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Database Development Services

Since 2005, ScienceSoft creates custom database solutions that keep data clean, organized, secure, and easily accessible for authorized users from multiple devices.

Database development services - ScienceSoft
Database development services - ScienceSoft

Database development services imply building a database for data organization and a web & mobile app for data access.

What You Get

Custom database software - ScienceSoft

A database

That carefully shelves your data in a secure and reliable environment and can be optionally integrated with other data sources to avoid manual input.

A web application

That allows you to use this data in a fast and convenient way (with basic Create, Read, Update and Delete operations, as well as with rich search, filter, and reporting functionality).

A mobile application (optionally)

That allows you to access the database and leverage its features wherever you are, reflecting the demands of today’s on-the-go life.

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a flexible database with user interfaces for uploading and exporting data to access and manage our test data stored as time-based CVS files. The database solution created by ScienceSoft allows inputting all our raw and processed test data through the user interface, accessing data within the database, processing and presenting database data in user-defined formats.

Donat Gaudreau, Electrochemical Cell Design and Test Engineer, Unilia Fuel Cells, Inc.


Need Your Data Organized and Easy-to-Use?

We can help you plan, develop and implement fitting database software to have your data clean, easily searchable and accessible for authorized users from multiple devices.

Database Software We Deliver

We develop database software for a wide range of purposes. The examples include:

Customer database software

Deliver exceptional customer service through the quick and easy management of customer profiles, contacts and related documents.

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Marketing database software

Back up your marketing strategy with the deepest customer insights.

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Membership database software

Keep track of the members, manage fees and events, recruit and coordinate volunteers with ease.

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Inventory database software

Maintain the most accurate record of your inventory, make quick and informed inventory management decisions.

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Equipment database software

Track the performance of your equipment to reduce and minimize downtimes and stay proactive with timely scheduled maintenance operations.

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Real estate database software

Find the best match for any request with the handy management of property profiles and clients.

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Employee database software

Keep the most important info about your employees organized in one place, learn in no time how and when you can reach them, monitor time off and payments.

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Recruitment database software

Boost your onboarding process and find the perfect candidate for a needed position.

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Image database software

Store your digital image content in multiple file formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, DICOM), leverage the convenient organization and fast retrieval with image indexing (by keywords, dates, locations, etc.).

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Patient database software

Manage the medical data of your patients without concerns about its security and privacy due to full compliance with all domain-related regulations (HIPAA, HITECH, ACA, FDASIA, HL7, ANSI X12, etc.).

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Our Database Portfolio

Cloud-based Health Image Storage

Cloud-based Health Image Storage

ScienceSoft’s team developed a web application and an iOS app to offer an effective document extraction and management tool for 120+ healthcare organizations. The solution automatically gathers all the scanned documents from a local scanning device and stores them for further processing.

Product Information Management Software for a College Search Website

Product Information Management Software for a College Search Website

ScienceSoft implemented a cloud product information management solution to enable centralized storing of college data and facilitate its processing.

Cloud-based Health Information Exchange and Storage Solution

Cloud-based Health Information Exchange and Storage Solution

ScienceSoft developed a cloud HIE solution for secure storage, access and transmission of PHI within a healthcare facility and with third-party organizations, and the accompanying mobile app for patients.

Database Software Consulting and Development 

Database software consulting

Our consultants:

  • Define database functionality and tech stack.
  • Develop a business case.
  • Estimate solution ROI.
  • Design database architecture for high performance, security and scalability.
  • Deliver UX/UI mock-ups.
  • Provide a project management and implementation scenario, project cost & time estimates.
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Full-cycle database software development

Our team takes responsibility for:

  • Solution consulting and planning.
  • Database, web and mobile app development.
  • Integration with third-party systems.
  • User training.
  • After-launch support.
  • Continuous software management.
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What We're Guided By

We assure:

Fast development – using Microsoft Power Apps, low-code development software, to create robust database solutions quickly.

Full data consistency and safety – building solid foundations for clean and secure data storage already at the database level, which is the most reliable approach.

Swift response time – accurately optimizing your future database for your most frequent requests (whether they are writes or reads).

Sleek UX – keeping your database application intuitive and logical to ensure quick and easy user adoption and proved use effectiveness.

Spotless integration – seamlessly integrating your database software with other information sources.

Profound support – we ensure profound technical help to the end-users and the quickest response to any problem with your software.

What Our Customers Say

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Our Technology Stack

We choose only credible and trusted technologies to ensure the most professional storage of your data.

Let’s Take a Good Care of Your Data

ScienceSoft is a database development company that designs and implements solid database solutions to help you leverage data visibility, transparency and consistency. As the holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, we rely on mature quality management and guarantee the cooperation doesn't pose any risks to the customers' data security.