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IT Support Services

• Since 2007 in help desk and application support.

• Since 2010 in managed IT infrastructure services.

• 750+ IT specialists on board.

• Flexible time coverage: 24/7, 12/7, 12/5, 8/5.

IT Support Services - ScienceSoft
IT Support Services - ScienceSoft

Find All-Encompassing IT Support Services at ScienceSoft

IT support services are intended to keep your existing IT infrastructure and business apps well-functioning, secure, and dynamically evolving in line with your business needs. The service is wide-ranging and spans from advisory support to monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization activities.

Get a third-party viewpoint on any IT-related issue you find hard to solve. We can audit an IT infrastructure component or IT process in question, investigate the matter of concern, and provide a detailed action plan for issue resolution.

Your customers or employees may face a simple software problem that spoils user experience or disrupts work routine. Our L1 engineers can quickly handle user issues and requests to restore user convenience.

Where our first line of support can’t help, our team of software and infrastructure management engineers will. They handle complex issues requiring deeper investigation and focus not just on fixing but on preventing issue reappearance.

You get a team to support business-critical IT activities like software development and evolution, cross-system or cloud migrations, software and network rearchitecting, or server virtualization.

We monitor and continuously optimize your cloud resources consumption to ensure the availability and high performance of your cloud-hosted infrastructure and apps as well as reasonable costs. When new business plans and needs appear, we help you expand your cloud portfolio with best-fitting and properly implemented solutions.

We approach your cybersecurity posture comprehensively. Rather than installing standalone security tools and inevitably leaving gaps, we will analyze your IT infrastructure and processes and unfold a security environment that covers all possible entry points of security threats.

This is the best service option if you want to outsource the full IT support function to one vendor. Our cross-functional support team will look after the health and security of your network, business systems, servers, data storage, and all other infrastructure components you have.

We do not only monitor key performance indicators for your business apps to fix slowdowns and failures. We get to know your software and its purposes to optimize it and enhance it with new useful capabilities and functions.

Help Desk Manager at ScienceSoft

It is unlikely that established companies have no IT support at all, either internal or external. So, when we are hired, we often inherit the support function from our predecessors. Ideally, we need to access the documented knowledge to understand what has already been done. If such knowledge is unavailable, we offer a quick or in-depth audit. This saves us and the client from situations when double or even triple effort will be needed to fix something that should have been avoided from the start. The first example that comes to my mind is overlaying new features on a poor code that needs refactoring.

Scope of IT Components We Tackle

Information technology (IT) support comprises procedures intended to maintain failsafe IT workflows and reduce IT costs. An IT support services company with 16 years of experience in help desk and infrastructure support, ScienceSoft guarantees on-the-go improvement of your IT processes.

We can take care of all your IT infrastructure components – from daily monitoring and management to long-term continuous optimization and evolution.

IT infrastructure components we support - ScienceSoft

Our Selected IT Support Projects

What Our Customers Value

I would happily recommend ScienceSoft to anyone looking for a transparent, reliable IT support vendor. They helped us deliver several PHP-based projects, mobile applications, refactored and improved the performance of our .NET code, provided L3 support for our web services. They’re very effective and consistently meet all the required KPIs: we were guaranteed hotfix rollouts in under 24 hours, and they delivered on the promise.

For the past 6 years, ScienceSoft has been a reliable partner in supporting and maintaining our HR software product. They have fixed hundreds of bugs in the product’s performance since the start of our cooperation back in 2016 and keep modernizing HR on our demand, introducing new features and tweaking existing functionality to let us better cater to our growing client base.

ScienceSoft has proven to be a great partner and a much-needed addition to our IT support team. They got on board with our processes in no time and maintained consistently high user satisfaction ever since. After two years, we know for sure they’re reliable and committed specialists. They stick to SLAs, provide competent support, and make sure incidents are resolved or escalated as soon as possible.

Why Choose ScienceSoft As Your IT Support Company

  • 34 years of experience in information technology.
  • 16-year experience in help desk and application support.
  • 15 years of experience in ITIL-compliant IT service management.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow, Oracle, Adobe.
  • 750+ professionals on board.
  • Ability to bring value in every project, as proved by the prestigious Global Outsourcing 100 listing.
  • 1,200+ happy clients worldwide: from North America and Europe to Australia and Singapore.
  • ISO 9001-confirmed quality management system rooted in quality-oriented company processes and policies, value-driven approach to collaboration and result-oriented people.
  • Safety of the customers’ data we access ensured by the ISO 27001-certified unfailing security management system.
  • Broad time zones coverage: from GMT -9 in North America to GMT +13 in New Zealand.

Communication Channels We Support

For on-demand support models (typical for L1–L2 help desk), we offer different scenarios of ticket submission:

User self-service portals

Service desk software



Instant messaging

Social media

What You Get with IT Support Services

Multi-tier incident resolution pipeline:

  • L1. A user support team.
  • L2. A technical support team.

  • L3. A team of software engineers.


Detailed descriptions of the IT infrastructure and operating procedures:

  • SOPs for ticket resolution, change and incident management, CI/CD flows.
  • Network maps.

  • Configuration management database.

  • Infrastructure improvement plan.

Self-service training materials for users:

  • Knowledge base articles.
  • FAQs.

  • User manuals.


User satisfaction and adoption improvements:

  • UX testing/monitoring.
  • Surveys and user experience studies with CSAT improvement plans based on their results.


  • IT environment benchmarking against PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.
  • Compliance gap mitigation plans.


Regular and transparent reporting:

  • Service level reports.
  • Maintenance reports.
  • Health check reports.
  • Security assessment reports.
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.

Competitive Traits of ScienceSoft’s IT Support Services

Feasibility analysis of IT support projects

Before we take up your app or infrastructure support, we analyze TCO and ROI of supported assets and assess how far these financial estimates will be improved after we commence the support.

Result-oriented service and transparent reporting

Our business IT support activities and service quality are reflected in regular reports with clear metrics for strict compliance with service level objectives. We use the following KPIs:

  • Change requests implemented.
  • Change requests waiting in the backlog.
  • Satisfaction of key stakeholders.
  • User satisfaction.
  • Application availability.
  • MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery).

Focus on long-term collaboration

We believe that long-term IT support is mutually beneficial for a customer and an IT support provider, as a longer service term means fewer transition periods and integration phases for the customer and well-tailored working routines for the support team.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Get a Support Team That Knows Your Industry Specifics

Overall, we have worked with companies from 30+ industries. Our largest expertise lies in the following fields.

Benefits of Properly Organized IT Support for Businesses

  • -50%

    IT support costs

  • -20%

    cloud costs

  • 99.96-99.99%

    app availability

  • +20-40%

    user satisfaction

  • -10%

    app issues

Get Your Stable and Efficient IT with Least Effort!

ScienceSoft professionals will conduct close monitoring of your IT infrastructure or its components and set up efficient IT support workflows.