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Cloud app development implies building apps that run in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors. In cloud computing since 2012, ScienceSoft quickly and reliably delivers cloud-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities.

Seeking to empower already existing apps with cloud benefits?

We also help our clients move their legacy applications to the cloud – doing it gradually and with minimum disruption to the ongoing business processes, please see our legacy cloud migration offering.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

9 years in cloud development, including SaaS development and building large distributed enterprise systems.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Adherence to the principles, practices, and tools defined by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Expertise - ScienceSoft

In-house Cloud Center of Excellence.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Robust quality and data security management, backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Strong security and HIPAA, GAMP, FDA, PCI DSS compliancy.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

8 years in big data.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Microsoft Gold Partner with 8 Gold Competencies.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

10 years in IoT consulting.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

AWS Select-tier Consulting Partner.

8 years in DevOps consulting.

Why Do Businesses Increasingly Opt for Cloud?

  • ~ 99.98%

    service availability

  • 10-40%

    operating costs savings

  • 3-4x

    faster launch of new features

  • 15-30%

    higher development and support staff productivity

  • 96%

    of businesses experience a significant upgrade in security


    We cover all aspects of cloud application development and offer a flexible set of service components that can be assembled into your personalized cloud application services.


    • Structuring and elaborating on your high-level software idea.
    • Suggesting innovative feature ideas based on the analysis your needs/software idea.

    Cloud app planning

    • Drawing up high-level functional and technical requirements to software.

    For corporate apps:

    • Eliciting business needs and concerns regarding existing and desired business process flows.

    For products:

    • Defining a “killer feature” for an MVP to get an advantage on the market.
    • Defining OOTB functionality.
    • Deciding on a customization and integration approach.

    Business case

    • Estimating the expected TCO of your сloud application and exploring ways to optimize it.
    • Estimating the expected ROI of your cloud application.
    • For products: mapping features to subscription plans and different product versions.

    Cloud app dev project planning

    • A product development and management roadmap with a release plan and a prioritized features list.

    Cloud app architecture design

    • Detailing cloud app architecture that meets availability, performance, security, portability, etc. objectives.
    • Choosing an optimal tech stack.
    • Ensuring compliance of the app’s architecture with industry regulations (HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS).
    • Designing a cloud infrastructure.

    Cloud app UX/UI design

    • Designing UI mock-ups.
    • UX research.
    • For products: planning UX with a view to higher conversion from trial or free version to paid users, better up-selling services and subscription options, higher retention.
    • Designing/redesigning UX.

    Cloud app dev

    • Back-end development.
    • Front-end development.
    • Integrations with other software.
    • Designing a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.

    Cloud app QA & testing

    • Test planning.
    • Regular code reviews.
    • Unit testing.
    • Conducting functional, integration, regression, exploratory, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing.
    • Test automation.
    • Release testing in case of iterative development.

    Cloud app maintenance, support and evolution

    • Cloud application administration.
    • Cloud application monitoring.
    • L1 - L3 cloud application support.
    • User behavior/transactional data analysis.
    • For products: experimenting with features to find what really works (using A/B testing and other fact-based methods).

    Ensuring seamless scalability and portability of cloud apps via splitting an application into services/microservices and getting them containerized.

    Eliminating the possibility of app failure escalation via using hierarchies of services, message queues, dynamic scaling and automated recovery, etc.

    Fast and stable cloud app development due to:

    • Established Lean, Agile and DevOps culture.
    • Clean code, high coverage with unit tests and frequent code reviews.
    • Competencies in the latest frameworks and language versions, architecture designs, and advanced techs (AI, machine learning, augmented reality, and more).
    • A high level of automation in integration, testing and delivery, and more.

    Ubiquitous cloud app security via:

    • Integrating security at every stage of the development life cycle.
    • Incorporating security within code repositories, build-management programs, deployment tools and the release pipeline.
    • Strong data encryption and SSL, reduction of serverless permissions, enforcing authentication, using a cloud provider’s controls, comprehensive logging and monitoring.

    Leveraging value-adding cloud services to minimize efforts, timelines and costs to develop and operate an application.

    How Much Will It Cost to Build a Cloud-Based App?

    Major cloud app development cost factors include:

    • The number and complexity of app features.
    • The dev method for app features (developed with ready cloud services or coded from scratch).
    • The number of user roles.
    • The complexity of the application logic and workflows.
    • The number and complexity of integrations with other software systems.
    • UI design uniqueness and complexity (including the number and complexity of screens).
    • The number and complexity of government and industry regulations to comply with.

    Get a Cloud App Development Quote

    ScienceSoft is ready to provide accurate calculations for your cloud app development initiative so that you could plan your budget with confidence.

    How ScienceSoft Helps Optimize Cloud App Costs?

    ScienceSoft’s consultants can offer you an efficient cloud resource utilization plan due to:





    It Looks like You’re Still in Doubt about Cloud Development…

    Is it because you think that:

    “We’ll be forced to use services of a single cloud vendor forever”

    ScienceSoft designs applications in a way to avoid complexity and infrastructure dependencies, giving you the freedom and flexibility to switch vendors of some cloud services if needed.

    We can also apply a multi-cloud approach or build a cloud-agnostic app.

    “Cloud can be more expensive than hosting locally”

    With the cloud-native applications that are correctly adapted to the optimal resource consumption at the architectural level, the companies usually experience 30-60% cost savings from what would normally be required for local hosting. In addition to the proper design, our cloud consultants will provide the resource consumption optimization plan, and help with its implementation and continuous management on-demand.

    Delaying Cloud App Development due to High Risks and Costs?

    ScienceSoft offers well-established agile development processes, latest software design patterns, and a high degree of automation to help with safe, swift and financially sound cloud application development.

    Technologies We Work With


    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

    Cloud databases, warehouses and storage


    Amazon S3
    Amazon DocumentDB
    Amazon Relational Database Service
    Amazon ElastiCache


    Azure Data Lake
    Azure Blob Storage
    Azure SQL Database

    Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud SQL
    Google Cloud Datastore

    Real-time data processing

    Apache Spark Streaming
    Apache Storm
    Apache Kafka Streams
    Amazon Kinesis
    Azure Event Hubs
    Azure Stream Analytics

    Databases / data storages


    Microsoft SQL Server


    Apache NiFi

    Back end

    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

    Front end

    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


    Red Hat OpenShift
    Apache Mesos
    HashiCorp Terraform
    HashiCorp Packer
    AWS Developer Tools
    Azure DevOps
    Google Developer Tools
    GitLab CI/CD

    SaaS platforms

    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

    Cloud app development

    We plan, design and deliver scalable, portable, reliable and secure containerized cloud apps (including based on services/microservices). On demand, we:

    • Assess development project feasibility, provide cost & time estimates.
    • Power the app with advanced services (AI, VR, data science, IoT and more).
    • Integrate the app with third-party systems.
    • Provide continuous cloud app support and maintenance to meet new business needs.

    Application migration to the cloud

    We cover:

    • Application and/or DWH migration to the cloud with all-around modifications (if necessary).
    • Integration of cloud and on-premises environments into a hybrid infrastructure (if required).
    • Data migration.
    • CI/CD implementation.
    • Cloud infrastructure configuration.
    • Cloud application testing.


    Custom Billing Software for a Leading European Marketplace

    Custom Billing Software for a Leading European Marketplace

    An automatically scalable (from 2 to > 50 app servers) and fault-tolerant cloud-based custom billing platform replaced a billing-as-a-service solution, utilizing cloud storage, publish-subscribe messaging and other services.

    The World’s Largest PLM Software

    The World’s Largest PLM Software

    A unique cloud-based product lifecycle management solution, powering 20,000 retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in 110 countries. The cloud-based platform helps the industry players conjoin their efforts, knowledge and clients, and provides users with full analysis and reporting capabilities.

    The Back End for an Innovative Hotel Self-Service App

    The Back End for an Innovative Hotel Self-Service App

    A microservices-based solution deployed in the Google Cloud environment serves dozens of hotels in Europe. The utilized technologies and architecture ensure that it stays fast and responsive even in the context of multi-userness and high-volume data processing.

    The Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

    The Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

    The solution measures the engagement, identifies the preferences of a particular user, spots trends in the user’s behavior, bills advertisers, and more. The use of Amazon Spot Instances allows the company to reduce the costs of AWS computing resources by 80%.


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