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How to achieve maximum Magento security with patches and a set of key safety measures

You’ve heard much about the importance of installing Magento security patches. Now, see real problems that could hit a business without them and study a summary of general security recommendations.

Is Magento A/B testing a panacea for better conversions?

Magento A/B testing is a simple and effective way to achieve high conversion rates. Doesn’t it sound too perfect? Then, let’s evaluate both advantages and possible inconveniences of this technique.

We’ll be back – how to survive Magento maintenance mode with minimum losses for businesses

Combining technical and business aspects in our article, we not only teach merchants how to enable and disable Magento 2 maintenance mode, but also explain how they can improve customer experience during maintenance.

Detect and fix — a Magento testing suite for bug-free sales

Magento 2 testing suite allows for multi-level functional verification via functional, static, integration, unit, Web API functional and JavaScript test types. Here is what you need to know about that.

Exploring all strengths and weaknesses of Magento CMS

With content gaining significant importance in online retail, merchants need a clear vision of what functionality they get with their ecommerce platform. We examine Magento CMS component to see if it allows for efficient content management out of the box.

Five minutes to read and five steps to take – a guide to an effective Magento blog

Anticipated benefits, ideas, options and results. We walk you through key steps to launch a blog in a Magento-based store and take your ecommerce business to a new level.

How cohort analysis and behavioral segmentation will increase your Magento store revenue

Cohort analysis and behavior segmentation can drastically increase conversion rates. Learn how to implement them in your Magento store and how to discover some of the most important customer groups.

Magento plus Salesforce equals top-notch customer management for ecommerce

Let’s look deeper in Salesforce CRM and explore what solutions and integration options it offers to Magento-based ecommerce businesses.

What Magento misses to excel in email marketing

The absolute majority of Magento store owners choose third-party services for email marketing campaigns. Let’s find out why Magento out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t meet their needs.

Magento theme development – does your business need it right now?

Each ecommerce project has a starting budget. We explain how to choose a website theme and meet the budgetary line. It turns out that Magento theme development is not the only option to create an appealing web store. Though, it is definitely the best one.