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Do You Need a Magento Code Audit? Answer 3 Simple Questions

Magento code audit may be a useful initiative even if your website functions well right now. Here are 3 cases to prove that.

Valuable Lessons to Learn from Magento Implementation Failures

The stories of failed Magento implementation and the insights we draw will be of use both to Magento developers and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Is Your Magento Solution Optimal for Your Business?

We give a concise summary of 3 Magento solutions – Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud – and explain what their target markets are.

How to Succeed in Magento B2B - Theory and Real Projects

We cover Magento B2B development in theory and share our related hands-on experience.

The Evolution of Magento CMS, or How Magento Changed the Game in Its Content Management Functionality

We’ve done our best to cover the topic of Magento content management functionality to the full: merits and demerits, solutions to existing limitations and comparison with alternative ecommerce platforms.

Magento Pricing: How Much is Your Magento Website Going to Cost You?

We dot the I’s in such a sensitive aspect of Magento development as pricing: what aspects to factor in when starting a Magento project and what average cost to expect.

An Action Plan for Speeding Up Magento 2 – Culprits and Solutions Explained

Not a set of separate Magento optimization techniques but a guide for ecommerce companies to detect a speed problem timely, figure out its reason and know how to fix it.

How to boost conversion rate in a Magento ecommerce store

Learn to improve the conversion rate of your Magento ecommerce store using these actionable tips. Grow your store and streamline the selling process.

One day in the life of Magento emergency support team – serious Magento issues and simple solutions

One day, sellers may find their web store performing poorly or even crashed. To stay calm in such emergency situations, they must be aware of critical Magento issues that have a drastic impact on its operation.

Magento Security Guide: Threats and Safety Measures

We aim to help retailers develop a deep understanding of Magento security. For that, we describe both possible security threats and key measures to take for sustainable protection.