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ScienceSoft’s Post-Launch Policy and Software Warranty

A post-launch software warranty is our guarantee of the software’s smooth functioning upon deployment.

How ScienceSoft’s Approach to Post-Launch Care and Support Stands Out

What we see on the market

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Feel the difference with ScienceSoft

Some companies don’t offer a post-launch software warranty. They might be either self-confident to deliver immaculate software or unwilling to commit to free-of-charge support.

At ScienceSoft, we perform all-around testing before the release. A one-month warranty period is a final QA control we employ to quickly fix severe software issues. Free of charge for a client.

Some companies offer a warranty as a privilege to honorable clients or large-scale and high-profit projects.

A post-launch warranty is a standard practice with ScienceSoft’s software development projects. We value all our clients equally.

Another extreme is treating software development as mass production, i.e., offering the same warranty conditions regardless of the project specifics.

To offer the best-suited warranty to our clients, we factor in many aspects, such as a pricing model, service type, software complexity, and more.

Warranty conditions may be defined vaguely, and clients may not clearly understand what is covered and what is not.

We’ve been developing software for over three decades. We had enough time to face different situations and polish our post-launch warranty to make it straightforward and transparent.

ScienceSoft’s Post-Launch Policy

Warranty terms are negotiated individually for each project. A common case for software development projects with a fixed pricing model is a one-month post-launch warranty* when we fix critical or major software defects free of charge.

Please note that our warranty doesn’t cover the following:

Functional changes at your request

We do thorough work at the stage of requirements engineering and functional specification creation to ensure that every feature addresses your needs and is convenient for users. But once you approve the specification, any changes to it are billable.

Delivery of new features

We will be happy to continue working with you to grow the value the software brings to your business. Still, this is a separate arrangement — software evolution.

Issues caused by improper software usage

If the software behaves not as you expected, this does not necessarily mean a bug — it may be the case of software misuse. We provide user guides and conduct user training to explain how to use the software correctly.

Issues that appeared due to the interference of third parties

If you engage third-party developers to deal with the newly released software, we can’t assume responsibility for the quality of their work.

*Warranty description is for informational purposes only and should not be perceived as a legal guarantee.

Work with a Vendor That Treats Software Quality Seriously

At ScienceSoft, we take care of quality at each step of a software development cycle. A post-launch warranty is our last-step quality control. It gives us time to test-drive the software with real users and guarantee that the software is 100% aligned with its specification.