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Office Compass Add-In for SharePoint and SharePoint Online

What Is Office Compass?

When your company counts hundreds or thousands of employees, finding a colleague’s location at the office might be a challenge. Fortunately, with the Office Compass add-in, you can find your peers’ in just a few seconds. Being a part of a corporate SharePoint intranet, the add-in displays the actual office plan and employees’ working places across the company. Using Office Compass, employees can set their location, edit it when necessary as well as see the other users’ locations.

How to Get the Add-In?

You can download Office Compass from the Office Store.


How to Configure the Add-In?

You can use Office Compass as a client web part on SharePoint pages. To configure the Office Compass add-in, you should add the relevant data to the SharePoint configuration lists.





How Does It Look Like?

Office Compass SharePoint Add-in - ScienceSoft

How to Use Office Compass?

Once the add-in is enabled, you can set your location:





How to Add Office Compass to a SharePoint Page?

To add the Office Compass add-in to a SharePoint page, follow the instructions.

How to Get Assistance?

When you need help in configuring and using the Office Compass or other ScienceSoft’s SharePoint add-ins, contact our development team and get a free consultation. You are also welcome to address us your SharePoint-related questions - we are always ready to come up with practical tips and recommendations.

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