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Crisis Management Consulting

Digital Crisis Management - ScienceSoft

Crisis management consulting services include the elaboration and application of a tailored strategy to help companies maintain operability in response to a critical situation, like the COVID-19 pandemic, a natural disaster or any other force majeure.

A professional IT consultant with 35 years of experience, ScienceSoft offers businesses crisis management consulting services that help companies ensure business continuity and minimize risks and losses in a critical situation. These services cover analyzing your business processes and preparing a response by transforming your IT infrastructure to meet new conditions, creating a safe and powerful digital environment for remote working, and more.

Has a Crisis Disrupted Your Business Processes?

ScienceSoft’s crisis management team will analyze your internal processes and recommend you how to leverage technology to maintain business continuity during the crisis.

Leverage Technology to Handle Any Type of Crisis

We tailor our crisis management consulting services to your changing business needs depending on a type of crisis you’re in, for example:


  • Inability to work from the office
  • Disjointed employees
  • Lack of digital channels to customers
  • Lack of needed customer services like delivery

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Our response:

  • Remote work and cloud migration
  • Mobile technology for employee communication
  • BI for prompt information delivery to the management
  • Digital channels to customers like portals
  • Omnichannel customer service and delivery management


Natural disaster

  • Damaged or destroyed facilities and IT systems
  • Disrupted internal supply chains
  • Disjointed employees
  • Important business data is lost

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Our response:

  • Cloud migration
  • Digital channels to suppliers
  • Communication tools for employees
  • BI for fast information delivery to the management
  • Data recovery
  • Tools for fast employee onboarding and training


Financial crisis

  • Closed facilities and lines of business
  • Many workflows eliminated or reduced
  • Disorganized employees

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Our response:

  • BI for prompt information delivery to the management
  • Optimization and customization of workflows
  • Mobile technology for collaborative crisis management and cross-company communication



  • Stopped or reduced operating of facilities
  • Contracts need renegotiating
  • Lack of alternative products and services

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Our response:

  • BI for prompt information delivery to the management
  • Mobile technology for collaborative crisis management and communication
  • Tools for fast employee onboarding and training
  • Digital channels to suppliers


Success Story by ScienceSoft

Crisis Management Consulting for an IT company

Crisis Management Consulting for an IT company

  • Telework transition of the majority of the employees within 2 days
  • Document lifecycle automation
  • Full visibility into remote employees’ working activities

What Makes ScienceSoft Proficient In Crisis Management

  • 35 years of experience in software consulting and development.
  • Achieving project goals in spite of time and budget constraints, as well as changing requirements, is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set goals, we drive the project to fulfill them.
  • 130+ testimonials from our valued clients.
  • Microsoft partner since 2008, AWS Select Tier Partner, Oracle Partner and Premier ServiceNow Partner.
  • Hands-on experience of effective remote work:
    • Over 80% of our projects are implemented remotely or with minimal onsite presence.
    • 20+ ScienceSoft’s teams are working in remote environments of the customers.
  • ISO 9001:2015 compliance.
  • Rich expertise in BI solutions:
    • Since 1989 in data analytics and data science.
    • Since 2005 in BI consulting.
  • Since 2008 in ITSM.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Weigh ScienceSoft’s Sound Approach to Crisis Management Consulting

Our approach ensures a valid response to a critical situation and is based on 4 key principles:


We offer all-round crisis management consulting services from elaborating a crisis management plan to managed services.

Focus on digitization

We leverage digital transformation to help companies accelerate business operations and decision-making, streamline communication and collaboration and improve employee performance.

Customer centricity

We put customers’ interests first and help them not only survive a crisis but also grow further in the future. So, we do our best to achieve a cost-effective crisis response. We recommend using free collaboration tools where possible and leverage the out-of-the-box capabilities of software.


We define and monitor a clear set of target KPIs like a number of support requests and security issues, a level of employee satisfaction, and more for the accurate evaluation of outcomes of our services.

Choose Your Service Option


  • Assessment of the crisis impact on business processes.
  • Recommendations on how to manage or tune them.
  • Planning of cloud migration, workflow automation, integrations, and more.
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Consulting and response

  • Analysis of processes, planning of their adaption to new conditions.
  • Implementation of relevant solutions and user training.
  • Security assessment and IT support.
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Remote work enablement

  • Smooth and fast transition of your employees to telework.
  • Implementation of employee productivity monitoring.
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Time Is Our Top Priority

To diminish the crisis impact on your business, we provide our services within the shortest possible timeframes:

Service Time
Data recovery 1–5 days
Crisis management consulting and crisis response planning 2–5 days
Business intelligence and business analytics 1–14 days
CRM consulting and implementation 3–14 days
Change management 7–14 days
Remote work enablement and productivity consulting 7 days–1 month
Ecommerce 1–2 months
IT service management consulting and implementation 1–4 months
Cloud migration 1–5 months
Web portal development or upgrade 1–6 months

Opt for Crisis Management Consulting ASAP

Turn for crisis management consulting services right now to keep your business going and growing and get the benefits that will help increase your company’s productivity:

  • 95%

    of processes digitized

  • 98%

    recovery of business processes

  • 96%

    employee satisfaction

  • 100%

    infrastructure readiness to new working conditions

  • 100x

    faster reporting and analytics

  • 10x

    faster delivery management and supplier management

Stop Wasting Time and Grab These Benefits of Crisis Management!

Reach out to our consultants right NOW to make a powerful response to a crisis and maintain business continuity.