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Application development services cover web, mobile, and desktop app delivery from business analysis and design to coding and deploying. Since 1989, ScienceSoft helps companies with the fast development of quality custom applications that bring tangible business value.

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Our Capabilities in Application Development 

ScienceSoft’s team delivers advanced applications to manage your B2B, B2C and internal business processes. As ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification holder, the company relies on mature quality management and guarantees the cooperation doesn't pose any risks to the customers' data security.

Web applications

Large-scale and complex custom web applications that work across all popular browsers, are fast, reliable, and deliver immaculate UX with intuitive navigation and logical workflows.

Our expertise covers a wide range of enterprise applications for core business aspects from sales and customer service to manufacturing and inventory, human resources, finance and marketing management.

explore the list of web applications we develop

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Supply chain management applications.
  • Asset management applications.
  • Procurement management.
  • Customer (self-service) portals.
  • Industry specific solutions (electronic health record (EHR), manufacturing execution systems (MES)).
  • Order processing.
  • Billing applications.
  • Financial management.
  • Email marketing applications.
  • Business Intelligence (BI), and more.


Mobile applications

Native (iOS, Android, Windows) and cross-platform (on Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) mobile applications to provide businesses with speed and convenience they need.

ScienceSoft can either compliment your web application with mobile experience or deliver it as a separate mobile solution with its own back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js).

Desktop applications

OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) or cross-platform custom applications to work offline with total control over data security.

Big data applications

Leverage the power of large data sets with high-performing and robust custom big data tools.

Our big data solutions empower manufacturing, banking, healthcare, media & entertainment, logistics, sports industries and the government sector with clear insights on critical elements of their business and let them explore patterns and trends for more informed actions, better process control and optimization, predictive equipment maintenance, ad/service/content targeting, and more.

explore the solutions we can analyze

  • Transactional data
  • Sensor data
  • Clickstream data
  • Social media content
  • Research data


Real-time applications

A wide range of real-time tools for immediate identification of potential business opportunities and risks.

ScienceSoft’s team develops such solutions as sensor data monitoring (equipment condition monitoring, environmental monitoring, automatic vehicle tracking), advertisement and recommendation engines, fraud and spam detection, highly-responsive applications with millions of users and more.


To deliver innovative and competitive solutions, we work with such tech trends as:

To develop and deploy apps fast and safely, we use DevOps tools for automated builds, testing and configuration management and such practices as containerization, IaC, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD).


Back end

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Front end

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Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Databases / data storages


Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi

Cloud databases, warehouses and storage


Amazon S3
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Relational Database Service
Amazon ElastiCache


Azure Data Lake
Azure Blob Storage
Azure SQL Database

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Datastore

Big data

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Strategic partnerships

Gold Microsoft Partner
Oracle Silver Partner
AWS Select Consulting Partner
Registered Salesforce Partner
ServiceNow Partner


Red Hat OpenShift
Apache Mesos
HashiCorp Terraform
HashiCorp Packer
AWS Developer Tools
Azure DevOps
Google Developer Tools
GitLab CI/CD

Cooperation Models

We stay flexible in terms of cooperation and easily adapt the scope of services to the needs of your business.

Technology consulting

Application development consulting

We help you with professional advice on the right technology stack and architecture for your future app, gather security requirements and offer measures to fulfill them, provide a scalability roadmap.

Development from scratch

Development from scratch

ScienceSoft provides end-to-end development services. We either create a detailed requirements specification at the initial stage of SDLC (in case of a traditional linear approach) or continuously adapt to changing project requirements during Agile iterations.

  • Step 1 – Discovery
    We take time to thoroughly understand your business and align the future solution with its objectives, gather security, functional and operational requirements. Then we proceed with describing workflows and user scenarios.
  • Step 2 – Design and prototyping
    We decide on the most beneficial architecture, from traditional, service-oriented architecture (SOA) to microservices, cloud-ready, and reactive architectures, and proceed with the high-level application design.
  • Step 3 – Development
    We assign a designated development team to build the future app according to the requirements set.
  • Step 4 – Testing
    Our testing team runs the app through a comprehensive testing process to verify its quality and compliance with all requirements. Wherever possible, we apply to high level of test automation for improved coverage and speed.
  • Step 5 – Deployment / Launch
    Our release engineers integrate the new app into the existing IT environment.
  • Step 6 – Support
    We proceed with thorough post-release support, managing incidents, configuration changes and updates to ensure a smooth handover, stable availability and relevance of the new application.

Development based on a requirements specification

Development based on a requirements specification

You share your precise documented description of the future application and we proceed with the rest to turn your vision into a real working solution.

Keeping future operational costs reasonable

We provide high-quality code that is understandable and documented, optionally employ DevOps/Continuous Delivery and continuous integration practices. It allows us to make the application easy to support and helps it to stay open for low-risk changes and the introduction of new tech trends.

Providing applications that bring real business value

ScienceSoft’s team continuously cooperates with all business stakeholders to develop software that meets actual business needs and processes. Realizing the value of time, we keep all interactions clear and to the point.

Delivering informative UX

We deliver user experiences focusing on optimal functionality, logical interfaces and clear workflows that make the applications fast to adopt and easy to use.

Designing for integration from the outset

We design applications that can easily and smoothly interface with other systems of your enterprise IT environment.

Architecture We Build 

We design architectures that best suit the needs and goals of your business.

Traditional architecture

Traditional architecture – providing a 3-tier (front end – back end – database) construction for quick development and easy maintenance.

Microservices architecture

Microservices architecture – splitting an application into several independent units based on business functions. It allows for the use of a mix of technologies and languages, continuous deployment, increased performance, partial updates, and appropriate management of increased loads.

reactive architecture

Reactive architecture – designing reliable and flexible systems and applications that ensure high responsiveness and availability in the context of multi-userness, streaming data and high load.

Cloud-native architecture

Cloud-native architecture – developing an application for the cloud that can leverage cloud-related benefits (simplified portability, automated performance scaling, PaaS services) to the fullest.

ScienceSoft was to cover end-to-end development of an intelligent paperless invoice processing module for the product. ScienceSoft’s developers used the microservices approach to ensure the system’s scalability, which is critical for us as our user base is growing. They selected and implemented techs that ensured the system’s availability and fault-tolerance in the future.

Wadih Pazos, Chief Operating Officer, Paramount WorkPlace

Business Analysis (BA) Service Framework

For ScienceSoft, it’s important to provide a real beneficial change to the business, not just IT solutions. We have an in-house team of 26 business analysts who have experience in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking and financial services, telecom and other industries as well as across multiple internal and external business operations. Dedicated BA experts will cover your business analysis needs with:


Clarification & Analysis


Problem solving



Get Rich Functionality and Ease of Work in One App

We can help you connect the employees, partners and clients with business-class applications that are reliable, fast and maintainable.

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