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Software Development for Enterprises

Our enterprise clients value ScienceSoft because we put their needs first, offer practical software design advice, and give honest feedback on feasibility. They know that their projects will be managed efficiently, issues resolved seamlessly, and communication will remain transparent throughout the process.

Software Development for Enterprises - ScienceSoft
Software Development for Enterprises - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft as an Enterprise Software Development Partner

IT specialists
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IT specialists

A close-knit team of professionals: solution architects, developers, IT consultants, QA engineers, security and DevOps engineers, AI and blockchain experts, AWS and Azure professionals.

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Certified project and program managers with experience in projects of various complexity, including for Fortune 500 companies.

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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to guarantee the quality of the services provided and the security of the customers' data.

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ScienceSoft is US-headquartered and has offices in the US, UAE, KSA, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Finland.

  • 35 years

    years in software development

  • 4,000 projects

    projects we drove to success

  • Over 60%

    of our revenue is coming from partnerships with clients who have been with ScienceSoft for 2+ years

What makes ScienceSoft different

ScienceSoft – Driving Success for Our Clients, No Matter What

Achieving project goals despite time, budget, technology constraints, and changing requirements is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set the goals; we drive the project to achieve them. Unlike many IT firms that practice passive project administration, we engage in proactive, results-oriented project management, ensuring the success of our clients' initiatives no matter what.

Find out how we drive success

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

How We Ensure Successful Project Delivery

ScienceSoft's certified project managers (PSM, PMP, PMI-ACP) actively seek optimal solutions, readily adapt to changing conditions, anticipate risks, and maintain transparent communication with all stakeholders.

You are welcome to take a closer look at our tried-and-tested project management and development approaches, best practices, and work samples from our recent projects. You'll also find an overview of the dirty market practices and traps to avoid.

Check our collaboration model, crafted to support self-managed development, address the needs of your various business stakeholders, and extract the necessary knowledge from your tech teams.

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Integrations with legacy applications

Before integrating new software with legacy systems, we carefully assess their interdependencies and technical debt. We can refactor or rearchitect critical areas to minimize business disruptions, reduce integration costs, and enable future scalability.

Non-disruptive reverse engineering of legacy applications

When modifying old software without the original developers or documentation, we ensure the system remains functional by analyzing business processes, identifying undocumented features, and examining code. We thoroughly document our findings, including architecture diagrams, data flows, and component interactions.

Learn how we manage any alterations to project scope, what changes get approved/disapproved, and how we ensure relevant stakeholders are well-informed about changes without excessive bureaucracy.

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Learn how we anticipate, monitor, and mitigate risks –operational, technological, business, and external – throughout every phase of SDLC, ensuring that your project remains on track and resilient in the face of challenges.

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Explore the essential documents we provide at various development stages to help you reduce maintenance costs, streamline enhancements and integrations, and simplify project handovers. Check documentation samples demonstrating our commitment to transparency, clarity, and precision.

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Our Projects for Enterprises – Examples of Success Delivered

How Our Clients Perceive Our Collaboration

They feel at ease knowing the project is on the right track; small problems are solved without their involvement.

ScienceSoft’s developers proactively resolved the challenges that surfaced during the project. For example, since the source code of the original portal appeared to be unavailable, they promptly developed the new portal from the ground on. They offered a simple yet well-functioning way to integrate our financial portal with the data management and accounting systems, which allowed us not to get stuck with overcomplicated data synchronization.

They are the team who won`t need your careful control – you just outline the task, and the deliver on it with stable quality and speed.

What we appreciate is their ability to work independently, with no need for your careful guidance.

ScienceSoft are true engineers who think long-term and propose strategic decisions instead of micro-fixes, and, what is equally important, they carry them out as planned. I know I can count on them to get the job done and keep everything in order.


Their new requirements and priorities are heard, respected, and addressed quickly and efficiently.

In the course of the project, we decided to enrich software functionality and enable the system to track more than one flying target, support multiple tracking cameras and instantly report on the shooting results to the app installed on a shooter`s tablet or phone. ScienceSoft`s team promptly reacted and developed new software functionality fully adhering to our requirements. Now it is suitable for different types of shooting games and can be employed in major international competitions.

ScienceSoft expertly met these requirements and their delivery on countless details and change requests were lightning-fast and their communication excellent.

Ascendas Business Solutions

ScienceSoft were very patient with me when I would change my mind about requirements. They also asked the right questions and look for ways to improve on an idea.

ScienceSoft’s team members proved to be extremely flexible and responsive. They stayed in daily contact with us, which allowed us to adjust the scope of works promptly and implement new requirements on the fly. Additionally, the team delivered demos every other week so that we could be sure that the invoicing system aligned with our business needs.

The team's flexibility is beyond praise, as any time we brought up new ideas, they quickly adapted to our changing requirements.


They get fast and detailed answers to any questions or requests.

They provided detailed and informative responses to all our questions, which helped speed up decision making. We really appreciate the team’s responsiveness and patience with our questions and concerns.

Star Star Star Star Star

Thank you for your readiness to answer any question we had along the way and for the communication that was always a breeze.

Star Star Star Star Star

We enjoyed our cooperation with ScienceSoft as the coordinated the efforts and managed their team very professionally. We appreciate the transparency of the project activities, which the team ensured by regular and thorough reporting, and effective communication with the stakeholders. We always stayed tuned on the progress and could anticipate and mitigate potential risks.

The outsourcing process with ScienceSoft was well-established and convenient due to complete process visibility, professional and structured communication, and regular progress reports. We were very pleased with selecting ScienceSoft as our vendor.


They are aware of the real impact of their decisions and aren’t left in the dark about potential risks.

Star Star Star Star Star

The team talked openly about the challenges and provided realistic time estimates.

ScienceSoft has also been direct with feedback to us, which is a quality we value in a partner.


They don’t have to spend much time familiarizing ScienceSoft with their enterprise processes and stakeholders.

In addition to the solid technical expertise shown by ScienceSoft, its developers demonstrated a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations. I am particularly impressed by the cooperative nature of ScienceSoft’s team. Our project required coordination with multiple companies and individuals. ScienceSoft worked well with everyone.


They feel like our cooperation is a true partnership, not just a transaction.

The team is very professional, well-organized, and is always on top of the finer details. We're impressed by their passion for solving problems and implementing improvements. This is exactly what a long-term, harmonious partnership should look like.

I can see that they really think through the lens of their client, which is priceless in this domain. They've found answers to many undefined challenges and suggested dozens of impactful improvements for our IT environment.

Find Out More About Why Enterprises Rely on Us

You are welcome to examine detailed descriptions of our project management practices and processes to gain a complete understanding of our project delivery approach.

Our Sample Cooperation Model

Key features of our collaboration models include:

  • Inclusive engagement of all relevant stakeholders — from CIO to end users.
  • Respect for the participants' roles and time constraints.
  • Well-structured agendas, time-boxed meetings, role-specific dashboards, and asynchronous communication to enhance productivity and reduce interruptions.

Sample Cooperation Model - ScienceSoft

Our Solutions to Common “What Ifs”

Here’s the summary of our answers to some tricky questions enterprises may have when assessing potential development partners.

What if you and I have different opinions about the development process or architectural decisions?

Our primary goal is to incorporate feedback from all stakeholders to make decisions that best serve the project's interests and align with your company's strategic objectives.

In situations where our opinions differ, we have a few practical strategies to bridge the gap. First, we can bring in a third-party expert to provide an objective opinion on the proposed approaches. Additionally, we can develop a low-effort prototype or proof of concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

If these steps don't fully resolve our differences, we're more than willing to explore hybrid solutions that incorporate elements from both perspectives.

We also understand that the development process and architecture decisions may evolve over time, and we maintain a flexible approach, ready to adjust our strategies based on changing requirements or new insights.

What would be your reaction if I changed project priorities?

We understand that changes in priorities are not just inevitable but also a natural part of any large project. We are fully prepared to handle these shifts with agility and precision.

When priorities change, our first step is to swiftly assess their impact on the current project scope, timelines, and resources. We then engage with key stakeholders to discuss these changes and realign our plans accordingly. This may involve revisiting the project’s goals, deliverables, and milestones to ensure everything is in line with your new priorities.

If necessary, we reallocate resources to accommodate these changes. Throughout this process, we continuously monitor potential risks, such as time and budget extensions or impact on stakeholders.

However, it's important to note that changes to priorities within an ongoing sprint can have significant consequences. We recommend maintaining the current sprint’s priorities to avoid disruptions. Once the sprint is completed, we can integrate the new priorities into the subsequent planning phases.

What if there are delays and difficulties in communication with our business stakeholders?

We fully understand that business stakeholders often have demanding schedules. Typically, initial stages like discovery require us to engage in more frequent and detailed communication with your business stakeholders. Further, the communication frequency may slightly decrease. The collaboration will become more structured and periodic.

Before any meeting, we provide detailed agendas so that your stakeholders can come prepared with the necessary information and feedback. This makes our interactions more productive and efficient. Additionally, we use visual aids and prototypes to clearly illustrate impacts and benefits, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed and engaged in the decision-making process.

At the end of each meeting, we clearly define our action items and deadlines so everyone knows what is expected and by when. To further ensure continuity, we identify backup contacts within your organization who can step in if primary stakeholders are unavailable.

Lastly, we establish clear escalation paths to quickly address any critical delays or non-responsiveness by escalating to the appropriate level within both our organization and yours. This ensures that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved.

What will you do if you know you will not be able to meet the deadline or the budget is likely to be exceeded?

We strive to identify any risks, including delays and budget overruns, early in the process through continuous monitoring and regular status checks. As soon as we realize there's a risk, we communicate it to the customer immediately, ensuring full transparency. We conduct a root cause analysis to understand the reasons behind the risk and address any underlying issues.

If feasible, we reallocate resources to get back on track. This could involve reprioritizing tasks or sacrificing some features without compromising critical objectives.

What will you do if your lead developer leaves the project or your company?

Our aim is to minimize any potential disruption to the project timeline and quality, maintaining the high standards of deliverables you expect from us. First and foremost, we have robust employee retention strategies and maintain high employee satisfaction to ensure continuity in our projects. This commitment is reflected in our annual employee turnover rate, which is consistently below 10%, despite the fact that the tech industry often sees high turnover due to the competitive job market.

Should our lead developer leave the project or company, we are prepared with a succession plan to ensure continuity. We will immediately replace the departing lead with a secondary lead or a senior developer who is familiar with the project. We’ll arrange a handover period during which the departing lead developer can brief the new lead and other team members. All project aspects, including codebase, architectures, and requirements, are always thoroughly documented at ScienceSoft to eliminate the bus factor.

What will you do if one of your technical approaches does not work as planned and great efforts are required to get it back on track?

We always highlight the use of new technologies as a potential risk and design mitigation strategies upfront. Should an issue arise, our first step is to understand the root cause within our team. We then quickly research and evaluate alternative approaches or technologies to address the problem. Recognizing the impact on the project timeline, we reallocate resources as necessary and can bring in additional support from within our company if required. Throughout this process, we keep stakeholders fully informed about the issue and our management plan. We adjust the project plan to reflect new time and effort estimates and seek your approval for any additional scope of work or timeline adjustments. To ensure the new approach is effective, we implement iterative improvements and maintain continuous feedback loops.

Let Us Show You How We Can Drive Your Project to Success

Reach out to our solutions team, and we will develop a tailored vision and strategy for your needs.

Learn More About the People, Practices, and Projects that Define Us

How We Manage Software Development Projects

How We Manage Software Development Projects

Guiding Lights: Our Leadership Team

Guiding Lights: Our Leadership Team

Our People: Experts Who Will Be Driving Your Success

Our People: Experts Who Will Be Driving Your Success

How Businesses Succeeded with ScienceSoft

How Businesses Succeeded with ScienceSoft