commerce developers in the team.
  • Adobe Solution Partner.
  • Conversion-driven UI and UX design.
  • Expertise in UX research and UI research for Adobe Commerce websites.
  • Professional UI and UX optimization for mobile devices.
  • Implementation of AR experiences. 

A Glance at Our Website Design Projects

Clean and elegant design

Clean and elegant design

Sell more via custom product collections

Sell more via custom product collections

Help your customers find the right products

Help your customers find the right products

Stay in touch with your customers

Stay in touch with your customers

Guide your customers to an informed product choice

Guide your customers to an informed product choice

Let your customers navigate easily

Let your customers navigate easily

Unlock new sales opportunities

Unlock new sales opportunities

Adobe Commerce Design Services

ScienceSoft welcomes customers who need Adobe Commerce design from scratch and those who want to redesign their existing Adobe Commerce solution alike.

We structure our Adobe Commerce design services in a way that allows us to accurately estimate time and effort for the design/redesign project implementation and uncover website usability flaws early in the solution development cycle, thus minimizing readjustment costs.

UX research / UX audit

We start with in-depth competitor company analysis and proceed with UX research or audit:

  • UX research – our team conducts an extensive analysis of your target audience through interviews and surveys, creates customer personas, and simulates their possible behavior scenarios in user stories.
  • UX audit – we focus on your existing audience and use traffic/engagement data and business performance metrics to better understand the needs for UX improvement that will decrease customer churn.

Navigation design

To facilitate interaction with your Adobe Commerce website and promptly lead your customers to checkout, we make the navigation of your store intuitive and easy. Our designers guarantee that the Adobe Commerce design clearly communicates the important information your client needs to know on each step of the customer journey – from your corporate identity and return policy to an estimated delivery date and payment options.

UX design

Once navigation is planned out, we create website wireframes and perform rigorous usability testing that ensures seamless UX prior to the UI design stage. Striving to deliver tailored Adobe Commerce experiences, ScienceSoft cooperates with your marketing and merchandizing teams throughout the entire process of UX development and always welcomes their input on UX wireframes.

UI design / UI redesign

We form UI kits with necessary UI components, define the rules of applying your color scheme to the website and prototype Adobe Commerce stores that perfectly match your brand vision, with multiple browsers and devices in mind. Our Adobe Commerce web design team knows how to strike a balance between usability and trendy looks and turns the UX mockups into vibrant and impactful visual experiences that are simple in use.

Adobe Commerce front-end development

Our skilled Adobe Commerce front-end developers translate the finalized UX and UI design into clean, easily maintainable code. Apt in agile processes, ScienceSoft’s team makes usability and user acceptance testing stages an integral part of the development process.

Explore our front-end development workflow

  • Design development.
  • Usability testing and QA.
  • Deployment to the test environment.
  • User acceptance testing.
  • Feedback processing.
  • Design tuning and finalization.
  • Adobe Commerce website launch.


Our Adobe Commerce (Magento) Projects

Our Advanced Approach to Adobe Commerce Website Design

Magento mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility

With 67% of customers preferring to be loyal to mobile-friendly stores, we design Adobe Commerce websites with cross-browser and cross-device compatibility in mind. By introducing easy-to-tap buttons and scaling the content to fit the screen, our team guarantees a smooth mobile experience of your webstore.

AR-powered catalogues

Augmented Reality-powered catalogs

To increase conversion rates and minimize product returns, we suggest implementing AR-powered catalogs. Our professional 3D designers create highly detailed and realistic 3D models of your products, enabling their close-up inspection and virtual positioning in real-life surroundings via any mobile device.

Interactive manuals

Interactive user manuals

We offer the design and development of interactive manuals that lower the workload of your customer support. Based on image recognition and AR technology, these manuals guide your customers through installation or maintenance of any product they’ve purchased from you.

Technologies We Use

Fine Designs Make Fine Stores

Request our Adobe Commerce website design services – and ensure a stylish and intuitive customer experience that results in high customer engagement and an increased conversion rate.