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Ecommerce Strategy Consulting

Ecommerce strategy consulting - ScienceSoft

Ecommerce strategy consulting results in an elaborate plan of how to make a digital channel profitable. Our consultants at ScienceSoft build winning ecommerce strategies around a modern digital customer – curious, demanding, conscious about buying decisions, and highly influenced by social media.

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Ecommerce Strategy Consulting Services by ScienceSoft

Ecommerce strategy for a business launch

Ecommerce strategy for a business launch

  • Conducting SWOT analysis for external (competitive environment in your pricing segment) and internal (your competitive advantages) factors.
  • Researching demographic characteristics and behavioral patterns of your target audience.
  • Planning possible user scenarios and conversion paths.
  • Defining business requirements and business logic for an ecommerce website.
  • Planning advanced functional capabilities on top of fundamental ecommerce features.
  • Modeling the architecture of an ecommerce solution, including its integration into an omnichannel retail environment if needed.

Your wins:

The best value for business launch investment

Early ROI due to a user-centered digital experience built

Ecommerce optimization strategy

Optimization strategy for sales growth

  • Investigating existing user journeys and possible digital interactions within your ecommerce website.
  • Assessing website usability on mobile.
  • Reporting on all the identified frictions along user journeys and flaws in digital user experience for different display screens.
  • Planning improvements to digital user experience.
  • Producing ideas to fuel your digital presence and make a stronger visual appeal with your website redesign.

Your wins:

More revenue from the existing traffic

Longer dwell time and meaningful user journeys

Increased mobile conversions

Conversion-Driven UX as a Result of Our Consulting Involvement

We help you meet the fundamental needs of digital customers and also exceed their expectations to keep your ecommerce business ahead of the market competition. The excellence in customer experience that we achieve comes from a combination of factors.

Enhanced website usability

  • Persona description anticipating shopping patterns within your product vertical to further present your products most favorably and reduce customers’ indecision to buy.
  • User stories to see possible reasons for shopping journey abandonment and plan smooth user experience from product discovery to purchase.
  • Usability testing to double-check web design hypotheses with real users and prevent the risk of design concept changes at the stage of website development.

24/7 website availability

  • An optimal hosting plan to secure unfailing website performance for different traffic loads.
  • Best security practices to prevent website outages caused by security breaches.
  • Quick support to fix issues affecting website functioning and performance.

Assisted product choice

  • Navigation layers and product filters aligned with your product line specifics.
  • Diverse content presentation types for product pages (in text, visual, video, downloadable formats).
  • Product pages with attributes unique for different product types to please customers with full, accurate and decision-relevant product information.

End-to-end customer service

  • Digital solutions for business-critical operations within the supply chain: procurement, warehousing, shipping.
  • Tools for multichannel customer support activities to make customer case management prompt, competent and personalized.

Personalized customer experience

  • Personalization techniques viewed in the context of your business to understand the feasibility of investment.
  • The right balance between personalization and hard-selling.
  • Integration of AI-powered personalization tools to enable the selected techniques.

Effective marketing

  • Tools for omnichannel digital marketing via emails, social media, digital advertising, mobile messages, etc.
  • Technical SEO best practices incorporated.
  • Advanced content marketing capabilities to increase your business visibility for Internet surfers and drive traffic.

Consistent omnichannel experience

  • Viable cross-channel shopping scenarios.
  • Opportunities and implementation solutions to create a unified customer view and use this knowledge across customer touchpoints.

Ecommerce Consulting and Development: Our Featured Projects

Building Ecommerce Presence for a Fashion Retailer

Devising an Ecommerce Optimization Strategy for a Telecom Services Provider

  • The cost of ownership reduced through website migration to an optimal CMS platform.
  • UX redesign resulting in conversion increase by 6 times.
  • Improved website performance – the loading time decreased from 2 sec to 0.2 sec.

Building Ecommerce Presence for a Fashion Retailer

  • Implementation of a branded online store integrated with product information management and content management systems.
  • Omnichannel customer experience design.
  • Technology competencies involved in the project: Magento Commerce, Akeneo, Pimcore.
Setting Up an Omnichannel Business Model for a Retail Chain

Setting Up an Omnichannel Business Model for a Retail Chain

  • An omnichannel environment consisting of a newly launched online store integrated with distributed points of sale and the warehouse.
  • An online catalog of 100K+ SKUs.

Why to Engage Retail Strategy Consultants

If you rely on expert consultancy at the stage of strategy formulation, you seize a chance to make far-sighted business decisions on how to overcome market entry challenges, build customer-centered experience, define growth perspectives, and more. Sustainable business efficiency that you are fair to expect from this kind of cooperation comes from:

Entering the market aware of the competition and with competitive advantages planned.

Early ROI and strong conversion potential due to a sound digital experience built.

Consistently high-quality customer service and experience along end-to-end customer journeys.

Being in the process of an online marketplace launch, we looked for a consulting partner to help us shape a final product vision with strong competitive advantages.

Having accomplished all the market research activities, the <ScienceSoft's> consultant provided a report featuring our core competitors: their products’ efficiencies and drawbacks, and monetization models. With these insights at hand, we could elaborate our competitive strengths.

Bader Alhamdan, Managing Director, Deyarat Trading Co.