Custom CRM Software

Custom CRM Software

Does it really make sense to build a custom CRM when there are many ready-made options? Yes, it does if you view CRM software as a Relationship Management (RM) system that covers more than sales automation.

Bringing together 10 years of CRM consulting experience, we create custom CRM solutions for unique business cases, like:

  • a global customer experience management (CXM) system for a corporate group,
  • complex performance assessment software for advanced membership management,
  • a relationship management platform for the HR department, and many more.

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Why Build a Custom CRM

Despite being a major sales assistant, custom CRM software can do more than just streamline sales. It is apt to empower nearly every department (marketing, IT, HR, call-center, etc.) and every organization that deals with multiple contacts simultaneously (caregiving, education, idea crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc.).

ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants use their experience to deliver technology that can help you optimize any process related to managing relationships. As a result, you get process automation, advanced analytics, custom reporting, decision support, as well as efficient data management and collaboration environment.

CRM Solutions We Deliver

The list of possible customized solutions based on CRM software includes:

  • mobile CRM,
  • loyalty management,
  • customer experience management (CXM),
  • lead-nurturing,
  • partner management,
  • member management,
  • marketing automation.

Custom CRM solutions

Challenges Solved with Custom CRM Solutions

For 10 years already, ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants have been proving that CRM software can perfectly handle even highly specific tasks.

CXMs for highly diversified businesses

CXMs for highly diversified businesses that help to:

  • Leverage data from multiple systems to create 360-degree customer profiles.
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience across sub-brands, regional offices, and communication channels.
  • Manage multinational and multilingual sales teams.


Performance management systems for global membership organizations

Performance management systems for global membership organizations, including:

  • Data collection from multiple sources (CRM, web portal).
  • Configurable multimetric modules with obligatory and optional indicators.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.


Entire human resource management in a single tool

Entire human resource management in a single tool

  • Application process management from cross-departmental collaboration and creating vacancy descriptions to automated job posting through multiple channels.
  • Recruiting management, including skill-based rating of applicants, long-term relationship management with in-demand specialists and recruiting channels management.
  • Management of onboarding and employee development.


Custom CRM Options

Platform-based solutions

Platform-based solutions

ScienceSoft partners with Salesforce and Microsoft, two leading providers of CRM software. Both Salesforce CRM and Dynamics 365 are highly-customizable platforms that can be a basis for complex and scalable solutions. Based on your business specifics, our CRM consultants will suggest a suitable option and come up with any custom features required.

Have a particular platform in mind? Check out ScienceSoft’s services in:

Custom CRM development

Custom CRM development

In some cases, software developed from scratch can be more cost-effective and light-weight than a platform-based solution, as you:

  • pay only for the features you use,
  • avoid a regular subscription fee,
  • don’t distress users with unnecessary features.

Let’s Cooperate

If you need a brand-new custom CRM development or deep customization of your current solution, ScienceSoft’s team is ready to share their expertise with you.

Drop us a line to get a free brief consultation and a PoC. ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants will advise which platform to choose and deliver the solution you need to get the most out of contacts’ data. 

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