User Experience (UX) Design Services

ScienceSoft’s comprehensive approach to UX design ensures superior user satisfaction, resulting in maximized use of features and higher dwell time of all types of web and mobile software.

User Experience (UX) Design Services - ScienceSoft
User Experience (UX) Design Services - ScienceSoft

User experience design services focus on building smooth interaction flows between users and software. Whether you need UX from scratch or have flawed UX that you need to fix, ScienceSoft works out an individually tailored UX design strategy that guarantees solid results.

What UX Services Include


User Research and Analysis


Persona and Scenario Creation


User Journey Mapping


Wireframing and Prototyping



Why ScienceSoft

  • 34 years in IT.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.
  • Dedicated UX team on board.
  • Hands-on expertise in UX research and usability testing.
  • Well-established agile processes.

Why UX Design Matters

  • 79%

    users will switch to a competitor if they aren’t satisfied with current UX

  • 400%+

    conversion improvement on sites and apps with high-quality UX

  • $100

    returned on each $1 invested in user experience

Sources: Google, Forrester

What You Get with Our UX Design

Result-Driven Approach

We always start with a UX research (in case of software in development) or UX audit (in case of a developed software) to learn what benefits user experience design or redesign can offer to you. We also suggest iterative UX optimization that allows introducing UX improvements and analyzing their effect on the go.

Maximum User Flow Coverage

While creating personas, we make sure they reflect all behavior patterns that are typical for your audience. That’s why our user scenarios – with the personas at their core – cover 90%-95% of all possible interaction situations. To make up for the remaining ~10%, we conduct additional research during the user journey mapping stage.

UX and UI Design Service Bundle

Although UI design and UX design are different processes with different deliverables, they are closely interconnected and share the objective of facilitating users’ interaction with software. By opting in for our UX and UI design services as a bundle, you get faster delivery due to already established collaboration.

Success Story

ScienceSoft increased conversions of a US telecom company’s website by 6 times after optimizing its user experience.

Our UX Design Service Options

We offer UX design as a one-off service or as continuous UX support, in which we iteratively improve your user experience throughout the time of our collaboration.

Ecommerce UX design

Online store experience that will greatly increase your average customer lifetime value.


Web and/or mobile app UX design

Stellar UX of your app across all devices to increase the number of visitors and their session time.


SaaS UX design

SaaS user experience that ensures fast onboarding and high subscription renewal rate.


Our Selected UX Design Projects

Why You Should Invest in UX Design Now

Today, 73% of companies state that user experience is paramount for their success and report their intention to invest in UX design. Choosing to be among the 27% companies, who disregard the importance of UX design now, means deliberately falling behind the competition. Don’t let your choice bring irreversible consequences to your business.

Don’t Lag Behind in the User Experience Race!

Rely on ScienceSoft’s UX design team to get up to 6 times more conversions and win the loyalty of your users.

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