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Feasibility Analysis for Outsourced Software Development

Feasibility Analysis for Outsourced Software Development

An outsourcing feasibility analysis is a data-driven comparison of your current in-house software development processes with the possibility of outsourced software development. Powered by 34-year expertise in IT, ScienceSoft can conduct a feasibility analysis to help you understand whether outsourcing is strategically and economically gainful for your company.

Is Outsourcing a Gain or a Loss for Your Software Project?

With a feasibility analysis from ScienceSoft, you get an unbiased assessment of your development performance and expert recommendations if and how outsourcing services can improve it.

Our Experience

  • Since 1989 in software development.
  • Over 3,600 successful projects.
  • Recognitions from BBB (rating: A+), Forrester, and Clutch.co.
  • 62% of our revenue from the customers we serve for more than 2 years, including eBay, IBM, Baxter, NASA JPL, Nielsen, and more.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Why Go for a Feasibility Analysis with ScienceSoft

Our Approach to Work

SECURE: We sign NDA to guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

UNBIASED: The resulting feasibility report has all the research data attached and bases on a transparent rationale.

HASSLE-FREE: We minimize interference in your processes and administration efforts on your side.


With the feasibility report, you can:

  • See stumbling blocks in your current development processes.
  • Compare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of in-house vs. outsourced development for your particular case.
  • Understand what exactly to outsource: development, testing, business analysis, or a mix of these processes.
  • Select the most fitting outsourcing model: full outsourcing, dedicated teams or staff augmentation.
  • Get a foundation for RFP.


  • 4–8 weeks – for IT product companies.
  • 8–16 weeks – for non-IT enterprises. 2–4 weeks in case of ready documentation: software specifications and high-level architectural documents.

Choose the Preferred Scope of the Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis for the whole project pipeline

With an outsourcing feasibility analysis for the whole project pipeline, you can maximize the efficiency of the development process for all ongoing and planned software development projects at your company.

I want an analysis for the whole pipeline

Feasibility analysis on the example of selected projects

Uncover how to optimize resources of a targeted area of your development pipeline with an outsourcing feasibility analysis of 1–3 chosen projects.

I want an analysis on the basis of selected projects

Collaboration with a Customer during a Feasibility Analysis

Sample Collaboration Model

Explore how we ensure efficient cooperation with a customer:

Check it!

Collaboration with a Customer during a feasibility analysis - ScienceSoft


Make Informed Decisions about Outsourcing

Don’t rely on general pros and cons of outsourced development – find out how they correlate with your project or project pipeline in particular. Our data-rich feasibility report gives you a transparent rationale for whether outsourcing is what you need and, if yes, what type of outsourcing engagement can cover efficiency gaps in your development process and bring maximum ROI.

Spend Time and Money on Outsourcing Initiatives That Are Worth It

Request an outsourcing feasibility analysis to back up your decision on outsourcing software development.