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Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are used to compile, manage and analyze information on all interactions with customers across multiple channels in order to personalize the customer experience and improve business relationships with customers in marketing, sales, and customer service.

Since 2008, ScienceSoft has helped companies improve their business efficiency with the full cycle of CRM development:

  • Business analysis,
  • Custom CRM development,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets,
  • User training,
  • Production rollout,
  • Support and evolution.

Tired of Losing Revenue due to CRM not Covering Your Needs?

ScienceSoft’s CRM developers will help you get rid of insufficiently digitized processes, improve sales, and increase the efficiency of your marketing and customer service teams with tailored-made CRM.

Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your CRM Development Services Provider

  • 12+ years in CRM software development.
  • Extensive industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, financial services, telecoms, etc.
  • Partnerships with leading CRM vendors: Salesforce and Microsoft.
  • Recognitions: BBB,, CIO Applications, Forrester, etc.
  • 2,695 success stories (including projects for Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Orange, BBC, MTV).

Selected Success Stories

Custom CRM development for a retail bank with 7 mln clients

To enhance everyday managerial activities and engage more customers.

CRM development for US manufacturer of flooring installation products

To enable full-scale sales automation.

Salesforce development for the roofing services provider

To ensure better visibility into the teams’ performance and optimize sales process.

Healthcare CRM development for a medical and research center

To improve patient interaction, experience and satisfaction.

CRM development for a US market leader in cancer diagnostics

To drive the company’s growth by selling its suite of diagnostics solutions nationwide.

I appreciated the fact that ScienceSoft won't simply do what is asked of them, but rather bring in their own feedback and ideas of what is best for a particular functionality. <...> We keep going back to ScienceSoft for more work, so we've been very happy with the quality of their code and general understanding of our CRM.

CRM Lead, Arbela Technologies

What Custom CRM Development Services Include

Business analysis

Implies investigating your business objectives and suggesting ways to address them with CRM functionality.

CRM development

Means tailoring your CRM solution to your business goals with customization, or building custom functionality from scratch.

Quality assurance

Implies checking that the CRM functionality works as required, spotting bugs and deficiencies in the system.

Risk and change management

Implies defining a change strategy and steps to make changes safely and avoid unwelcomed consequences a change process can entail.

Data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets

Is transferring your data into a new CRM solution without data loss, corruption or impact on your live business processes.

User training

Means teaching employees to adopt CRM’s functionality and use it efficiently.

Production rollout

Implies transferring the CRM solution to the production environment where end users can exercise its capabilities to the full.

Support and evolution

May include additional tuning of CRM features and processes to comply with emerging user needs. In other cases, support may entail ongoing improvements aimed to help CRM evolve and keep up with the digital transformation of the company.

All these service stages may be supported with CRM consulting to make sure you obtain maximum value from your CRM solution.

Pick Your Custom CRM Option

The scope of ScienceSoft’s CRM development services embraces the following options:

Customized platform-based solutions (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365)

  • Customizability
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy implementation of changes

Fully custom CRM solution built from scratch

  • Fully tailored to specific needs
  • No need to pay for the features you don’t use
  • No subscription fee

Each of these service options allows us to deliver you the following functionality of custom CRM software:

sales automation

Sales automation includes features for managing the sales process (sales stages, activities and workflows), drawing up rules to pricing options for products and services, CPQ for creating and managing quotes, etc.


Customer service automation includes features for case management, intelligent case routing from multiple communication channels, a knowledge base with useful articles, field service management, etc.

CRM integration

CRM integration with internal (e.g., internal websites, portals) and external systems (ERP, ITSM, CMS, email, CTI, etc.) ensures seamless work of CRM with connected systems and provides increased visibility of data flows across them.

enterprise-wide CRM-based collaboration apps

Enterprise-wide CRM-based collaboration apps allow real-time document collaboration inside CRM to help employees keep on the same page and manage deals more quickly and easily.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation includes features for email marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising and B2B marketing automation, etc.

CRM data analytics

CRM data analytics implies reflecting the state of sales, customer service and marketing in customizable reports and dashboards.

company-specific features

Company-specific features developed from scratch to reflect business process peculiarities and support those processes to the full.

customer and partner management functionality

Customer and partner management functionality includes features for building branded customer and partner portals, forums, and sites.

Need Even More Custom CRM Functionality?

We don’t stick to the offered functionality list. Instead, we investigate each customer’s needs and build a corresponding CRM solution.

3 Points of Concern You Won’t Have To Worry About

Turning to ScienceSoft for custom CRM software, you will be able to get the following benefits essential for the majority of businesses on the market:

Reasonable costs

To optimize CRM costs, we carefully analyze your business needs and properly prioritize the delivery of functionality, starting with the essential features only. We also use frameworks, libraries and open-source components to speed up the development process and save time.

Fast development process

To avoid prolonged development, which results in CRM’s cost creep, we use agile methodologies to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) approximately in 2-3 months. Then we evolve the solution further, adding more advanced features, so that you could get a fully functional solution within 6 months.

Sensitive data protection

The security of our development processes is proven with the ISO 27001 certification. To mitigate your concern about providing access to sensitive sales data, we sign an NDA with our customers, which eliminates the possibility of disclosure of such info.

Our CRM case studies

ScienceSoft has done an amazing job of making our internal processes more efficient, implementing changes without causing any interruptions to the business. The changes they made within Salesforce are reliable and functional.

The National Manager of a US-based roofing company

Still in Doubt Whether Your CRM Needs Will Be Addressed?

If you have any questions whether we can provide CRM services you need, ask our team for more info.