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For the past 12 years, ScienceSoft has been providing mobile development services to Healthcare, Banking, Telecommunication, Retail and other industries. 75 out of our 450 specialists are mobile development experts who have delivered over 300 successful projects. ScienceSoft’s experience in creating mobile enterprise applications includes development of workforce management and appointment systems, trade marketing solution for a marketing agency operating in 60 countries and a field audit application that powers the businesses of Burger King, KFC and Friday’s.

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The market of enterprise mobile applications is said to double and account for $61 billion in 2018, as more and more companies notice the practical benefit of using mobile applications for organizing and managing workflows. But finding a competent vendor that would quickly develop a powerful enterprise mobile application is still a great challenge.

ScienceSoft presents its 12-year expertise in creating intelligent mobile software and offers project implementation, integration and maintenance of mobile enterprise applications. We know exactly how this type of applications differs from consumer apps and, with that knowledge, are able to find the right technical approach. Our talented experts in mobile enterprise application development rapidly deliver secure and high-performing solutions that satisfy the needs of your company’s staff at all levels – from frontline workers to the higher-ups.  


We provide development of simple and intricate enterprise mobile applications for small- and large-scale companies. Owing to the team of experienced business analysts, who are able to determine your needs through careful examination, ScienceSoft is open to not only comprehensive but also high-level requirements from its customers. If you are unsure about the details of your project, you can always count on our BA’s to create an elaborate specification.


ScienceSoft takes pride in creating both complex and unsophisticated mobile enterprise apps and is responsible for all stages and parts of the development process, such as:

UI design

Mobile application development   

Back-end implementation

Data security



Ensuring communication between the mobile software and your corporate system, our specialists merge the app with any business solution you may have, including ERP, CRM, BI and ECM. Along with deployment, we will provide professional maintenance and regularly update the application, basing improvements on the feedback from users.


Having ample experience in both native and cross-platform development, we will help you determine the development method that fits you the most. However, if your company sticks to the BYOD policy, you may already know that cross-platform mobile solutions will be of a better use to you.  

ScienceSoft presents skilled Cordova and Xamarin development teams. With Xamarin, you can be confident that your enterprise application will support even the heaviest processes while offering a near-native UI. Cordova, being officially supported by SAP and open-source community, grants your application a long and distinct future of utilization.


We believe that cooperation needs a solid basis of mutual respect and are ready to gain yours by starting off with free consulting and proof-of-concept. Upon recognizing ScienceSoft’s professional competences, you can take advantage of all the mobile development services we provide. With our help, you will improve the workflows and take even more control over your business. 

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