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Application Migration Services

Benefits, Cost Factors, Hallmark Projects, Service Options

ScienceSoft applies over 10 years of experience in cloud services to plan and perform secure and cost-effective application migration.

Application Migration Services - ScienceSoft
Application Migration Services - ScienceSoft

Application migration services are aimed at helping businesses migrate their apps to the cloud to improve their availability, scalability, and resilience. Among the most common implementation options are the public/private cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Benefits of Migrating Apps to the Cloud

  • ~99.9%

    application availability

  • 45-60%

    operating costs savings

  • 4x

    faster launch of new application features

Application Migration Services by ScienceSoft

Depending on your business needs, you can either go for end-to-end app migration or choose one or several specific components from ScienceSoft’s offer.

Preparation for app migration

  • Analyzing the business needs behind application migration.
  • Assessing the app’s/apps’ complexity and migration readiness, creating app dependency graphs.
  • Defining the target app architecture and needed modifications.
  • Estimating the required cloud storage and computing resources.
  • Choosing the optimal cloud provider and implementation methods (public/private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid model).
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Business case delivery

  • Assessing feasibility of the app migration project.
  • Calculating the expected TCO and ROI.
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Migration project planning

  • Developing a detailed project plan including the needed resources, timelines, costs, and responsibility matrix (e.g., RACI).
  • Outlining a migration schedule and prioritizing the workloads to migrate.
  • Preparing a communication plan that establishes reporting channels, frequency of sharing project details, and more.
  • Setting KPIs (app availability, response time, latency, etc.).
  • Creating a risk management plan and backup strategy to prevent data loss.
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Application migration design and app modernization

  • Designing the target application’s architecture and deciding on software parts to be either modernized or decommissioned.
  • Performing app re-coding/re-architecting.
  • Designing CI/CD pipelines for fast and cost-effective app workloads migration.
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Cloud infrastructure deployment and app migration

  • Configuring the cloud infrastructure.
  • Performing pilot app migration to validate the chosen migration approach and refine the plan (if needed).
  • Migrating applications to the cloud in iterations to minimize operational downtimes and avoid error propagation.
  • Testing the migrated apps.
  • Integrating the cloud and on-premises environments to form a hybrid infrastructure, if needed.
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Maintenance, support, and optimization

  • Tracking the apps performance and health.
  • Right-sizing cloud resources for cost optimization.
  • L1-L3 infrastructure support.
  • Suggesting and implementing new modernization and evolution initiatives based on the company’s goals and needs.
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Selected Migration Projects by ScienceSoft

Why Choose ScienceSoft for Application Migration

  • 34 years in IT and 11 years in cloud migration.
  • 15 years in ITSM.
  • 750+ experts on board, including cloud consultants, certified cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and more.
  • Competence in 31 industries, including manufacturing, BFSI, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and more.
  • Expertise in modernization and migration of applications with complex business logic.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to ensure the mature quality management and the security of the customers’ data.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Our Approach to Application Migration Projects

Collaboration and transparency

Our approach prioritizes flexible collaboration to ensure seamless teamwork between our team and yours and perfect service alignment with your expectations. We continuously measure the project's health and success with mutually agreed KPIs. Furthermore, our regular reporting on project progress, financial aspects, risks, and changes keeps all stakeholders informed about the project status, providing transparency throughout the process. Additionally, we are committed to providing complete project documentation so that the app is easy to maintain and evolve in the future.

Accurate scoping and estimation

When scoping app migration projects, we define project objectives, assess the current app, consider dependencies, analyze risks, and plan testing and validation to ensure a successful migration. A thorough analysis of software and tech stack complexity, required resources, and potential project risks allows ScienceSoft to calculate the project's cost precisely.

Risk management and change control

We prioritize comprehensive risk management and mature knowledge management to prevent potential issues and ensure a deep, up-to-date understanding of the migration project by all authorized parties and eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in. Additionally, our rock solid change control process ensures that all changes are thoroughly understood and tracked, and their impact on the migration project is assessed before implementation.

Your Questions about Application Migration Answered

Can we avoid long downtimes and business disruptions during app migration?

To minimize operational downtimes, ScienceSoft divides the cloud migration process into manageable parts and is always ready to roll back. We accompany each migration stage with comprehensive testing to avoid business disruptions.

Is it possible to migrate an app with no actual or detailed documentation (functional specifications)?

Yes, in this case, ScienceSoft will analyze the application code, code dependencies, and component integrations. In addition, we readily cooperate with the customer’s IT department, employees, or other parties knowledgeable of the legacy app work.

How can I make sure application migration will produce the expected outcome?

At ScienceSoft, we offer our clients to start the project with a pilot migration. It helps evaluate the viability of the chosen migration approach and make the required tweaks if needed.

What apps are appropriate for pilot migration?

We recommend starting with non-critical or low-complexity apps without high availability requirements.

Is there a quick way to migrate interdependent apps?

To reduce time needed for migration, we usually migrate interdependent apps together. We create ‘migration groups’ based on the analysis of the applications’ business and technical requirements, including dependency details.

Cost Considerations for App Migration

The final cost of app migration can range significantly depending on the project specifics. Below are the key factors that may affect your application migration cost:

  • Scope of migration (one/several applications or app modules).
  • Complexity of applications and their dependencies.
  • Target app deployment option (public/private, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud).
  • The scope of application modernization activities needed.
  • Application availability requirements.
  • The volume of data to migrate.
  • The extent of migration automation and the cost of migration automation software licenses.

Need Expert Help to Calculate App Migration Cost?

ScienceSoft’s consultants and cloud architects will help you get a picture of your app migration costs.

Choose Your Application Migration Service Option

ScienceSoft’s experts can help you plan and implement an app migration project of any scope and complexity.

Application migration consulting

  • Analysis of business needs behind app migration.
  • Business case delivery.
  • Choosing optimal cloud and implementation method (public/private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid).
  • Selecting optimal cloud services.
  • Project planning, and more.
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End-to-end application migration

  • Designing the target app architecture.
  • App re-coding/re-architecting.
  • Migrating apps to the cloud in iterations.
  • Testing the migrated apps and the infrastructure.
  • Continuous maintenance and support of the migrated apps.
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Enterprise-wide cloud adoption

  • Assessment of the IT infrastructure and apps-to-migrate.
  • Creating and implementing a comprehensive strategy for migration of multiple apps and databases.
  • Maintaining and optimizing an enterprise-scale system of cloud solutions.
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Approximate Timelines for Application Migration

ScienceSoft moves apps in several iterations to keep the migration process transparent and avoid error propagation. We always respect deadlines and provide seasoned project managers to ensure compliance with the time requirements on each app migration stage. Here are the ballpark timelines for cloud application migration:

23 months

A standard iteration for migrating 1–2 workloads of medium complexity

37 months

To migrate an app with no complex reengineering or re-architecting

6+ months

To migrate an app requiring substantial modifications

Looking for Smooth App Migration?

ScienceSoft offers end-to-end application migration, ensuring gradual transition from one stable state to the next to move apps fast and with minimal disruption, fewer risks, and lower costs.