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Secure and Convenient DeFi Portal Launched in 4 Months

Secure and Convenient DeFi Portal Launched in 4 Months

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ScienceSoft designed and developed a customer portal for Secure-DeFi, a fintech startup focused on creating innovative cryptocurrency products. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s expertise, the Customer received a convenient and stylish web portal in less than 4 months.

About Secure-DeFi

Secure-DeFi is an EU-based fintech startup aiming to provide reliable and secure cryptocurrency solutions for crypto investors. The company’s mission is to reduce the level of fraud in the DeFi space and support the victims of fraudulent activities.

Secure-DeFi wanted to launch a customer portal to streamline access to its crypto products and enable convenient and transparent communication with clients. As of April 2022, the company was about to release its new solutions (an all-in-one DeFi platform and a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet) and expected the portal to facilitate product promotion. Secure-DeFi was searching for an IT vendor proficient in web portal development and experienced in the DeFi domain to outsource end-to-end implementation of its customer portal project.

End-to-End Development of a Customer Portal

Secure-DeFi previously hired ScienceSoft’s experts as consultants on multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet development. Secure-DeFi appreciated ScienceSoft’s expertise and decided to entrust the design and launch of its customer portal to the company.

Customer portal design and planning

ScienceSoft’s team started with a thorough exploration of Secure-DeFi’s needs and expectations, as well as the analysis of the company’s target audience. As a result of the discovery phase, Secure-DeFi got a detailed list of functional and non-functional requirements for the portal. The elicited requirements laid the basis for elaborating the portal design, compiling the tech specification, and project planning. In particular, Secure-DeFi received:

  • A feature map for the customer portal (end-user and admin features).
  • Architecture design of the portal and its integration points with the required systems (a DeFi platform, a multi-chain wallet, a crypto security audit solution, etc.).
  • The portal’s UX and UI design.
  • An optimal toolkit for the portal development and launch.
  • An implementation roadmap with cost, time, and team composition estimates.

Customer portal development and launch

ScienceSoft assigned a dedicated team comprising a project manager, UX/UI designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and QA engineers to cover the entire portal development project for Secure-DeFi.

ScienceSoft’s team employed React with Next.js as a framework to streamline the development and introduce a fast-performing, easily upgradeable portal. The team implemented responsive web design to ensure seamless adaptation of the portal’s content to various screen sizes across desktop and mobile devices. Along with the portal’s convenient UX and intuitive UI, it would help Secure-DeFi guarantee smooth customer journeys and drive high user adoption. To ensure timely delivery of a top-quality portal, ScienceSoft’s team ran quality assurance in parallel with development.

The delivered portal provides robust functionality for various user roles:

  • Convenient self-registration forms and profile management for Secure-DeFi’s customers.
  • Built-in self-learning platform for crypto investors.
  • Content management and account management capabilities for the portal admins.

Also, the portal supports multiple languages. This way, Secure-DeFi is able to reach the audience from various regions and increase customer satisfaction.

ScienceSoft’s team relied on Strapi headless CMS to build a scalable content database and an easy-to-use admin panel. For Secure-DeFi, it means introducing more educational courses while ensuring hassle-free content uploading and updating.

As security is a top priority for Secure-DeFi, ScienceSoft established multi-factor user authentication, data encryption, role-based access control, and other cybersecurity mechanisms to protect the portal.

In less than 4 months, ScienceSoft’s team deployed the portal in the production environment. Upon the release of its crypto wallet and a DeFi platform, Secure-DeFi is planning to involve ScienceSoft to fine-tune the prepared integrations between the three systems.

Jeff Cafolla, CMO and Co-Founder at Secure-DeFi, says:

As we’ve already had a positive experience with ScienceSoft, we were confident in their in-depth DeFi expertise and tech skills. So, we contracted them again for end-to-end development of our client portal. We had no doubts that ScienceSoft’s team would clearly understand our needs and the needs of our target audience and would be able to create an effective solution.

The portal they delivered fully meets our expectations in terms of functionality and design. Now we have a secure web platform to ensure seamless customer access to our crypto products and promote our latest DeFi offerings. Plus, ScienceSoft managed to launch the portal quickly, which was essential to support the release of our new products. We would recommend hiring ScienceSoft to anyone looking for a highly productive and creative team with vast practical knowledge of crypto and blockchain.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • A fully functional customer portal, launched within 4 months due to ScienceSoft’s established Agile practices.
  • An opportunity to streamline portal adoption and drive a high user retention rate due to the portal’s convenient UX and visually appealing UI.
  • Easy scalability to support a large amount of content and the growing volume of user interactions.

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Technologies and Tools

React.js, TypeScript, Next.js, Strapi.

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