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SharePoint integration services help connect SharePoint solutions with CRM, ERP, DMS, and other software and ensure their interoperability.

With 16-year experience in SharePoint, we help orgs get integration benefits like fully-fledged collaboration within CRM and centralized content repositories.

Want Faultless SharePoint Integration?

ScienceSoft’s team will implement smooth integration of your SharePoint solution with other enterprise systems.

ScienceSoft’s SharePoint Competencies

  • We are in SharePoint consulting and development since 2007.
  • ScienceSoft is Microsoft Partner since 2008.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.
  • Our team includes 20+ Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts.
  • We carried out a variety of SharePoint integration projects, so we know all the pitfalls.


SharePoint Integration Scenarios

Every enterprise software ecosystem is unique, so there are no two similar SharePoint integration projects. Our SharePoint team puts their effort into covering the most extensive set of integration options that can fit organizations’ particular needs. Apart from integrating SharePoint with widely used enterprise systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, etc.), we also assist companies in custom integration projects that require individual approach and solutions.

CRM integration

A CRM system and a SharePoint solution is the duo that allows companies to excel in their sales and marketing activities. Fully-functional document and workflow management, secure communication areas for internal and external users, centralized repositories of customer-related content let companies have a comprehensive vision of their customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Pipedrive, BPM Online, Zoho CRM, amoCRM, Nimble, SAP CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud are just some CRM platforms that we can couple with your SharePoint solution.

ERP integration

By integrating an ERP system with SharePoint, companies can add dynamic collaboration to everyday business processes. This type of integration allows ERP users to root out manual work, vitalize supply chain flows and avoid data inconsistency, workflow ruptures and communication gaps leading to critical slowdowns and mistakes. Moreover, users will be able to keep collaborating even if they are out of their working places and can’t access their ERP system. Our developers integrate SharePoint with SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Sage and other platform-based or custom ERPs.

ECM integration

If an organization uses both a SharePoint-based solution and a separate enterprise content management system, a separate enterprise content management system will help not only to avoid unneeded content duplication but also to grant ECM users with larger collaboration capabilities. SharePoint integration with OpenText, Nuxeo, Laserfishe, Citrix ShareFile and other ESMs will enable employees to use a single sign-on in their content management environments, to access the required content immediately through the powerful federated search, to archive content securely and to reuse it at any time.

DMS integration

By connecting the SharePoint environment with a document management system, such as Alfresco, Box, OneDrive for Business, Zoho Docs or M-Files, organizations prevent document duplication, enable document versioning and easy sharing, as well as activate automatic synchronization between on-premises and cloud document storages. Leveraging the SharePoint document management features, users will be able to collaborate on docs when offline or share files with users that have no access to a DMS.

PM system integration

When organizations ensure interoperability of a SharePoint solution and a project management system, they are able to enrich project management with a variety of collaboration options and robust content management capabilities. Thus, teams can complete the entire project cycle regardless of its complexity and scope within the integrated solution, while team members can stay connected irrespective of their location and device. We assist companies in integrating SharePoint with Asana, Microsoft Project, Wrike, Trello, Basecamp and other on-premises and cloud project management solutions.

BI integration

SharePoint integration with a BI solution brings several advantages. On the one hand, SharePoint can serve as a centralized storage for ready-made reports and statistics that will always be at users’ fingertips. On the other hand, SharePoint can help to visualize data initially processed in a dedicated BI solution. SharePoint integration with Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, Tableau or Qlik is the quickest way to deliver a variety of data to the business decision-makers and collaborate on this data within the same portal or to spread the reporting results throughout the entire company in a few clicks.

ITSM integration

SharePoint can serve as a ticketing and an issue tracking system, however, when it comes to bulky ITSM tasks, it’s reasonable to delegate them to a specialized system. At the same time, by integrating SharePoint with Jira, ServiceNow, BMC or Zendesk, companies can manage content-abundant and communication-rich service desk processes leveraging SharePoint document management and collaboration features, organize reporting right in SharePoint and ensure IT-to-users collaboration within a familiar SharePoint user interface.

Other integration options

If your integration requirements don’t fit any of the above-mentioned needs, don’t worry. We are always up to discussing your particular integration project that might include:

  • Email integration: Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, etc.
  • Integration with other collaboration solutions: Office 365, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Stride, etc.
  • Social media integration: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • LMS integration: Moodle, TalentLMS, Canvas, Geenio, etc.
  • CMS integration: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Pimcore, etc.
  • Integration with any custom solution upon your request.

Have Specific Integration Needs for SharePoint?

Our SharePoint team will analyze your integration needs and help you integrate your SharePoint solution with any third-party tool, including custom ones.

Our Approach to SharePoint Integration

To ensure a seamless integration of your SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online deployment with third-party server and cloud solutions, our development team applies a variety of methods and tools.


Integration via Business Connectivity Services (BCS)


API-based integrations


Hybrid integrations


Integration via Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)


Custom integrations

ScienceSoft’s Hallmark Projects

Custom App Development for Salesforce-SharePoint Integration for a Telecom Company

Custom App Development for Salesforce-SharePoint Integration for a Telecom Company

ScienceSoft developed an app for Salesforce-SharePoint integration, which allowed managing SharePoint files right from Salesforce and facilitated the Customer’s communication with clients and prospects.

Development of a Vacation Chatbot for a SharePoint Intranet

Development of a Vacation Chatbot for a SharePoint Intranet

ScienceSoft created a vacation chatbot and integrated it with a SharePoint intranet, which allowed the Customer's employees to check up and book vacations right on their intranet homepage as well as via desktop and mobile messengers.

SharePoint Portal Customization for an NPO with 10,000+ Members

SharePoint Portal Customization for an NPO with 10,000+ Members

ScienceSoft’s team integrated the Customer’s SharePoint portal with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The integration allowed improving the process of data collecting and metrics calculating, which helped to facilitate performance assessment of the portal’s members and made the assessment process transparent.

SharePoint Intranet Redesign for a US Community Bank

SharePoint Intranet Redesign for a US Community Bank

ScienceSoft's team completely redesigned the Customer's intranet and integrated it with Facebook and Twitter, which made the intranet more dynamic and engaging.

SharePoint Intranet Implementation and Support

SharePoint Intranet Implementation and Support

ScienceSoft created a SharePoint portal and integrated it with an accounting and HR systems, which allowed creating a unified system for more than 5,000+ employees located in 30 geographically dispersed offices.

SharePoint Portal Development for an International Chain of 14 Shopping Malls

SharePoint Portal Development for an International Chain of 14 Shopping Malls

ScienceSoft delivered a portal and integrated it with SMS gateway. It allowed the shopping center administration, tenants and contractors to be constantly aware of the request status, which helped improve the service quality.

SharePoint Portal Migration for an Aircraft Maintenance Company

SharePoint Portal Migration for an Aircraft Maintenance Company

ScienceSoft migrated the Customer’s SharePoint portal to SharePoint 2016 and integrated it with Power BI, which helped the Customer compare various metrics and make decisions relying on accurate business data.

SharePoint Intranet Development for a 45,000-Employee Bank

SharePoint Intranet Development for a 45,000-Employee Bank

ScienceSoft’s team created an enterprise-wide intranet solution and integrated it with Citrix applications, which ensured full-blown use of the intranet from mobile devices and complete control of the intranet’s content for IT department.

our Customers Say

ScienceSoft has proved to be a reliable vendor with multi-disciplinary expertise, able to deliver seamless Salesforce-SharePoint integration that brings efficient customer communication and improved user experience.

Raul Ramos Ojeda, CEO at Isatel Group

Isatel Group

What Does SharePoint Integration Mean for Your Business?

Putting our effort into each integration project, we aim at creating a barrier-free collaboration environment where employees from different departments and teams can cowork dynamically and painlessly. SharePoint integrated with one or several enterprise solutions will bring a variety of benefits.

Single content repository

Single content repository: corporate content is classified and stored securely, it is easy to search and use on various devices even if users work in an offline mode.

Centralized collaboration

Centralized collaboration: employees are able to communicate without any limits, exchange text and visual content, while staying connected thanks to a multitude of SharePoint collaboration features.

Extended capabilities of enterprise systems

Extended capabilities of enterprise systems: when enriched with SharePoint features, your enterprise system becomes even more powerful along with extending employees’ capabilities.

Controllable business flows

Controllable business flows: in an integrated environment, it is much easier to keep control over enterprise-wide business processes and assess their results.

Successful business processes

Successful business processes: integration allows making business processes shorter and more efficient, as employees can save their time and effort spent on switching between different systems.

Get Your Integration Challenges Handled

ScienceSoft’s team will analyze your integration needs and challenges and help you elaborate a detailed plan of your SharePoint integration project.

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