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PCI Compliance Services

All-Around Help to Meet PCI DSS Requirements

ScienceSoft brings expertise in IT consulting and cybersecurity to enable companies accepting payment cards or directly involved in storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. We help software product companies meet the requirements of the PCI Software Security Framework to deliver PCI-DSS-compliant payment solutions.

PCI Compliance Services - ScienceSoft
PCI Compliance Services - ScienceSoft

PCI compliance services include evaluating, enhancing, designing and implementing security policies, procedures, and controls for cardholder data to achieve compliance with PCI DSS, as well as managed security services to help maintain PCI DSS compliance. The services also cover designing and developing PCI-compliant software according to the PCI Secure Software Standard and the PCI Secure Software Lifecycle Standard.

The Scope of PCI Compliance Services by ScienceSoft

For enterprises operating with cardholder data:

PCI risk management

  • Identifying the components of the IT environment and employees involved in operations with cardholder data to define the compliance scope.
  • Detecting potential threats to cardholder data and analyzing their impact.
  • Developing risk mitigation and incident response plans.

Review and improvement of security policies and procedures

  • Analyzing existing PCI-related security policies and procedures, e.g., on cardholder data storage and retention.
  • Policy gap analysis.
  • Recommendations on how to improve the policies and procedures to fully meet PCI DSS requirements.

Promotion of PCI security awareness among employees

  • Evaluating employees’ knowledge of PCI DSS and their security awareness.
  • Recommendations on enhancing the PCI training process.

Security assessment of IT infrastructure and software

  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Software architecture review.
  • Software source code review.

Implementation of security measures required by PCI DSS

  • Ensuring strong network access controls.
  • Designing a secure network architecture.
  • Installing and configuring firewalls, anti-malware, IDS/IPS.
  • Encryption of cardholder data in-transit and at-rest.
  • Implementing a PCI DSS-compliant data storage environment (e.g., based on one of the PCI DSS-compliant clouds like AWS).

PCI DSS compliance maintenance

  • Taking charge of identity and access management.
  • Analyzing the results of user activity monitoring and logging.
  • Handling security incidents.
  • Regular security testing.
  • Continuous vulnerability management.
  • Updating firewalls, anti-viruses and other software.

For payment software vendors

Establishing a secure software development environment

  • Developing or improving security policies and procedures to meet PCI Secure Software Lifecycle Standard.
  • Securing the development infrastructure: multi-factor authentication, network segmentation, zero-trust access to code repositories, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring and regular security assessments of the development infrastructure.

Designing a secure software architecture

  • Employing application partitioning and container-based approach to restrict access to the critical components of an app and have better control of them.
  • Using secure connectors, etc.

Designing software security features

  • User authentication, verification and authorization.
  • Data backup.
  • Cryptography, etc.

Detecting and fixing software security vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC

  • Software architecture reviews.
  • Dynamic/static code analysis.
  • Pentesting throughout the SDLC.
  • Compliance testing before the software launch.

Sample Deliverables of PCI Compliance Services

As a result of our PCI compliance consulting or practical help, we provide our customers with documents that give a clear idea of the service process and its outcomes. They may include:

PCI DSS compliance assessment and improvement recommendations

  • Compliance scope report with inventory of software and network components that must be compliant with PCI DSS and recommendations on scope reduction.
  • Cardholder data risk assessment report with the list of potential security threats classified by their criticality.
  • Security risk mitigation plan.
  • Report on security policies and procedures in place with improvement recommendations.
  • Network configurations diagrams with improvement recommendations.
  • Pentesting and vulnerability assessment reports with prioritization of vulnerabilities endangering cardholder data and corrective measures for each of them.
  • Development infrastructure review report.
  • PCI DSS compliance pre-audit report.
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Implementation of security measures according to PCI DSS

  • Secure software architecture diagrams.
  • A list of software features to ensure cardholder data security.
  • Code documentation.
  • PCI DSS-compliant network diagrams.
  • Roadmap to migration to a PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure (e.g., AWS-based).
  • The description of infrastructure configurations.
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Continuous maintenance of PCI DSS compliance

  • SOPs aimed at maintaining PCI DSS compliance.
  • Log reports on user access, login failures, data exportation, malware detection, and other events.
  • Reports on the detected issues that may lead to cardholder data breaches.
  • Security issue resolution reports.
  • Regular vulnerability assessments reports.
  • Regular reports on penetration testing.
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ScienceSoft as a PCI Compliance Services Provider

  • Since 2003 in cybersecurity, a solid portfolio of successfully completed projects.
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner, 12 years of experience with Azure.
  • AWS Select Tier Services Partner, 11 years of experience with AWS.
  • ISO 9001-certified mature quality management to guarantee smooth cooperation and value-driving results.
  • 100% security of our customers' data ensured by ISO 27001-certified security management system.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Our Customers Say

We were looking for a reliable technological partner to implement and support QRadar, an IBM SIEM solution. Our major vendor selection criteria included solid experience in QRadar deployment, customization, and configuration for banking and financial companies, an ISO 9001 certified corporate quality management system, Silver/Gold IBM Business Partner status, and IBM Certified Associates onboard. ScienceSoft fully complied with all the criteria, so we commissioned the company to carry out QRadar implementation and support.

The implementation project was delivered on time and budget, and ScienceSoft’s expert performed on-site training sessions for our QRadar operators and administrators upon its completion. After the system was successfully launched, we cooperated with ScienceSoft on technical support and continuous evolution of our QRadar solution. ScienceSoft’s team provided SIEM support services during our working hours, introduced complex configurations, and developed custom features for our solution.

Gulnara Dashdamirova, Director of Security Department, Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

How You Can Make PCI Compliance Easier with ScienceSoft

Achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance is a complex process. This is how cooperation with ScienceSoft can facilitate it:

We accurately define the scope of PCI DSS compliance and advise on the ways to reduce it to avoid excessive costs and efforts of achieving and maintaining compliance with PCI DSS.

Our mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate enables us to plan and deliver PCI DSS compliance services fully meeting our customers' quality, time, and budget expectations.

If you go for a long-term cooperation with ScienceSoft, you get subsequent projects completed in less time at a lower price.

Tools We Apply to Assess and Ensure PCI DSS Compliance

PCI Compliance Services: Success Stories

Magento Support, Upgrade, and PCI Compliance Evaluation for an Enterprise Safety Provider

Magento Support, Upgrade, and PCI Compliance Evaluation for an Enterprise Safety Provider

ScienceSoft upgraded a Magento website and helped achieve its PCI DSS compliance. We fixed the security issues detected during a previous PCI DSS audit and performed a new compliance assessment to be sure that all PCI DSS requirements are met.

Network Vulnerability Assessment for PCI DSS audit for a US Mobile Services Provider

Network Vulnerability Assessment for PCI DSS audit for a US Mobile Services Provider

ScienceSoft revealed over 300 security issues in the Customer’s internal IT infrastructure, including critical ones that could endanger cardholder data. After fixing these vulnerabilities, the Customer successfully passed PCI DSS validation.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation to Help an Azerbaijani Bank Ensure PCI Compliance

IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation to Help an Azerbaijani Bank Ensure PCI Compliance

ScienceSoft provided the bank with a custom SIEM solution for 24/7 real-time APT protection and insider threat detection that enabled the Customer to meet the requirements of PCI DSS.

Security Testing to Evaluate PCI Compliance of an Ecommerce Solution for a US Multi-Industry Corporation

Security Testing to Evaluate PCI Compliance of an Ecommerce Solution for a US Multi-Industry Corporation

ScienceSoft provided all-encompassing security testing to ensure that personal data of online shoppers was sufficiently protected and payment-transaction processes complied with PCI DSS requirements.

Customization of SIEM for a European Bank to Meet PCI Requirements

Customization of SIEM for a European Bank to Meet PCI Requirements

To protect the bank ATM, ScienceSoft developed custom correlation rules for the bank’s IBM® Security QRadar® SIEM deployment. Rule implementation targeted at APT protection added another layer to the overall security of the ATM network and ensured the bank’s PCI DSS compliance.

Choose Your Service Option

PCI DSS compliance assessment

ScienceSoft can perform a comprehensive PCI DSS compliance pre-audit or any of its constituent activities: policies and procedures review, security testing of software and the IT infrastructure, etc.

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PCI DSS compliance strategy design and implementation

We define, develop and implement security policies, procedures and controls for merchants to ensure cardholder data protection required by PCI DSS. We help software vendors plan and execute secure software development according to the PCI Software Security Framework.

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PCI DSS compliance maintenance

As a managed security services provider, ScienceSoft offers one-time or continuous help with compliance maintenance to keep your IT environment resilient to cyber threats compromising cardh older data security.

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Ensure Your PCI Compliance!

PCI DSS compliance is mandatory for the companies that accept payment cards, or are directly involved in storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data. Staying PCI-compliant, they can:

Guard off cyber threats compromising payment security.

Secure their merchant account. Repeated PCI DSS violations may result in losing your merchant account and the right to get a new one for several years.

Avoid hefty fines. Firms violating PCI DSS requirements may face fines of $5,000–$100,000.

Compliance of a software vendor with PCI Software Security Framework means:

Confirmed maturity of the software development processes.

Reliable protection of the sensitive data the software collects, stores, processes, and transmits.

Increased customer appeal of compliant software.

Get All You Need to Become and Stay PCI-Compliant

Let us take charge of your PCI DSS compliance needs! Whether you need to develop, evaluate or enhance your cardholder data security measures as required by PCI DSS, or create PCI-compliant software, ScienceSoft’s experts are up to the task.