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Offering a comprehensive set of ecommerce services from business consulting and website design and development to digital marketing automation, we secure a possibility to enter the collaboration at any stage of a business life cycle.

Choosing ScienceSoft as your ecommerce service provider, you choose 17 years of industry expertise and a team of ecommerce devotees. The combination of experience and fresh ideas allows us to collaborate with our customers most effectively – guide them towards a winning business strategy, implement solutions of uncompromised quality and lead their businesses to new heights.

We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.
We design. You sell.

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Our strengths


Our approach

We are competent in what we do and will provide our expert take on any project-related questions or walk you through technicalities. And yet, we are a good team player and never force our vision or see it as the only one that counts. The ability to listen to your opinion, expectations, and concerns ensures healthy collaboration and allows us to keep an open mind on the solution design. The latter turns out effective when both your insights about your business and our industry insights join hands.


Our expertise

The ecommerce experience is all the more valuable when it comes from the diversity of implemented projects. We understand how different product lines call for different approaches. We focus on style and smart personalized recommendations in the fashion industry but shift it to the convenience of navigation across large product catalogs, user-friendly ordering process, and automated order management in the food realm.

Ecommerce solutions we implement - ScienceSoft


Our team

Business analysts and project managers take a strategic look at your business to set short- and long-term goals, outline your roadmap and prototype your ecommerce solution. The technical implementation is the area of responsibility of ecommerce developers, solution architects, UX and UI designers, quality assurance engineers and other technical professionals. Resource planning depends on the project scope and nature.

Technologies We Use

Magento solution business partner - ScienceSoft

Among ecommerce platforms, we focus on Magento as it allows us to meet customers’ requirements to the utmost by building custom functionality. Still, we are open to working with other platforms depending on your preferences and needs or the platform you currently use.

For a full-fledged IT ecosystem, we turn to powerful software systems proved to be rewarding for ecommerce businesses. Thus, we bring customer management, resource planning, order processing, and other vital aspects to a whole new level.

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