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Custom Machine Vision Software

Custom Machine Vision Software - ScienceSoft

Machine vision (MV) technology extracts information from an image, analyzes it, and triggers the execution of a set of activities. Since 2013, ScienceSoft develops custom image analysis software for MV systems to enable automatic inspection, process control, robot guidance, and more.

Need to Build Robust MV Software?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to share solid domain experience and help you accomplish more value with custom MV software delivered on time and within budget.

Machine Vision Use Cases in Manufacturing

MV software systems enable every aspect of automated visual inspection (AVI) of both still and moving objects and their parts:

Object recognition, classification and sorting

Detection of visual defects and anomalies

Assembly verification

High-precision measurement for dimensional accuracy

Recognition of item location and positioning

3D scanning, modeling and mapping

Counting in piles, stacks, and more (including touching and overlapping objects)

Barcode / label verification and validation, using optical character recognition (OCR) and 1D / 2D symbol decoding

Machine Vision Benefits You Can Get

Detect assembly defects and increase the output quality.

Improve customer safety by preventing faulty assembly and mislabeling.

Reduce the workforce’s health risks resulting from manual handling of inspected objects.

Reduce waste in the final product by eliminating assembly line and inspection errors.

Shorten delivery time by speeding up inspection at all production and post-production stages.

Comply with regulations, including those on barcode grading, global traceability and mass serialization.

Why Develop Machine Vision Software with ScienceSoft

  • Experience in manufacturing IT since 1989.
  • 34 years in C++ software development.
  • Data science and AI since 1989.
  • Image analysis expertise since 2013.
  • 700+ highly skilled employees on board.
  • Established Lean, Agile, and DevOps processes.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the image analysis services and the security of the customers' data.

Machine Vision Software We Develop

PC-based machine vision system

Image analysis software for PC-based machine vision systems

Software for smart cameras

Image analysis software for smart cameras

Integrations into 3rd-party hardware

An image analysis module for integration into third-party hardware

Technologies We Use

Need to Estimate Your MV Project Cost?

Tell us about your project details, and we will provide a high-level estimate for your particular case for free.

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Choose Your MV Service Option

Machine vision software consulting

  • MV solution design.
  • Selection of hardware (camera, lighting, etc.).
  • Business case creation.
  • Selection of the optimal implementation option:
    • Third-party computer vision software API integration and customization.
    • Developing ML-driven technology from scratch.
    • Leveraging cloud services.
  • MV project planning.
  • PoC and prototyping (if required).
Go for consulting

Machine vision software development

  • Business analysis.
  • MV solution design and software architecture.
  • MV software development and integration with hardware and third-party apps, IoT (sensors, cameras, controllers, etc.).
  • Quality assurance (manual and automated testing).
  • Software maintenance and support.
Go for development