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Load Testing Services

Ensure Smooth Software Performance in the Long Run

With 35 years in software testing, ScienceSoft combines remarkable tech skills with expertise in 30+ industries to create pragmatic load testing strategies and help our customers detect performance bottlenecks.

Load Testing Services - ScienceSoft
Load Testing Services - ScienceSoft

Load testing is a subtype of performance testing that allows for checking software behavior under the expected regular load. Load testing often goes hand in hand with stress testing that checks the system’s performance, stability, and error handling under the extreme load over time.

ScienceSoft offers professional load testing services to plan the expected load on your software, check how the software withstands it, and improve its performance by adjusting the architecture or optimizing the infrastructure resources.

Applications We Test

By use case

  1. Portals, including ecommerce applications.
  2. Enterprise software (e.g., ERP, CRM, BI).
  3. XaaS (streaming services, games, etc.).
  1. Blockchain systems.
  2. IoT systems.
  3. Telehealth solutions.

By type

  1. Web apps.
  2. Mobile back ends.
  1. Desktop back ends.
  2. APIs.

By architecture and deployment

  1. All architecture types, including SOA/microservices.
  2. Cloud-based apps (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform).
  1. On-premises apps.
  2. Hybrid software.

Our Selected Success Stories

Load Testing of a Communication Protocol for a Networking Solutions Provider

Load Testing of a Communication Protocol for a Networking Solutions Provider

ScienceSoft tested a communication protocol that was developed to increase data transfer speed under network delays and eliminate data packet losses. After 4-stage load testing that proved considerably higher performance of the protocol, it was successfully presented to the market.

Load and Stress Testing of a Loyalty Program Application

Load and Stress Testing of a Loyalty Program Application

ScienceSoft checked if a multifaceted loyalty app could handle the load of 2,000 users per hour for 24 hours in a row. We also tested the app’s behavior and the stability of the environment under stress load. As a result of timely and comprehensive testing, the app was released as planned, and it is able to successfully handle the load of real users.

Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Global Tech & Service Supplier

Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Global Tech & Service Supplier

ScienceSoft checked if the corporate apps could handle 4,000 users per hour and detected performance bottlenecks caused by the servers and heavy SQL queries. After eliminating the discovered issues, the apps were successfully launched. The end users were satisfied with the apps’ performance and stability.

How We Deliver Load Testing Services

1. Prepare the test environment and load generator (e.g., using AWS or Azure cloud), starting with the minimum required number of servers or virtual machines and scaling it up when needed.

2. Define the roles for virtual users and create multiple user flows based on the existing user base (if any), software specifics, marketing objectives, etc.

3. Develop realistic scripts for virtual users.

Victor Sachuk, test manager and QA consultant at ScienceSoft:

To create truly realistic scenarios, we factor in different devices, browsers, and protocols. We also analyze the data from your analytics tools as well as the software development plans envisaged by your business analysts and UI designers. For each action of a virtual user, we assign a specific duration, plus the think time (when users perform no specific actions and just consider their next steps).

4. Design a load profile. A load profile:

  • Highlights the key user flows that will be covered with test scripts.
  • Shows the distribution of users by roles and/or by functionality.
  • Describes a loading pattern: when and how the load level will change, as well as the load levels that will be applied.

5. Create load tests that will simulate the required traffic and run several scenarios simultaneously.

6. Perform load tests and report the results.

7. Integrate load testing into the CI/CD pipeline. Continuously adjust the load baseline according to the app’s maturity level and other factors to test against the baseline.

Load Testing Deliverables

Throughout the load testing process, ScienceSoft provides detailed technical documentation:

  • Performance requirements specification.
  • User scenario designs.
  • Load profiles.
  • Performance metrics to track.
  • Testing tool selection based on application and infrastructure specifics.
  • Load test scripts/suites.
  • Test reports, including root cause analysis and corrective measures to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Check a sample set of metrics

Sample set of metrics

Software metrics:

  • Response time.
  • Concurrent users.
  • Requests per second.
  • Transactions per second.
  • Throughput.
  • Error rate.

Hardware metrics:

  • CPU usage.
  • Memory usage.
  • Network configurations metrics.
  • Disk consumption.


Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your Load Testing Company

  • 35 years in software testing.
  • Trusted by market leaders like IBM, NASA JPL, Deloitte, eBay, Viber, and many more.
  • 730+ completed testing projects since 2010.
  • Over 75 testing specialists with experience in complex industry-specific projects.
  • ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
  • ISO 27001-certified information security management system to ensure full protection of our customers’ data.
  • ISO 13485-certified quality management for medical devices and SaMD.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

See What Our Customers Say

We requested load testing services to validate the e-store’s performance under an increasing load. We required near real-time feedback on the test results, and ScienceSoft’s test engineers were available for frequent meetings and calls. The collaboration with ScienceSoft helped stabilize the store’s performance and ensure its full compliance with the performance requirements. We recommend ScienceSoft as a quality-centered software testing partner.

Star Star Star Star Star

I hired ScienceSoft to perform stress testing of our software. The team at ScienceSoft built a solid platform for stressing out servers, and it helped us uncover a variety of bugs and revisions that needed to built to our code. The team at ScienceSoft is professional and organized in every way possible. I look forward to working with this team again.

We contracted ScienceSoft to provide QA for a major Augmented Reality installation project, after extensive research, and we're really happy with our decision. The team were flexible, thorough and on-the-spot, and able to provide assistance for short-term mission critical testing. We'd happily recommend them to other mobile and immersive developers.

Do We Share the Same Approach?

Test early, test often

ScienceSoft promotes the shift-left approach to load testing and helps integrate it into the SDLC at the earliest stages. The later the bottlenecks are revealed, the higher the costs of architecture rebuilding and infrastructure configuration are.

Stay pragmatic

We create realistic user emulation scripts with relevant user scenarios to ensure the load is simulated correctly. We opt for effective open-source tools where possible and reuse test data from previously simulated scenarios as well as real user data.

Communicate effectively

ScienceSoft’s testing experts establish efficient and transparent collaboration with business teams, development, and other in-house or third-party testing teams to streamline and speed up the testing process.

Opt for practical value

We not only identify performance bottlenecks, but also provide actionable recommendations and handle the performance issues revealed during load testing.

Feeling Uneasy About Third-Party Load Testing? We Have Answers

Concern #1: It will be hard for a vendor to dive into the specifics of our software, understand its users and our growth plans.


Answer: We know how to work hand in hand with the development and business teams and build effective collaboration with them. Moreover, we have industry-savvy business consultants who can join the project if needed.


Concern #2: We are not sure the vendor will be able to set up a generator with sufficient load to simulate the behavior of thousands of users.


Answer: ScienceSoft is an AWS and Azure partner and can roll out a test environment in AWS or Azure cloud, which means infinite scalability of users. Besides, our performance testing lab allows testing scenarios for multiple devices, browsers, and protocols simulating requests from numerous servers and geographical regions.


Reliable Technologies We Employ

Explore Our Load Testing Offering

One-time load testing

ScienceSoft will assess software behavior under the expected load before a major release, an upcoming promotion campaign, or a special event like Black Friday.

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Continuous load testing during the SDLC

ScienceSoft will help you estimate the expected load and create realistic user journeys to define how potential users will interact with your software. Then, we will test your software under load throughout all stages of the app lifecycle.

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Extended offer

ScienceSoft not only runs the load testing, but also helps eliminate the found performance bottlenecks, rightsize your IT infrastructure resources, and continuously monitor your software performance.

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Ensure Stable Software Performance Under Load!

Relying on extensive testing expertise in 30+ industries, ScienceSoft will assess how your software withstands the expected load, detect, and help eliminate performance bottlenecks.