Ecommerce Performance Testing Services

Ecommerce performance testing services - ScienceSoft

Ecommerce performance testing is a cost-effective investment into website speed examination that goes invisible for your customers but contributes much to their flawless experience. Business speaking, this brings you low bounce rates and high conversions.

In ScienceSoft, we have polished our approach to ecommerce performance testing to back up your website throughout the year and amidst traffic fluctuations. We make sure your website performs stable with expected traffic load and during load peaks at times of marketing campaigns.

Don’t Trifle Your Customer Acquisition Money Away
You surely want more visitors. But is your website ready for high traffic flows?

Why ScienceSoft

  • Ecommerce performance testing services for the world’s top ecommerce platforms: including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Episerver, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle.
  • Extensive expertise in both domain: 17 years in ecommerce and 31 years in software testing and QA.
  • Assistance in elaborating and employing performance optimization upon testing completion.
  • Quick ROI due to reduced operational losses and enhanced customer experience.

How We Deliver Ecommerce Performance Testing

Knowing how your sales hinge on the website availability and performance, we arrange for a quick project kick-off and delivery within 1-2 weeks. From the moment of our getting in touch to your data-driven confidence in your website performance, our cooperation unfolds in 6 steps.


Defining testing goals


Confirming user scenarios


Designing performance tests


Setting up the performance testing environment


Executing performance tests



Success Story

Performance testing as part of a larger testing strategy for a B2B portal with 500K+ monthly visitors.

Service Plans for Load Testing

We offer 4 service plans designed to cater for ecommerce companies of different sizes.

Black Friday
  • Up to 200 concurrent online users
  • 3 default user scenarios
  • 1-hour load testing
  • 200-1,000 concurrent online users
  • 3 default user scenarios
  • 3-hour load testing
  • 1,000-5,000 concurrent online users
  • 3 default user scenarios
  • 8-hour load testing
  • 5,000+ concurrent online users
  • Any number of user scenarios
  • 10-hour load testing
Getting More Traffic? Take Care of Your Website Performance Now!
Let a small investment into performance testing be your huge contribution to the customer experience you provide, every day and during sales campaigns.