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Magento PWA: How Leveraging PWA Technology Will Boost Your Business

We share success stories of Magento PWA web stores, explain how to develop a Magento PWA, and audit several Magento 2 PWA storefronts to check their PWA optimization level.

Your Next Best Sales Ideas in Our List of Website Features

We don’t dwell on the basic ecommerce functionality but share website features to enhance customer experience and drive sales up.

Headless Commerce: Your Best Solution in Two Cases

Headless commerce is a technologically advanced, still not a universal solution for an ecommerce website. ScienceSoft describes who can win with a headless approach.

Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Magento 2 Homepage

Changing your homepage helps Magento 2 stores engage with more customers. The article shows simple ways to perfect your desired homepage.

Examples of Magento Websites to Win You Over

Here is a professional experiment: we took examples of 5 Magento websites and found killer features that help these web stores sell much.

Hacked Magento: Symptoms, Action, and Prevention

We list the symptoms of a hacked Magento along with corresponding attack types as well as describe the steps for addressing security issues and uncovering vulnerabilities early on.

Magento Customization: 3 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Solution

If you want to improve your Magento experience, Magento customization is a way to go. We list the benefits you get after you customize the web store’s theme and extensions or upgrade it to a PWA.

Does Magento Shared Hosting Suit You?

We discuss the option of implementing Magento shared hosting and give tips on choosing a hosting vendor that will ensure stable performance of your store.

Learn to Frame Magento Projects around Your Target Audience

When developing Magento projects, we know how to choose and target promising audience. For our customers, that pays off with conversions and audience loyalty.

Do You Need a Magento Code Audit? Answer 3 Simple Questions

Magento code audit may be a useful initiative even if your website functions well right now. Here are 3 cases to prove that.