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Estimate the Cost of Your Development Project

With 35 years in software development, ScienceSoft ensures predictable project budget by providing accurate cost estimates at early cooperation stages. Use our free cost calculators to get a tailored estimate for your case.

IT Project Cost Calculator - ScienceSoft
IT Project Cost Calculator - ScienceSoft

Custom Software Development Cost Calculators

Click on the card to reach the cost calculator for your required solution type (30+ options to choose from):

Platform-Based Software Cost Calculators

Understand the cost of customizable software built on your preferred platform:

Software Service Cost Calculators

Software projects may span multiple activities beyond the actual development. Estimate the cost of one-time and continuous services we offer to drive the success of your endeavor:

Pricing Models We Rely On

ScienceSoft offers flexible pricing models tailored to the cooperation scope and the client’s budget limitations. Depending on the required services, we employ time and materials (T&M), time and materials (T&M) with a cap, fixed-price, subscription-based/per-ticket (for software support activities), or mixed model.

Explore our dedicated page to learn how we select an optimal pricing model for each particular development case.

Check Our Sample Estimates

Software development cost ranges

  • $30,000–$70,000 A cross-platform mobile app of moderate complexity.
  • $150,000–$250,000 A native mobile app for a regulated sector (e.g., m-banking, telehealth).
  • $30,000–$200,000 A standalone data science component (for forecasting, optimization, etc.).
  • $200,000–$600,000 A specialized business solution (e.g., accounting, inventory, operations management, BI) of average complexity.
  • $200,000–$300,000 A platform-based portal (e.g., ecommerce, insurance, healthcare) for the mid-market firm.
  • $600,000–$4,000,000 A large-scale process automation system powered with advanced techs (AI/ML, big data, IoT, blockchain, etc.).

Software maintenance and support prices

  • $14–$40 per ticket L1–L2 application support.
  • $3,000–$16,000+/month Software maintenance and L3 support.

Testing, security, and compliance costs

  • $5,000 One-time performance testing for a mobile app.
  • $5,000–$10,000 One-time penetration testing of a client-facing app.
  • $5,000–$20,000 Compliance pre-audit (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.).
  • $8,000–$16,000 Code review of back-office software.
  • $20,000/month Continuous managed testing for a company with 3–5 constantly evolving apps.

* The estimates provided are not ScienceSoft's official prices for software projects. We calculate the cost of each project individually based on the client's specific business situation and needs.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop Your Software Solution?

Please answer a few questions about your software development needs. This will help our team provide a tailored service offering and a cost estimate much quicker.


*What is your industry?

*What type of company do you represent?

*What is the expected number of software users?

Are you going to sell your software to:

*How many individuals will use your software, approximately?

*How many organizations are you planning to target, approximately?

*How many end users (individuals from all organizations) will use your software, approximately?

How many organizations are you planning to target, approximately?

*How many end users (both corporate and individual users) will use your software, approximately?

*What software type do you need to develop?

*What type of app do you want to develop?

*Choose the type of web portal you need:

*What user features should your portal support?

*What admin features should your portal support?

*What functional modules do you need with your financial software? Check all that apply.

*What operations do you need to support with your software?

*What capabilities should your software support?

*What medical specialties is your EHR intended for?

*What kind of healthcare software do you want to develop?


In case there are multiple applicable options, please select the main solution type that best aligns with the primary aim of your software.

*What types of products are you planning to sell?

*How many SKUs are you planning to sell?

*Along with core ecommerce functions (e.g., catalog, customer and order management), what capabilities should your ecommerce solution support?

*What capabilities should your OMS provide?

*What capabilities should your payment software provide?

*What document management capabilities should your software provide?

*What capabilities should your CMS provide?

*What capabilities should your intranet provide?

*What functional modules do you need in your HR software?

*What LMS capabilities do you need?

*What is your target software type?

*What content types should your LMS support?

*What functional SCM modules do you need? Check all that apply.

*What capabilities should your inventory software provide? Check all that apply.

*What capabilities should your asset management solution provide?

*What capabilities should your fleet management solution provide?

*What kind of analytics do you need to cover?

Please specify the data sources for your data analytics solution.

*Should your solution offer complex analytics?

*Which software version do you need?

*Which app type do you need?

*Would you require any integrations?

Do you need to migrate data from legacy software?

*Are there any compliance standards for your planned app? Check all that apply.

*Do you have tech stack preferences?

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Our team is on it!

ScienceSoft's experts will study your case and get back to you with the details within 24 hours.

Our team is on it!

Understand the ROI for Your Software Initiative

ScienceSoft’s consultants are ready to provide a free return on investment (ROI) estimate for your solution and advise on the most feasible development approach for your case to help you confidently plan the project.

Use our dedicated calculator to quickly measure an ROI and get an idea of your potential financial gains.

Why Businesses Choose ScienceSoft

  • Since 1989 in software development and IT services.
  • Around 4,000 success stories; more than 1,300 happy clients.
  • 550+ seasoned software engineers, 50% of whom are seniors or leads with 9–20 years of experience.
  • 60+ certified project managers and Scrum masters having experience with development initiatives of various complexity, including large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Practical knowledge of 30+ industries, including BFSI, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.
  • Quality-first approach based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
  • Robust security management supported by an ISO 27001 certification.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and other technology leaders.

What Our Customers Say about ScienceSoft’s Pricing Approach and Service Quality

We particularly appreciate ScienceSoft’s flexible, client-oriented approach to cooperation and pricing, which helped us get the required scope of quality services on time and on budget.

The leadership provided by ScienceSoft was outstanding. They met the delivery dates on time and on budget, including the highly specialized projects for our most demanding customers.

Albatross IT Consultants AS

We have experienced great cooperation from management in both departments, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and the company's commitment to time, price, and quality.