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Software Testing & QA services - ScienceSoft

Software testing and QA services comprise such activities as QA strategy design and QA process improvements as well as functional, integration, compatibility, performance, usability, security, and compliance testing. Since 1989, ScienceSoft provides expert QA and testing services to validate the high quality of every software aspect with regard to its requirements and business needs.

ScienceSoft's Competencies and Achievements 

  • 32 years of experience in providing software testing services.
  • 19 years of experience in QA consulting and outsourcing.
  • ISTQB-certified, domain-trained test engineers.
  • 730+ completed software testing projects since 2010.
  • 75+ full-time QA professionals experienced in complex projects (over 80K person-hours).
  • Quality management system certified by ISO 9001.
  • Customer information security ensured by ISO 27001 certification.
  • In-house center of excellence for software testing services.

Our Services

QA outsourcing

A dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers takes charge of your quality assurance process, being responsible for the QA process management and end-to-end testing of your software.

Managed testing services

ScienceSoft’s dedicated test team takes over a part or the whole scope of your testing activities on a pay-per-unit basis, taking full responsibility for the test process management and the quality of software under test.

Project-specific testing

Depending on the specifics of your company, project and software, we perform independent 3rd-paty testing and execute any required testing type or their combination.

QA consulting

We help you reveal the root causes of your quality problems and address them by performing a QA process audit and planning required QA process improvements. If you just initiate a project, we can also design an optimal QA strategy for you.

Quality assessment

We audit your software from different angles, including code quality, functionality, usability, performance and security and provide you with a detailed report containing the list of the detected issues and recommendations on how to fix them.


We test functional and non-functional software features to make sure it complies with the requirements specification and offers outstanding user experience:

We started working with ScienceSoft in early 2011 testing our core application called Careware. The application is quite complex and has many ERP and mobile elements in it.

We have worked with the team in very close cooperation ever since and value professional as well as flexible attitude towards testing. Since starting our cooperation the test team has changed in size and people, with one tester remaining with us for already 2 years now! We currently have a team of 3 very enthusiastic and good testers with whom we are very happy.

Roderick Schipper, CTO and Henriette Trampedach, Test Manager, helpLine B.V.

test automation for better quality outcomes

We combine manual and automated testing and apply our experience with trusted automation frameworks to help you accelerate releases, increase test coverage, and find more bugs before they enter production.

We are also proficient in establishing continuous testing practices and integrating testing activities into CI/CD pipelines within the DevOps approach.

Our test automation offer includes:

  • Test automation strategy development.
  • Test environment setup and configuration.
  • Automated test data generation.
  • Automated UI testing.
  • API testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Test script migration form legacy frameworks.
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation.


Take the First Step to Test Process Improvement

ScienceSoft’s QA team will help you stay ahead of the competition with quality software released on time.

We contracted ScienceSoft to provide QA for a major Augmented Reality installation project, after extensive research, and we're really happy with our decision. Aliaksandr, Oksana and the rest of the team were flexible, thorough and on-the-spot, and able to provide assistance for short-term mission-critical testing. We'd happily recommend them to other mobile and immersive developers.

Rob Morgan, Creative Director, Playlines

Why testing with sciencesoft is a success

Ensured testing quality and data security

Our testing services are compliant with a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system and our testing professionals focus on result-oriented collaboration with the project team and third-party vendors. Being ISO 27001-certified, we guarantee our customers' data security.

Transparent reporting

To guarantee complete and systematic test coverage and ensure full transparency over the performed testing activities, we provide test documentation required by ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013.

Testing with business continuity in mind

ScienceSoft’s test engineers are proficient in 20+ domains and understand business processes in these domains very well, which enables them to not merely test your software, but ensure it provides for the continuity of your business operations.


We tailor KPI suites for each testing project with regard to its specifics (development methodology, the architecture of software under test, applicable testing types, etc.).

A typical KPI suite may include:

  • Percentage of software requirements covered by test cases.
  • Average and total number of created test cases.
  • Average and total number of updated test cases.
  • Number of executed test cases (for projects with development and testing going in parallel, this metric includes test cases planned for the current iteration and regression tests).
  • Average and total number of found defects.
  • Effort variance (the ratio between actual and estimated testing efforts).
  • Percentage of issues reported by software users or found during user acceptance testing (for projects with development and testing going in parallel).

Enjoy Quality at Speed While We Handle Software Testing

ScienceSoft’s QA team will help you jump-start your releases and minimize the number of defects in production.