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Having been delivering SharePoint intranets for 12 years, we know how to use the platform to create effective personal digital workplaces, collaboration spaces for departments and teams, and a business-centric environment at the company level. We develop intranets that help your company to improve overall productivity through making the most of document management, project management, ticketing and other processes in such industries as healthcare, banking, manufacturing and telecoms.

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Our SharePoint Competences

ScienceSoft - Microsoft Gold Competency Partner

  • Microsoft Gold Competency Partner
  • 100+ completed SharePoint projects since 2007
  • 20+ Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts
  • Expertise in complex SharePoint customization and integration

Our Successful Projects on Business Intranets

Our SharePoint experts have implemented business-driven intranets for companies of different sizes and industries. ScienceSoft’s most prominent success stories include:

Business Challenges that Our Intranets Solve

Time-consuming tasks

Time-consuming tasks. We offer the full automation of tasks like document approval, employee recruiting, onboarding training, which speeds up business operations, boosts overall employee productivity and reduces operational costs.

Fragmented business processes

Fragmented business processes. We unite such processes as document management, project management and asset management into one system to help you to avoid the silo approach and increase efficiency.

Low employee performance

Low employee performance. We provide your employees with a personal digital workplace that contains all necessary SharePoint productivity and collaboration tools at their fingertips. If your business needs go beyond SharePoint functionality, we will extend your intranet’s features through integration with other Microsoft products or third-party tools. Thus, employees won’t lose time switching between the tools, which will increase their performance.

Inefficient collaboration

Inefficient collaboration. We build business-oriented intranets as centers of employee collaboration. We enrich them with a range of tools (team sites, project sites, discussion boards, instant messaging) that connect employees and allow them to share information and edit documents in real time. If you choose the cloud deployment of a SharePoint intranet, we will help you to nurture collaboration even across geographically dispersed teams due to its 24/7 access and availability from different devices and browsers.

Unorganized information storage

Unorganized information storage. To facilitate and accelerate employee decision-making, we deliver business-oriented intranets that serve a single source of the company’s information: corporate news, project-related updates, organizational knowledge base, and employee handbook. We also leverage SharePoint search capabilities, for example, full-text search and personalization of content to let users quickly find relevant information.

Compliance risks

Compliance risks. To support a company’s compliance with internal regulations and external regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, we create a safe working environment for your employees. We enable restricting user access to SharePoint collaboration areas based on permissions and two-factor authentication. In addition, we implement audit reporting, content retention and deletion policies, which is required by compliance regulations.

Business Processes that Our Intranets Transform

Depending on your business needs, we will fill your intranet with a set of features that facilitate and accelerate your business operations, such as:

Document management

Document management (via document co-authoring, version tracking, automated approval, search by full text and metadata).

Project management

Project management (via project and task tracking, task assigning, alerts and notifications about milestones and deadlines).

Employee management

Employee management (via onboarding training, scheduling of shifts, meetings, training sessions, organizational chart and employee profiles, working time and holiday tracking, employee performance and satisfaction assessment, certification testing).

Service Options We Offer

  • Development of a business-oriented intranet from scratch.
  • Redesign of your intranet.
  • Addition of new features to your intranet (learning management, content management, knowledge management, etc.).
  • Migration of your intranet from third-party platforms to SharePoint and from SharePoint to newer versions of the platform or to the cloud.

Types of Business Intranets We Provide

Based on your business needs, you can choose the most suitable type of a business intranet:

  • An intranet with business-specific web parts and applications. We enrich your intranet with web parts that facilitate business activities: Events, Planner, People, Quick Links, Recent Documents and others. Web parts can also help your employees to stay tuned for the latest industry news (the News web part) and financial data updates (the Stock Quotes web part).
  • An intranet with customized business sites for departments and teams. We attend to departmental work specifics by creating custom sites within a company’s intranet. We fill them with relevant content (documents, forms, knowledge base) and tools, for example, the Stock Quotes web part for a financial department. We also implement necessary integrations to facilitate the work of particular departments and teams. For instance, we can integrate a SharePoint intranet with a billing system (an accounting department), CRM (a sales team), a case management tool (a legal department), an asset management system (a procurement department).
  • An intranet centered around specific business functionality. It may be contract management, training and development, ticketing and help desk, asset management, knowledge management, etc. Besides general business features, our solution will cover training enrollment and scheduling, group project space, knowledge assessment and certification. We can also implement a microtraining app to enable your employees to learn on the go.

How We Deliver Business Intranets

We provide a complete set of services aimed at bringing you a robust business-driven intranet:

SharePoint consulting

Consulting. We study your company’s processes and help you to understand SharePoint capabilities to address your business needs. We also help you to find the best way how SharePoint can improve or transform your business processes. If needed, we can consult you on making necessary adjustments to your processes before mapping them to SharePoint. We advise you how to get maximum value of a business intranet and provide ROI analysis. What’s more, we can consult you on SharePoint implementation and user adoption.

Discovery and business analysis

Discovery and business analysis. We gather and analyze information from you to identify your challenges and needs. For this purpose, we conduct electronic surveys and interviews with your employees. Then we transform your needs into a requirements specification of a SharePoint solution.

Intranet implementation

Implementation. We elaborate intranet architecture that will ensure the stable and error-free performance of a solution. We design an implementation plan, including an intranet’s feature set, customizations and necessary integrations for your business intranet. To minimize risks, for large business intranet projects with changing requirements, we can apply an iterative approach. We start with the key required functionality and gradually extend it with new features.

Intranet UX/UI design

UX and UI design. To ensure better intranet adoption, we bring a user-friendly design to your intranet, which makes it convenient to use even for non-technical users. We conduct UI testing and analysis with user journey mapping. Also, we make intranets adaptable to mobile and tablet devices and create a unique look and feel aligned with your corporate culture via SharePoint branding.

Intranet customization

Customization. We customize your intranet to automate business processes and tasks, ensure its high security, add new functionality, enable seamless migration to new versions of SharePoint or to the cloud as well as smooth operation of integrated systems and tools.

Intranet integration

Integration. We make your intranet work in sync with your contract management, learning management, knowledge management, policy management, ticketing solutions and more.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance. We employ a thorough QA approach from the start of the project to deliver a sound solution by offering regular code review and unit testing. We also provide test automation and conduct continuous testing during intranet implementation.

Intranet support and maintenance

Managed services, support and evolution. We offer after-launch support to ensure the flawless and stable operation your business intranet. We also improve UX and UI, implement required customizations and integrations to adapt your intranet to the changing business needs. Also, we provide continuous intranet support and help desk services.


Training. We provide SharePoint training for administrators, developers, and end users to help them use the solution’s capabilities to the full.

OKRs We Help You to Achieve

The outcomes you achieve with our intranets are tangible. Here is a sample set of OKRs you may use to measure the benefits they bring:

  • Costs: reduced travel expenses, administrative expenses, printing costs.
  • Employee behavior: increased performance, reduced human error, time saved on document approvals.
  • Employee attitude & loyalty: increased work satisfaction.
  • Customer service: reduced time for processing customer requests, increased customer satisfaction.

Our Approach to Business Intranet Implementation

  • We take up the role of a product owner, recommend and implement a suitable solution.
  • We practice a personalized approach to implementing a business-oriented intranet and attend to industry specifics of your company.
  • We utilize SharePoint out-of-the-box functionality where possible and custom-made components and tools to reduce implementation costs and maximize ROI of your business intranet.
  • We offer full-cycle services from consulting to support and evolution for your business intranet.

How to Get a Business-Centric Intranet

If you are looking for an intranet as a business assistant that will facilitate working activities at the employee and company levels, don’t hesitate to reach our SharePoint experts for a free consultation on implementing a business-driven intranet for your company.

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