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Mobile BI App Development

Mobile BI App Development

Information Technology
Android, Mobile


An international IT company since 1991 that specializes in Business Intelligence applications with leading-edge analytics, multi-dimensional data cubes and robust econometric forecasting tools. The Customer has offices worldwide and employs 1500 people.


As the Customer develops a variety of business intelligence (BI) solutions with reports based on comparison of data with geographical information, it is crucial to combine rich analytical options with visual interactive performance. Therefore, to enrich products functionality, the Customer came to ScienceSoft to create an Android-based interactive solution for visualization of statistical information on the geographical maps. The additional requirement was to enable quick data displaying regardless of the data file size.


ScienceSoft created an Android-component that can be integrated into the Customer’s BI applications for enrichment of the analytical performance. To operate the component within a particular application it must be completed with the SVG-file with map and XML-file with data.

With the help of the component users are able to create reports added by interactive geographical maps, highlighted with different colors. To boost visual impact various parts of the map are highlighted in various colors. In addition, there is an option to adjust displaying of the statistical data on the map as a slide show.

For users’ convenience there is a menu to customize varied properties of the displaying, including size and color of the font, map legend properties and pop-up hints.


The Customer got an Android-component for making reports with interactive maps that allows enriching of the BI applications functionality.

Bringing together multiple data sets with geographic information, the solution allows discovering the interactions and trends in the data easily, thereby increasing the value of the products. The implementation of the Android-component lets the Customer to increase satisfaction of existing clients as well as provide with the competitive edge while attracting new ones.

All the Customer’s requirements were fulfilled and the component was delivered within planned deadline.

Technologies and Tools

Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, ADT plugin, SVG, XML

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