IoT Application Development

IoT Application Development

With 31 years of experience in IT and 9 years in IoT, we offer full-cycle IoT application development and cover all components of an IoT architecture. We will handle the development of your IoT-capable software starting from requirements engineering all the way to support and evolution.

Want to Embark on the IoT Journey Really Quick?
It takes us 3 to 6 months to launch a fully functional and scalable IoT application.

Why choose ScienceSoft as your IoT development services vendor?

  • 31 years in IT with the focus on software product development.
  • 9 years in IoT and delivering IoT solutions.
  • Eight Microsoft Gold competencies including Application Development, Application Integration, Data Platform, Datacenter, Cloud Platform, and Data Analytics.
  • AWS Select Consulting Partner, Oracle partner.
  • Featured among 10 Fastest Growing IoT Companies by the Silicon Review.​​​​

IoT applications we develop are well suited for

Software product companies

Companies offering IoT SaaS applications or smart products

With 31 years in software product development, we design quality IoT apps that are scalable, easily customizable, and provide for reliable external integrations.

Non-IT enterprises

Companies using IoT for streamlining internal operations

We keep in mind the diversity of your IT infrastructure and pay due attention to integrating your IoT application with enterprise software you already use.

IoT application development from A to Z

For you to obtain a full-fledged IoT application, we are ready to support you throughout the entire IoT application delivery life cycle:


Our IoT Expertise in Action

Development of IoT application for construction health monitoring

We developed a smart construction monitoring system that collects and processes the data from sensors installed throughout the strategic points of a construction site and informs operators about building defects and deformation via an intuitive dashboard.

Development of IoT application for smart home control

We empowered a smart home appliances supplier with a mobile app for remote management of smart home systems. The app allows controlling indoor air and water temperatures and provides all-day-round surveillance via cameras and motion detectors.

Development of software for a pet tracker and an iOS and Android mobile app for remote tracker management

ScienceSoft developed software to power a GPS pet tracker and a mobile app for iOS and Android to manage the tracker remotely, as well as a Python-powered backend for bidirectional communication between the tracker and the app.

Development of IoT app for heart rate tracking

We developed a native iOS app that gathers data from a heart rate monitor and provides users with a quantitative assessment of their physical state. The assessment is based on a simple lying-to-standing test and Valsalva deep breathing maneuver.

Choose Your Service Option

Development based on idea

If you only have an initial idea of your future IoT application, our IoT consultants will help you shape it, design a high-quality application architecture, choose an optimal technology stack, and create a project roadmap for you to obtain the groundwork for developing a reliable, easy-to-maintain, scalable and secure IoT application.

Development based on requirements

If you already have requirements to an IoT application’s functionality, our engineering team will take on its development, launch an MVP or a first application version in 3 to 6 month, and design and implement APIs to provide for an app’s reliable integration with your software products or enterprise systems.

What you get developing your IoT application with ScienceSoft

Painless maintenance and easy scale-up

We use modular, inheritably scalable IoT architecture that provides for painless application maintenance, fast vertical and horizontal scale-up and allows adding new functional modules and expanding the existing functionality to new device models with reasonable effort.

Check our model IoT architecture

IoT architecture

Short time to market

We develop IoT applications relying on an iterative approach. This allows you to obtain a minimum viable product or a first application version with a lean set of high-priority features within 3-6 months and release new features every 2-4 weeks.

Mature quality assurance

We place a premium on applications’ quality from the very start of the project and focus on prevention and early detection of defects.

Check our approach to quality assurance
  • At the application design stage, we conduct comprehensive verification of requirements and application architecture.
  • At the development stage, we ensure quality with a well-structured and well-documented code, and perform regular code reviews and unit testing.
  • At the testing stage, we resort to risk-based testing and pay special attention to critical application functionality, perform exploratory testing to detect non-obvious application defects, as well as employ a relevant degree of automation to increase test coverage and eliminate regression errors.
High level of security

With 15 years in cyber security, we incorporate security as early as at the application design phase and conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for all major releases.


Device and sensor connectivity


Click on the cloud platform to learn about our capabilities in it.

Google Cloud Platform

Sensor data streaming

Apache Kafka
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Stream Analytics
AWS Kinesis

Big Data

Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon Redshift


Microsoft SQL Server

Back end

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.




Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Start Your IoT Development Project Now!
Don’t worry, your investments won’t skyrocket! With 9 years in IoT development and a mature approach to IoT project management, we will deliver a full-fledged IoT application while keeping your development costs on point.