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Insurance Mobile and Web App Development

Roadmap, Techs, Skills, Costs

ScienceSoft relies on 12 years of experience in insurance software development to design and build robust insurance applications.

Insurance Mobile and Web App Development - ScienceSoft
Insurance Mobile and Web App Development - ScienceSoft

Insurance Application Development: Quick Summary

Insurance application development helps businesses in the industry provide seamless digital experience for their clients, employees, and vendors, which results in increased operational efficiency and revenue growth. Insurance apps offer automation of insurance-related activities, enable prompt and convenient interaction and secure sharing of sensitive data between the participants of the insurance process.

How to create an insurance app in 8 steps

  1. Analyze target user needs, market trends, and relevant regulations.
  2. Design the app's features, architecture, integrations, UX and UI.
  3. Select a reliable and pragmatic tech stack.
  4. Plan deliverables, timelines, budget, and risk mitigation steps.
  5. Develop back end and role-specific interfaces.
  6. Integrate the app with the necessary systems and tools.
  7. Perform functional, usability, and security testing.
  8. Configure the infrastructure and set the app live.

Timelines: 6–11+ months, depending on the app's complexity.

Cost: $120,000–$180,000 for insurance mobile app development; $200,000–$400,000+ for insurance web app development. Use our free calculator to estimate the budget for your case.

Team: a project manager, a business analyst, a compliance consultant, a solution architect, a UX/UI designer, a DevOps engineer, a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a QA engineer.

With 750+ experienced and creative IT talents on board, ScienceSoft provides all necessary competencies to build reliable, secure, and stylish apps for various insurance fields.

Benefits of Insurance Web and Mobile Application Development

Customer apps

According to EY, over 80% of customers are willing to use digital and remote contact channels instead of interacting with insurers via agents or brokers. Provide your clients with vast self-service options so they can instantly apply for insurance, make payments, view policies, submit and track their claims. You benefit from improved customer satisfaction and extended client base along with higher productivity of your internal teams.

Agent apps

Are you among 80% of insurers who have already recognized the importance of agent experience transformation for steady business growth? Introduce a comprehensive toolkit for your agents to help them easily manage their daily workflows, quickly access the required data, seamlessly interact with clients and your internal teams. With a 20–130% increase in the agents’ efficiency, you get momentum to scale up and drive higher revenue.

Employee apps

Let your employees resolve customer and business issues 24/7 from any location. With a mobile app, your employees will be able to perform even the most complex underwriting and claim settlement tasks on the go in a secure and compliant manner.

Supplier apps

Help suppliers streamline insurance-related data sharing, improve collaboration with your sourcing and claim resolution teams, and enhance operational efficiency. It will allow you to establish closer partner relationships and build a resilient insurance value chain.

Types of Insurance Web and Mobile Apps

Here are some examples of specialized insurance applications ScienceSoft delivers:

Personal insurance

Business insurance

General liability insurance apps

Professional liability (E&O) insurance apps

Commercial property insurance apps

Commercial auto insurance apps

Workers' compensation insurance apps

Environmental insurance apps

Aviation insurance apps

Marine insurance apps

Energy insurance apps

Engineering insurance apps

New insurance models

Parametric insurance apps

Microinsurance apps

P2P insurance apps

Pay-as-you-live insurance apps

A Roadmap to Insurance App Development

A typical process of developing an insurance application with ScienceSoft usually goes as follows:


Analysis of the as-is business situation and market research

1–3 weeks

ScienceSoft starts the insurance app development journey with a thorough analysis of:

  • The company’s business needs and app vision.
  • The needs and expectations of the app’s target users (customers, agents, suppliers, etc.).
  • Competitors’ offerings, their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Global and region-specific compliance requirements for the application, e.g., AML/KYC requirements to prevent insurance fraud, PCI DSS for secure card payment processing, HIPAA to ensure security of customer health data, and more.



Insurance application design

3–6 weeks

At this stage, ScienceSoft introduces a detailed list of functional and non-functional requirements for the insurance app and suggests the proper platform to base the app on (web, mobile, or both). It lays the foundation for:

  • An optimal feature set for the application (including security and compliance features). We prioritize the features for implementation based on their potential to drive fast payback.
  • Architecture design for the insurance application, its components and integration points.
  • UX and UI design for the app’s end users and admins. We perform UX research, deliver prototypes, conduct usability testing, create a sleek visual style for the app, and provide UI mockups.
  • A plan of app integrations with the required internal and third-party systems (e.g., underwriting software, a claim management system, payment gateways, etc.). If needed, we design custom integration solutions.



Tech stack selection

2–3 weeks on average

ScienceSoft composes the toolkit for insurance app development with the client’s priorities (minimized cost, prompt development, etc.) in mind. To streamline development and ensure the high quality of the application, we rely on trusted low-code platforms, frameworks, and prebuilt components (ready-made UI components, building blocks for the app logic, OOTB deployment scripts, etc.) where possible.

Insurance mobile app development assumes the choice between native (iOS, Android) and cross-platform technologies. We analyze the feasibility of both options for the client’s needs and suggest the optimal approach that would help maximize the app’s value and meet the expected project budget.

Head of Mobile Development at ScienceSoft


Project planning

1–2 weeks

Accurate planning of app development can significantly shorten project timelines and prevent operational and financial risks. At ScienceSoft, this stage includes:

  • Defining objectives, KPIs, and milestones for the project.
  • Determining project deliverables, duration, and budget.
  • Forming the project team and designing collaboration workflows.
  • Outlining possible project risks, creating a risk mitigation strategy and plan.
  • Estimating the expected TCO and ROI of the insurance application.



Insurance application development

2–7+ months, depending on the solution complexity

Building the insurance app with ScienceSoft typically covers the following stages:

  • Establishing development and delivery automation environments (CI/CD, container orchestration, etc.).
  • Creating the app’s server-side code, including API code.
  • Developing role-specific user interfaces.
  • Running quality assurance procedures in parallel with the development.



Integration with other systems

2–5 weeks (depending on the integration complexity)

ScienceSoft establishes the integrations between the app and your business-critical systems. We also conduct integration testing to ensure smooth and secure data flow between the connected solutions.




Application deployment and release

1–3 weeks

At this stage, ScienceSoft configures the app’s infrastructure, backup and recovery procedures, establishes infrastructure security, and releases the app to the end users. We can also assist in creating a landing page for app promotion or uploading your insurance application to the required web or mobile app stores to streamline app release.




After-launch support and evolution (optional)


Insurance application development rarely stops upon the launch since the app requires ongoing functional extensions to address the users’ changing preferences and accommodate the insurer’s expanding service range.

ScienceSoft helps ensure seamless performance and high efficiency of your application in the long run by providing:

  • Instant identification and fixing of operational issues.
  • Monitoring app compliance with the required legal standards and performing compliance audits.
  • Upgrading the app’s functional and non-functional capabilities when your business needs change.


Our Featured Success Stories on Insurance App Development

Build Your Insurance Application with Professionals

Having decades-long experience in web and mobile development and 12 years of expertise in creating insurance solutions, ScienceSoft knows how to build insurance apps that introduce seamless digital journeys and drive high ROI. We provide:

Consulting on insurance app implementation

We design the architecture, features, and visual appearance of your app, provide expert advice on security and compliance, and deliver a detailed project roadmap. You benefit from risk-free implementation and get an opportunity to optimize project costs.

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End-to-end insurance app development

We cover 100% of app implementation process, from design and coding to integration and QA, and are ready to stay with you for continuous app support and evolution. You benefit from the fast launch, top-notch performance, and sleek visual style of your app.

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Why ScienceSoft

  • Since 1999 in web development and since 2005 in mobile development.
  • Since 2003 in cybersecurity to ensure world-class protection of your apps.
  • Since 2012 in designing and building insurance software.
  • Compliance experts with 10+ years of experience to ensure that your app meets AML/CFT, FIO, NAIC, NICB, CCPA, SOC1/SOC2, SAMA, IA, GDPR, NYDFS, HIPAA, and other legal frameworks.
  • A mature quality management system and customer data security backed up by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.
  • For the third straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation was listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.
  • ScienceSoft is a three-time member in the list of the most trusted outsourcing service providers selected by IAOP.

Perks of Insurance App Development with ScienceSoft

ROI-oriented approach

We define the optimal functionality and tech stack for your app to avoid unnecessary expenses. We rely on iterative development and prioritize the features that offer rapid payoff to help you start driving ROI from app implementation sooner.

Prompt development

We guarantee a quick project start (1–2 weeks), frequent releases (every 2–3 weeks), and apply established Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices to ensure app implementation as planned. We can deliver an MVP for your insurance app in 3–5 months.

Transparent collaboration

We create custom sets of KPIs to track the quality of services we deliver and submit regular reports on the accomplished tasks.

We ensure app compliance with all required global and region-specific data protection standards and insurance regulations.

Our BFSI Clients Say

What stood out was ScienceSoft's proactive suggestions for cost-saving architecture design and tech stack solutions. Their input ensured we stayed within budget without compromising on software quality.

We are impressed with ScienceSoft’s pragmatic project management, quality-first mindset, and transparent communication. They are strongly motivated to deliver maximum value with their services.

Thanks to ScienceSoft, we achieved our project goals on time and within budget. They provided high-quality service and valuable tech insights that aligned well with our vision and specific needs.

Typical Roles on Our Insurance App Development Teams

Project Manager

Plans the project, coordinates the team, controls the project progress, and reports it to the client.

Business Analyst

Analyzes a client’s business needs and app vision, elicits functional and non-functional requirements for the app.

Compliance Consultant

Analyzes legal requirements for the app, advices on the proper compliance maintenance policies to implement.

Solution Architect

Designs secure and scalable architectures for the app and the integration solutions.

UX/UI Designer

Designs the user experience and role-specific user interfaces of an insurance app.

DevOps Engineer

Configures the development automation environment and app’s infrastructure.

Front-end Developer

Creates the UI of an insurance app and fixes the defects found by the QA team.

Back-end Developer

Codes the app’s back end, integrates the solution with the required systems, fixes the defects found by the QA team.

QA Engineer

Designs and implements a test strategy, a test plan, and test cases to validate the quality and security of the app, reports on the QA results.

Sourcing Models for Insurance Application Development

Reliable Tech Stack for Insurance App Development

In insurance app development projects, ScienceSoft’s team usually relies on the following technologies and tools:

Insurance Application Development Costs

The cost to develop an insurance application of moderate complexity may vary from $120,000 to $400,000, while building an advanced insurtech app may require $400,000+ in investments.

Below, ScienceSoft lists the major factors that impact the cost of an insurance app development project:

  • The chosen sourcing model (in-house, outsourced).
  • The type of an insurance app – web or mobile.
  • For mobile apps: the supported platforms (iOS, Android, cross-platform).
  • The scope and complexity of the app’s functionality.
  • The number of user roles and role-specific UX and UI requirements.
  • The number and complexity of integrations.
  • Performance, scalability, availability, security, compliance requirements.
  • Fees for the required cloud storage services, prebuilt app components, integration APIs, authentication tools, messaging services, etc.

Here are the approximate cost estimations based on ScienceSoft's experience in insurance app projects:


Building a mobile insurance app of average complexity.


Developing a web insurance application with basic functional capabilities.


Creating a comprehensive web-based insurance app powered with advanced techs.

Learn the Cost of Your Unique Insurance Application

Please answer a few questions about your business needs to help our consultants estimate the cost of your unique insurance solution faster.


*What type of company do you represent?

*What type(s) of insurance should your solution support?

*What is the expected number of software users?

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*How many individuals will use your software, approximately?

*How many organizations are you planning to target, approximately?

*How many end users (individuals from all organizations) will use your software, approximately?

How many organizations are you planning to target, approximately?

*How many end users (both corporate and individual users) will use your software, approximately?

*What capabilities should your insurance software provide?

*What types of analytics should your software feature?

*Which software version do you need?

*What type of insurance software do you need?

*Do you have any specific requirements for UX and UI?

*Do you have any preferences for the environment?

*Would you require any integrations?


With corporate software, external data sources, third-party services (payment processing, user authentication, messaging), etc.

*Do you need to migrate data from legacy software?

Are there any compliance standards for your planned app? Check all that apply.

*Does your insurance software require any advanced techs?

*Do you have tech stack preferences?


Particular programming languages, software platforms, cloud services, etc.

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About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a global IT consulting and software development company headquartered in McKinney, Texas. We provide end-to-end application development services to help insurance companies design and build reliable apps for their clients, agents, vendors, and internal teams. In our projects, we employ robust quality management and data security management systems backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Our mission is driving success for our insurance clients no matter what.