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Healthcare CRM Demo

To stay engaged in a healthcare process even between appointments, patients need to feel continuous support and guidance. A patient relationship management system built on Dynamics 365 can assist providers in this task by assembling the puzzle of patient data and delivering analytical insights that drive positive change in service.

Get Your Patient Information in One Place

The integration of healthcare CRM built on Dynamics 365 with other doctor and patient software (like EHR, mHealth patient apps, a patient portal) enables you to get a 360-degree patient view based on complete and reliable data, including their personal info, recent activities, and more.

Personalize Communication with Patients

Communication becomes far better due to complete patient data available in CRM. This helps to personalize your outreach and engage your patients via targeted messages like appointment notifications, no-show and post-visit surveys, with all the contacts made via a patient’s preferred means of communication.

Create and Manage Appointments

Healthcare CRM allows scheduling appointments in a click and automatically notifying patients via their preferred contact method. Managing appointments with healthcare CRM is also easy, since they appear both in the timeline and the appointments section in the patient’s profile.

Gather and Analyze Patients’ Feedback

Collecting patients’ opinions allows you to analyze how every visit goes on. Healthcare CRM makes it possible with the function of gathering feedbacks. Survey templates are used for questioning patients about their experience with your healthcare organization. The survey info helps to address the pitfalls your patients report of, be it a miscommunication or an appointment delay.  

Patient data analytics provided by medical CRM will help to evaluate patients’ overall satisfaction with your services and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Make Your Healthcare Services Stand Out

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