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Data Analytics Consulting Services

With 35 years in IT and practical experience in 30+ industries, ScienceSoft helps companies design, implement from scratch or completely revamp data analytics solutions to enable insightful reporting, process automation, accurate forecasting, and intelligent optimization recommendations.

Analytics Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
Analytics Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Data analytics consulting services are needed to guide and support companies on the way to improving their business outcomes by leveraging the potential of consolidated, trustworthy data. With experience in business intelligence, data science, big data, and advanced visualization, ScienceSoft helps organizations adopt informed decision-making, optimize costs and processes, improve customer experience, and more.

ScienceSoft has a solid track record in data analytics, and we are proud that we helped our customers achieve:

Up to 100x faster data analysis and reporting.

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Smooth data processing from 1M of devices in 1 second.

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Up to 80% reduction in cloud computing resources consumption.

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BI solutions that efficiently support hundreds of concurrent users.

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ScienceSoft Never Stops Growing Professionally to Serve You Even Better

  • 35 years of experience in data analytics and data science.
  • 19 years of consulting and hands-on practice in business intelligence.
  • 11 years of big data consulting and implementation practice.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and other tech leaders.
  • An expert team of consultants, solution architects, data engineers, and project managers with experience of working in challenging, fast-paced environments.
  • An in-house PMO and established project management practices to efficiently handle large-scale and distributed projects and ensure project success regardless of time and budget constraints.
  • ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the data analytics consulting services and the security of the customers' data.

Our Data Analytics Solutions Bring Value Across Multiple Domains

  • PGHD analytics and condition-based alerting.
  • Patient segmentation.
  • Health outcomes analysis and forecasting.
  • Operational and financial analytics.
  • AI-powered treatment and diagnostic assistance.
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  • Bank performance analytics.
  • Multidimensional customer segmentation and customer service analysis.
  • Forecasting and financial modeling.
  • Continuous market monitoring.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Compliance analytics.
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  • Policy administration insights.
  • AI-powered damage assessment.
  • Operational analytics, including customer service and claim processing.
  • Agents' performance analysis.
  • Predictive insurance analytics.
  • Insurance fraud detection.
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  • Borrower creditworthiness assessment.
  • Analysis of lending team performance.
  • Loan servicing insights.
  • Loan portfolio performance analytics.
  • Predictive analytics with loan demand and profitability forecasts.
  • AI-driven recommendations on optimal lending decisions.
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  • Assistance in investment planning.
  • Portfolio performance insights.
  • Identification of possible credit, liquidity, and market risks.
  • Real-time monitoring of asset purchasing, selling, reinvestment, etc.
  • AI-powered investment fraud detection.
  • Continuous compliance monitoring.
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  • Customer segmentation behavior analytics across physical and online stores.
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization and inventory demand forecasting.
  • Dynamic price optimization.
  • Marketing and merchandising analytics.
  • Real-time AI-powered recommendations for online buyers.
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Transportation and logistics

  • Insights into operational capacity planning and optimization.
  • Predictive vehicle maintenance.
  • IoT-based monitoring of safe cargo delivery with AI-powered conditions adjustments.
  • Real-time automated route optimization.
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  • Property segmentation and comparison across multiple parameters.
  • Location-based analytics, including visualization on maps.
  • Customer-property matching.
  • Insights into property occupancy and lease management.
  • Predictive analytics for property maintenance.
  • Analytics of real estate portfolio performance and risks.
  • Insight into agents' performance.
  • Construction management monitoring.
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  • Continuous network performance analytics with real-time alerts and optimization recommendations.
  • Network capacity forecasts.
  • Comprehensive customer analytics with insights into churn prevention, offer personalization, and customer retention.
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Oil and gas

  • Exploration management analytics.
  • Production rates and ultimate recovery forecasting.
  • Predictive and preventive asset maintenance.
  • Real-time monitoring of assets and processes.
  • Refinery quality control analytics.
  • SCM analytics.
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  • Analytics of resource generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Predictive asset maintenance.
  • Resource demand forecasting.
  • Prediction of energy share from DERs.
  • Sustainability analytics.
  • Insights into financial management optimization.
  • Analytics for DSM programs.
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  • Customer sentiment analysis based on data from multiple touchpoints.
  • Customer-specific recommendations on service personalization.
  • Operational and finance analytics.
  • Resource needs forecasts and staff allocation recommendations.
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  • Multidimensional audience segmentation.
  • Audience preferences and behavior analytics.
  • Real-time viewer-specific content recommendations.
  • Insights into content performance.
  • Content demand and popularity forecasts.
  • Marketing analytics.
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Travel and hospitality

  • Operational analytics with demand forecasting and process optimization recommendations.
  • Analytics of customer preferences and feedback across multiple touchpoints.
  • Real-time tailored recommendations for customers, e.g., on destinations, events.
  • Dynamic service price optimization.
  • Employee performance and service quality analytics.
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  • Analyzing students' performance and providing alerts on potential intervention needs.
  • Student-specific learning recommendations powered by AI.
  • Analysis of students' and parents' feedback and preferences.
  • Teachers' performance analytics.
  • Financial insights.
  • Enrollment and resource needs forecasting.
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  • Continuous monitoring of livestock, crops, and soil health with alerts on unwanted patterns identification.
  • Insights into resource utilization and smart optimization recommendations.
  • Predictive analytics for weather, crop yield, market demand, and other forecasts.
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Public services

  • Citizen feedback analysis.
  • Traffic management analytics.
  • Assistance in social services needs assessment.
  • Support in budget allocation planning.
  • Predictive policing.
  • Emergency response planning and what-if modeling.
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Information technology

  • Insights into service/product performance.
  • Analysis of customer sentiment and preferences.
  • SLA compliance tracking.
  • Competitor bechmarking.
  • A/B testing and experimentation tools (for software product companies).
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  • Real-time production quality monitoring.
  • Production optimization insights.
  • Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment and vehicles.
  • Drive bahvior and road condition analytics
  • Analytics for autonomous vehicles and connected car services.
  • ADAS.
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Analytics Consulting Services We Render

Business intelligence consulting

Do you need to build BI from scratch or introduce changes into the existing BI solution? We render BI consulting services to help you nail any of these challenges.

For new implementations and revamps, our consultants:

  • Consolidate the departments’ scattered needs and recommend the BI solution’s design where data from multiple sources and various analytical systems is integrated, secure, accurate and reliable.
  • Create a detailed roadmap that covers all the steps required to launch a BI solution successfully.
  • Design a user adoption strategy and conduct user training to ensure that your employees are well aware of the available features and capabilities and can use the solution with confidence.

While improving your existing BI solution, we identify the evident and hidden problems that hinder your BI solution’s smooth performance and come up with the improvement roadmap containing structured recommendations on how to solve these problems.

Big data consulting

Need to make big data part of your existing analytics solution or design a standalone big data solution from scratch? Our big data consultants won’t let you get lost in the plethora of available architecture options and technologies.

  • We design a high-level architecture of your big data solution based on your business needs and prioritized requirements for the solution-to-be.
  • We clearly describe data sources, data flows and the functions that each architecture component should perform.
  • Our consultants conduct dedicated training sessions to help various target audiences, be it top managers or the technical team, to understand how to get value out of big data. Such training can take the format of workshops with Q&A sessions or instructor-led training.

Data science consulting

Want to strengthen your business with advanced analytics relying on machine learning? Our data science consultants check whether this idea is feasible with the data quantity and quality you have. We also prepare a proof of concept after having tested several machine learning algorithms.

If your business problem should be solved with deep learning, our consultants:

  • Design the architecture of a deep neural network.
  • Select appropriate activation, optimization and loss functions.
  • Train the network to ensure the high accuracy of its predictions.

Selected Projects

What Our Customers Say

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a flexible database with user interfaces for managing our test data stored as time-based CVS files. ScienceSoft delivered a fully functioning solution regardless of the new requirements that appeared during the project. We are planning to extend the logic of our reports and dashboards and data processing options in our solution, and we’ll definitely be considering ScienceSoft as our partner in this initiative.

When we first contacted ScienceSoft, we needed expert advice on the creation of the centralized analytical solution to achieve company-wide transparent analytics and reporting. After a series of interviews, ScienceSoft’s consultants analyzed our workloads, documentation, and the existing infrastructure and provided us with a clear project roadmap.

bioAffinity Technologies hired ScienceSoft to help in the development of its automated data analysis software for detection of lung cancer using flow cytometry. Our project required a large amount of industry-specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software connected to EHR/LIS systems, which ScienceSoft’s team handled well due to a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations.

We Give Priority to Software Characteristics That Guarantee Data-Driven Success

To consistently deliver value-driving analytics solutions, we reflect on our experiences and track our achievements down to certain steps and practices. This allowed us to identify and prioritize software characteristics that are sure to contribute to tangible results.

Tailored to specific needs

We create solutions to fit your unique business needs and processes. Whatever complex or nontrivial task your software has to perform (e.g., help uncover hidden trends or identify optimization opportunities), we’ll take care your solution copes with it.

Maximally automated

We free IT teams from manual data-related work by setting automated data management and governance processes and implementing self-service BI.

Scalable and extensible

We build solutions that easily accommodate any data volume or number of users increase and won't require significant redevelopment if new business needs arise.


Focused on making analytics insights interpretation a smooth and easy experience, we build dashboards with clear, intuitive visuals and easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Enhanced with advanced technologies

We introduce AI/ML capabilities that power accurate forecasts, personalization engines, and business automation algorithms. We also leverage our expertise in big data to enable fault-tolerant, low-latency analytics across massive data sets.

Seamlessly integrated

We ensure smooth integration with the existing corporate systems and external data sources to provide a comprehensive view of business operations and help companies avoid unnecessary infrastructure and customization expenses.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

FAQs about ScienceSoft's Data Analytics Consulting Services

Do you have any cost optimization practices?

Yes, we do, and our priority is to achieve cost optimization without compromising quality. For instance, we use microservices, third-party ready components, and public APIs to reduce the time and effort spent on building blocks from scratch. We apply our best practices in DevOps to automate repetitive development tasks and follow Agile development to continuously gather feedback from stakeholders and fix any possible issues as soon as they arise.

How can we be sure of the quality of your work?

ScienceSoft adheres to a quality-first approach that is reinforced by our ISO 9001-certified quality management system. This allows us to deliver tailored analytics solutions according to all functional and non-functional requirements, on time and within the agreed budget. We also value transparency and offer custom KPIs to help you track the development team's efficiency and project health (e.g., team velocity, deployment frequency, cycle time, lead time).

We have strict security requirements. Will you be able to meet them?

Our customers' data security is one of our top priorities. We rely on our mature ISO 27001-certified information security management system that proved to be effective throughout decades: in our 34-year history, we have not had a single security breach.

How can you ensure that data analytics software drives value for us?

Our benchmark in creating value-driving software is the ability of this software to address specific analytics needs and fit unique business processes. To achieve such tailored capabilities, we apply our practical experience in business analysis and 30+ industries. This expertise helps us identify case-specific challenges and build custom strategies to address them.

Build Informed Decisions with Our Analytics Consulting Services

Our analytics consultants are ready to share professional advice to help you achieve success in your data initiatives.