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IT System and Application Integration Services

From Siloed Apps and Systems to the Convenience of Automated Flows

In IT since 1989, ScienceSoft helps businesses build reliable integrations between all kinds of software systems and applications.

IT System and Application Integration Services - ScienceSoft
IT System and Application Integration Services - ScienceSoft

We Can Cover Any Integration Need

ScienceSoft is an IT system integration company with a team of 750+ architects of success in custom development, cloud, security, DevOps and many other fields. We rely on our tech expertise coupled with first-hand experience in 31 industries to plan and implement successful integration projects of any type and complexity.

Any app origin and status

  • Legacy and modern applications.
  • Custom, SaaS and open-source software.

Any scope

  • Internal integrations.
  • Integrations with partners, suppliers, customers, etc.

Any app complexity

  • Traditional transaction systems.
  • Modern solutions based on microservices, IoT, big data technologies.

Any deployment approach

  • Cloud/multi-cloud.
  • On-premises.
  • Hybrid.

Any integration approach

  • Point-to-point/ESB-based SOA.
  • A shared database.
  • iPaaS.

Any communication type

  • API-based.
  • Message/event-based.
  • Batch-based.

Our Selected Integration Projects

Why Entrust Integration Projects to ScienceSoft?

Our experience:

  • In IT since 1989.
  • Over 11 years in cloud deployments (public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud) and migrations.
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner, AWS Select Tier Services Partner.

Our team:

  • Project managers, integration and database architects, QA and security experts with 7-20 years of experience.
  • Hands-on experience in IT system integration services for 31 industries.

Our approach:

  • Mature DevOps practices.
  • Quality-first company based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
  • ISO 27001-certified security management based on comprehensive policies and processes, advanced security technology, and skilled professionals.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and more.

What Our Customers Value

ScienceSoft offered a simple, yet well-functioning, way to integrate our financial portal with the data management and accounting systems, which allowed us not to get stuck with an overcomplicated data synchronization process.

The team was always responsive to all our questions, and we truly appreciated such a collaborative approach.

Cindy White, Director of IT, Texas Methodist Foundation

FAQ about IT Integration Services

How long does it take to implement an integration solution?

Our sample integration timelines:

  • A simple application: 1-6 months.
  • An app of medium complexity: 6-12 months.
  • A large, complex app: ~1 year (integration goes iteratively, and the first results will be seen earlier).
  • Enterprise-wide application integration: ~2-5 years (integration goes iteratively, and the first results will be seen earlier).

What influences the integration project costs?

The costs will vary depending on the specifics of the integration project. Major integration cost factors include:

  • The number of applications to be integrated and the number of integration points.
  • The complexity of apps/infrastructures to be integrated.
  • The chosen integration approach (point-to-point/ESB-based SOA, shared database, etc.).
  • The required modifications of the integrated applications (both on the technical level and the app logic level) or infrastructures.
  • The need for custom development.

Our scoping and estimation processes are described in detail here:

How we scope software development projects

Our cost estimation practices

How do you reduce risks?

To begin with, ScienceSoft always starts with a feasibility study of the technical, economic and operational aspects of your integration initiative. Our consultants with 7–20 years of experience in the field investigate whether the project is worth your time and money and which integration scenario will bring maximum benefit.

Learn more: ScienceSoft's risks management principles and practices.

Being integrated into one system, the info becomes easier to reach. How do you handle security risks?

Since 2003, ScienceSoft’s security experts help businesses monitor, prevent, detect, and manage security incidents. We’ll plan all-level security of the to-be system, use sophisticated access control rules, and industry-proven protocols for authentication and authorization, encrypt your data in transit and at rest, and do more to ensure the full security of all infrastructure components.

What if an integrated system works slowly?

ScienceSoft pays special attention to ensuring sufficient system capacity. For that, we choose suitable middleware, design scalable architecture, introduce priority queues, effectively use timeouts and sync calls, logging and caching, conduct load and performance testing, assess network latency problems, and more.

Want to Understand the Costs and Timelines of Your Integration Initiative?

Our team can help! We can also assess whether the integration project is worth your time and money and which integration scenario will bring max benefit.

Key Technologies We Work With

ScienceSoft’s Software Integration Services

IT system integration consulting

We can help you measure the ROI of integration initiatives, plan optimal architecture and tech stack for your integration solution, and describe the required modifications in the to-be-integrated apps. We also provide security, quality, and compliance strategies and a detailed project implementation plan.

Let’s plan great integrations!

Integration implementation

We can take over the entire integration process from planning to release and support. This may include application migrations and modernizations, data migration and synchronization, custom middleware development, and all-round testing of the integrated solution

Let’s build great integrations!

Why ScienceSoft is a Perfect Companion for Integration Projects

Value-first approach: setting and prioritizing goals, iterative planning and implementation, regular success tracking and reporting.

Effective collaboration at all levels: internally, with your stakeholders, and with your other vendors.

Effective data management to ensure consistent and comprehensive data across the integrated system.

Superior security: 20 years in cybersecurity, ISO 27001 certified information security management.

Mature project management expertise: a PMO to seamlessly coordinate and control enterprise-wide integration initiatives, accurate documentation, established knowledge management.

Minimal disruption to your business processes.

Need a Consultation?

Drop us a line! We are here to answer your questions 24/7.

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