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Stress Testing Services

Make Sure Your Software Can Handle Extreme Load

With 23 years in test automation and hands-on experience in 30+ industries, ScienceSoft focuses on your business and software specifics to perform accurate stress testing and help improve system stability.

Stress Testing Services - ScienceSoft
Stress Testing Services - ScienceSoft

Stress testing is a type of performance testing that checks software robustness and stability under extreme load as well as the software ability to recover after a failure.

ScienceSoft usually starts with load testing to define the normal load and check how the system withstands it. Then, we exceed the normal load to see how software behaves in stress conditions.

We Test Software of Any Complexity

By use

  • Portals, including ecommerce applications.
  • Enterprise software (e.g., ERP, CRM, BI).
  • XaaS (streaming services, games, etc.)
  • Blockchain systems.
  • IoT systems.
  • Telehealth solutions.

By type

  • Web apps.
  • Mobile back ends.
  • Desktop back ends.
  • APIs.

By architecture and deployment

  • All architecture types, including SOA and microservices.
  • Cloud-based apps (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform).
  • On-premises apps.
  • Hybrid software.

Check Our Stress Testing Projects

Stress Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer

Stress Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer

ScienceSoft checked how the customer’s corporate applications handled 3,000 users per hour. Based on the testing results, our team outlined the measures needed to eliminate the detected performance bottlenecks.

Load and Stress Testing of a VoIP Mobile App for a Regional Cyber Security Leader

Load and Stress Testing of a VoIP Mobile App for a Regional Cyber Security Leader

To ensure full test coverage, our test engineers expanded the test suite from the existing 10 to 50+ test cases. After testing, the VoIP mobile app for iOS and Android performs well under suboptimal conditions both nationwide and globally.

Load and Stress Testing of HIE Software for US Healthcare Providers

Load and Stress Testing of HIE Software for US Healthcare Providers

ScienceSoft validated the Customer’s HIE software performance, data transfer rate, and response time under continuous and extreme load.

See Why Customers Entrust Their Software to Us

  • We employ best testing practices gathered during 35 years in software testing.
  • We rely on a mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Being ISO 27001-certified, we guarantee that cooperation with us does not pose any risks to our customers' data security.
  • Our ISTQB-certified test engineers have experience in 30+ industries, including manufacturing, ecommerce, healthcare, BFSI, and telecommunications.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Our customers say

After looking through numerous candidates, we set our choice upon ScienceSoft and, over the course of our close cooperation, we haven’t regretted the decision. In terms of automated testing services, they fulfilled our expectations and became very valuable for the projects.

At the present moment, their specialists are working together with our employees in mixed teams smoothly, just as well integrated units. We would definitely recommend working with ScienceSoft as a long-term partner.

Star Star Star Star Star

I hired ScienceSoft to perform stress testing of our software. The team at ScienceSoft built a solid platform for stressing out servers, and it helped us uncover a variety of bugs and revisions that needed to built to our code. The team at ScienceSoft is professional and organized in every way possible. I look forward to working with this team again.

We contracted ScienceSoft to provide QA for a major Augmented Reality installation project, after extensive research, and we're really happy with our decision. The team were flexible, thorough and on-the-spot, and able to provide assistance for short-term mission critical testing. We'd happily recommend them to other mobile and immersive developers.

Steps We Follow During Stress Testing










Do We Share the Same Values?


ScienceSoft provides detailed and transparent testing documentation in accordance with ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2021, making the stress testing reports clear, actionable, and useful for future evolution of the system or further load & stress tests.

Realistic load profiles

We create realistic load profiles, paying attention to user roles and considering all relevant devices, browsers, protocols, and geographical regions. This way, we test your software in life-like conditions and help you ensure all the required functions will work well under extreme load.

Pragmatic approach

Our testing experts opt for effective open-source tools like Apache JMeter and reuse test data from previously simulated scenarios to optimize testing costs and time.

Doubtful about Third-Party Stress Testing? We Address Top 3 Concerns

How can we be sure you’ll dive into the specifics of our software and understand its logic, user roles, and their behavior?

ScienceSoft’s test engineers know how to effectively cooperate with our customers’ IT and business teams to gather all the necessary information and build realistic load profiles. With our solid background in software development and testing for 30+ industries, we are ready to provide specialists that will understand your needs and adapt our testing approach to your software specifics.

Will testing under extreme load be safe for my software and IT infrastructure?

Before testing your software under extreme load, we estimate possible risks and design a risk mitigation plan. We always perform stress testing in a separate test environment and create all the necessary backups to easily roll back to the previous system condition.

Do you have the actual capacity to simulate the behavior of thousands of users?

Holding partnerships with AWS and Microsoft, ScienceSoft sets up a load generator in the cloud environment, which allows us to simulate an infinite number of users.

We Use Only Reliable Tools

Consider Stress Testing Services by ScienceSoft

Stress testing

ScienceSoft will perform full-cycle stress testing to see how your software behaves under extreme load. We will also test how it functions after the load gets back to normal and check the system’s ability to recover after a failure.

I need this!

Stress testing and maintenance

In addition to stress testing, ScienceSoft’s experts can eliminate performance bottlenecks, rightsize your infrastructure, and continuously monitor your software performance.

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Stress Testing Deliverables by ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft provides testing documentation in accordance with ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2021:

  • Performance requirements specification.
  • User scenario designs.
  • Load profiles.
  • Performance metrics to track.
  • Optimal testing tools.
  • Load test scripts/suites.
  • Test reports, including root cause analysis and corrective measures to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Check a sample set of metrics

Sample set of metrics:

  • Response time.
  • Concurrent users.
  • Throughput.
  • Error rate.
  • Recovery time.
  • Failure of connection.


Concerned About Your App Stability in Stress Conditions?

Are you planning a large marketing campaign or launching a new killer feature? ScienceSoft will test your app under high load and help eliminate all the performance bottlenecks to help you achieve unmatched system stability.