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Application integration services help build automated information and process flows between different apps. In software development since 1989, ScienceSoft builds reliable and convenient integrations between custom and/or commercial systems.

Ensure Data Integrity and Secure Workflows!

ScienceSoft helps you excel at an integration initiative of any kind with a reliable integration solution tailored to your specific context and goals. As the holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, we rely on mature quality management and guarantee the cooperation doesn't pose any risks to your data security.

What We Integrate 

We provide professional integration solutions for applications and systems of:

Various purposes

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning),
  • SCM (supply chain management) tools,
  • Vendor portals,
  • CRM,
  • Ecommerce solutions,
  • Document management software,
  • Workflow automation apps,
  • Intranets,
  • Industry specific software (such as electronic health record (EHR), manufacturing execution systems) and more.

Various origin and status

  • Legacy applications,
  • In-house software,
  • Open source software,
  • COTS (commercial of-the-shelf) software,
  • SaaS solutions,
  • Third-party services (payment, shipping, social networks).

Various complexity

  • Traditional transaction systems,
  • Modern solutions based on IoT, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), big data technologies.

Various location

  • Placed in the cloud,
  • Placed on the premises.

Methodologies and Architectures We Use 

The implementation of service-oriented architecture (SOA) lowers future integration costs and time by 30%.

Source: Forester Research Inc.

  • SOA-based (service-oriented architecture) integration.

    We can transform your system into a set of loosely coupled, easily scalable and re-usable components, such as web services or microservices that communicate:

    • On a point-to-point basis that implies direct connection via API calls.
    • Through middleware components (an enterprise service bus, message broker) that introduce an additional abstraction layer to take the full responsibility for message/request transmitting, transformation, routing.
  • Shared database – where multiple applications to access data from a single data store.
  • RPA (robotic process automation) – where software imitates human interactions with computer systems (typing, clicking and copy-pasting data from one application to another).
Enterprise Application Integration Consulting

Enterprise Application Integration Consulting

ScienceSoft’s team prepared four integration scenarios for multiple disintegrated CRMs, ERPs, POSs and ecommerce solutions, supply chain management systems, etc. The suggested integration solutions allowed for clean, accurate and consistent data, timely available and safely transferred across the systems.

Application Integration to Drive Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Business

Application Integration to Drive Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Business

ScienceSoft automated paper-based document management, order and warehouse management workflows with custom software solutions. The delivered solutions have largely catalyzed customer experience optimization.

Development of a Supply Chain E-Collaboration Platform for 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

Development of a Supply Chain E-Collaboration Platform for 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

ScienceSoft helped deliver an e-collaboration platform that integrated real-time supply chain data provided by buyers, accountants, vendors, store managers, etc. The platform provides visibility into buying and selling processes, helps minimize out-of-stock levels, and facilitates demand planning.

Development of a BI Solution for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

Development of a BI Solution for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

ScienceSoft developed a full-scale BI solution that integrated the Customer’s disparate data sources and transformed them into actionable and easy to digest reports to improve decision-making.

Integration consulting

Our consultants:

  • Assess your existing IT infrastructure, its needs and constraints.
  • Elicit and prioritize your integration requirements.
  • Choose an integration model and a fitting technology stack.
  • Design a tailored integration architecture and secure infrastructure.

Full-cycle Integration Implementation

Our team covers:

  • Integration consulting and planning.
  • Migration, re-engineering, re-architecting of the to-be-integrated applications and systems (if required).
  • Integration solution implementation.
  • Integration testing at system and component levels.
  • After-launch support.
  • Continuous management and evolution of the integrated ecosystem (on demand).

Doubt Your Large System Integration Initiative?

Let’s start with a feasibility study of its technical, economic and operational aspects. Our consultants with 7-20 years of experience in the field will help you clearly understand if the integration project is worth your time and money and which integration scenario will bring max benefit.

Applications supporting no API

We have a set of established practices to integrate applications without API support, such as the introduction of a file transfer, a shared database or application modernization.

Prolonged response time

We properly plan capacity (load and performance testing, network latency problem assessment) and middleware, design scalable architecture, introduce priority queues, effectively use timeouts and sync calls, logging and caching.

Data quality issues

We take an enterprise-wide view to assess the potential pain points and eliminate them via introduction of data governance rules, error message management, message completeness verification, roll-back of distributed transactions.

Security vulnerabilities

We use sophisticated access control rules, introduce industry-proven protocols for authentication and authorization, “safer” outbound connections, and more.


Databases / data storages


Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi

Cloud databases, warehouses and storage


Amazon S3
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Relational Database Service
Amazon ElastiCache


Azure Data Lake
Azure Blob Storage
Azure SQL Database

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Datastore

Back end

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Front end

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Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


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Real-time data processing

Apache Spark Streaming
Apache Storm
Apache Kafka Streams
Amazon Kinesis
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Stream Analytics


Red Hat OpenShift
Apache Mesos
HashiCorp Terraform
HashiCorp Packer
AWS Developer Tools
Azure DevOps
Google Developer Tools
GitLab CI/CD

Architecture designs and patterns

Traditional 3-layer architecture

Microservices-based architecture

Cloud-native architecture


Reactive architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Various approaches to enterprise application integration

Get the Most of Your Integration Effort!

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to design and implement a reliable and easy-to-operate integration solution that meets the present and future needs within time and budget.